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  1. £25 - £30 looking at boxed US copies sold on ebay recently One to hold onto for another decade I reckon
  2. Yes, about halfway through I reckon
  3. MGS 5 Phantom Pain First hour was the longest of my life
  4. Picked this up today and I’m have had to drag myself away from it just now I’m progressing at a snails pace but I couldn’t be happier with it Got loads of herbs but hardly any ammo
  5. I can’t decide whether to buy this or not as i’ve turned into a complete wimp these past few years Is this scarier than resident evil 7 in VR? I genuinely couldn’t play that because it was too scary
  6. Edit: UK number 1 then their next biggest hit was a UK number 29 Surely exceptions can be made!?
  7. Gorf

    Hitman 2

    I haven’t bothered with a hitman game since blood money and I’ve become utterly hooked on this over the holidays since finishing RDR2 Spent about 3 hours last night trying to figure out how to get a silent assassin rating on the Miami level, I had an idea how best to do it and ended up checking YouTube which gave me another couple of hints before improvising and managing it in under two minutes on master Would have easily been my game of the year if it wasn’t for RDR2
  8. It’s a mystery as in no one knows where she is. Same as Gavin. Probably
  9. Not that I can think of, unless you’ve not visited a specific town on the map yet. All the characters in the online story mode are different. Probably worth starting up to get the bonus 15 gold bars and $250 rockstar are handing out
  10. Goldeneye facility level Took about 5,000 attempts to unlock the cheat by trying to follow a guide written in N64 magazine that was only about 3 sentences long. Cant even remember what the cheat was nowadays!
  11. Been playing this all day and I seem to have exhausted free roam mode Found that I could repeat hunt to get loads of perfect deer, coyotes and birds around tumbleweed to sell to the butcher there. Got about $20 every 10 minutes meaning I could buy the pump action shotgun and bolt action rifle fairly soon after finishing the story missions Up to level 14 now
  12. Played this last night and it was quite good. Twats who won’t leave you alone will ruin it though, lost count of the number of times I got shot at. Got lassoed off my horse by some arsehole in valentine who then chased me for miles. Managed to use triangle to grab him by the throat and thrashed circle faster than he could to strangle him to death. Still got negative honour for murder.
  13. I was in Strawberry last night and found that I could antagonise someone into a fist fight then run to the sheriffs office and the sheriff would run outside to defend me. It seems as long as you don’t punch first or pull out a gun and fire first then no crime is committed.
  14. Lighthouse at Van Horn, don’t make eye contact with the locals!
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