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  1. I can remember seeing them at least twice when I first learned to drive and started going to boot sales 20 years ago 18 year old me just thought “pffft that thing is older than me, why would I want to waste my time with that old rubbish”
  2. I’ve been watching Facebook marketplace for many months for a 21” Sony Trinitron to come up in my local area, no luck yet Might put up a wanted ad actually In the meantime I bought an RGB modded NTSC N64, RGB lead from retro gaming cables, an OSSC from here, an everdrive 64 before the war started and a new LG G1 65” OLED telly for the living room Looks alright but a Trinitron is high on the priorities list
  3. Regarding the age bracket theory I agree with this because you see it for other types of collectibles. Does anyone know if there any consoles that have peaked a few years ago and come back down? I’m thinking maybe old stuff before my time like Atari 2600 or Colecovision games for example where people who played on these consoles are mostly 50+ now and have really given up on nostalgia
  4. Personally I would keep at least one of each that looks to be in the best condition, these things are the antiques of the future I’ve just looked up the typical selling price of a boxed 32X, maybe £250+ if it’s in good condition like the 2nd one you’ve posted, unbelievable! I remember having a mint boxed 32X for a short time at least 15 years ago, bought at a car boot sale for less than a tenner then sold on for about £50 and I thought I was a genius
  5. Im using an EZ flash omega definitive edition for GBA games and haven’t noticed any issues For GB/GBC games I use an everdrive GB X3 and it’s been great But I don’t play GB games on the GBA
  6. I would try your luck and claim with the seller the screen they sent you is faulty, did you buy from AliExpress? The glass can be bought separately of course Regarding soldering the GBA I decided not to bother when I did mine as the GBC I did before it was difficult enough for me and the contact points on the GBA looked even smaller
  7. I’ve been lucky enough to buy a near mint n3DS XL off facebook for £70 Unboxed but I’m not fussed as this one is for playing
  8. The 2 GBA shells I’ve had have been fine Best of luck
  9. Here’s the link: £34.22 | DIY IPS GBA LCD Screen 10 Levels High Brightness Backlight for Nintend Gameboy Advance Console V2 version with pre-cut housing https://a.aliexpress.com/_mKWPF1S Lens is glass rather than the original plastic which is nice, however the font has a holographic look (just doesn’t appear so in the photo) If you replace the screen get a pre cut case too
  10. I’ve got a new 3DS and an original 3DS XL, both are well used as my kids played on them a lot when they were younger The new 3DS I have is the ambassador edition and I’ve found the original faceplates, box and other gubbins it came with up the attic, I can’t believe the price they sell for nowadays, maybe £300, so I might sell it for if it a new 3DS XL is a worthwhile upgrade Is the new 3DS XL the one to go for nowadays? By that I mean is it the best choice for the middle aged gamer with bad eyesight who remembers getting sore hands using a 3DS?
  11. Hee haw gaming related for me from about 80 car boots It seems everything and anything retro is being hoovered up regardless of price nowadays, here’s an example: 2 boxed mega drive games, nothing rare, Alex Kidd and cool spot, pen on both boxes, they were on display for just a few seconds and I was the first to ask about them £10 for one and £8 for the other were the prices the seller had clearly memorised from eBay, absolutely no discount for buying them both either, so I declined Noticed they were gone about 2 minutes later It’s got me thinking about doing my own car boot soon with some of my retro stuff in the attic if the prices are that good for ordinary stuff
  12. Gorf

    Oculus Quest

    adlens.com was the cheapest place for me a few months ago Mind you I’ve hardly used them and more often than not just keep my specs on when I use it
  13. In Summer I don’t really play games, I’m too busy in the garden and doing DIY tasks most evenings and weekends I still get up early on a Sunday during the summer to search for retro games at car boots but it’s an equally good cheap source of DIY tools In the winter I’ll get back into Elden Ring which I’ve not touched in months and put more hours into Gran Turismo 7
  14. Just painting a picture, imagine a loud Glaswegian on holiday in the North of Scotland
  15. Today I turned down a scruffy game boy color for £40 Got a Frogger CGL tabletop thing for £2, not in the best condition, seconds later some big southern prat told the guy who sold me it he would have paid him £40 for it “as they go for an absolute fortune on eBay” 7:30am as I was arriving some lucky sod bought what looked like 2 mint boxed zx spectrums and 2 carrier bags full of tapes from an old biddy probably for a couple of quid “I’ve got a wii as well still in the car would you be interested in that too dear?” “Nah I’ve already got one of those”
  16. What are everyone’s local car boots like this summer? Are they back to the same numbers they used to be before covid? Mines is a shadow of its former self unfortunately, 3 years ago there could be 400 sellers at this time of year if the weather was forecast to be good, now there are 100 sellers.
  17. The xeno chip install did not go well Soldered it quite neatly directly to the board and found that both LEDs on the chip lit up, one red and one orange on constantly which I don’t think is correct and the mini DVD R with Swiss on it would spin but wouldn’t read Then in my badly thought out attempt to remove the xeno chip to try soldering again this time with wires I’ve ripped the copper contacts off and seems I’ve now ruined the disc drive Anyone know the best place to buy a properly modded console only?
  18. Wow, just had a look and eBay prices are mental I know it’s only adding to the problem but I’m half tempted to sell my fairly recent Everdrives and buy them back when the situation returns to normal
  19. yes I looked into that but I don’t have windwaker. After a bit of research this evening I’ve ordered a xeno chip, sd2sp2 and Swiss on a disc all for less than a tenner. I have an OSSC, am I best getting a decent RGB scart cable and using that or am I better using something like the retrobit prism for HDMI from the digital out?
  20. Got a sorry looking black gamecube at a car boot sale today, I fancy modding it with an ODE like my Dreamcast and Saturn I had thought GC Loader was the one to get but now I’ve looked they’re not selling them and their twitter feed is dead. Is there another one I should go for? Are the ones on aliexpress when I search for GC Loader the same thing?
  21. Yes the GBA has had the most use by far, the new screen and proper glass bezel make a huge difference. Im using an ez flash omega cart with it which as been superb I’ve got a couple more to do and I’ll keep one of each and sell the rest on.
  22. I’ve now done 3 originals, a color and a GBA over the past few weeks. These were all in really poor condition before I started which made it really satisfying. Probably already been said but a dust free environment and clean hands to get the screen in are a must. Did the soldering for the GBC but didn’t bother for the GBA, original game boy is the easiest by far. Even got new serial number stickers for the back of the original game boys as a nice finishing touch.
  23. I owned one about 12 years ago now, boxed USA version with a few games, I think I may have bought it from this forum actually. I always used it with an AC adaptor to save on batteries, Wario land held my interest for a few hours, had a tennis game and a robot boxing game too but they were played for a few minutes in comparison. It was a talking piece when I had guests for a few months and would let people have a go but ultimately it ended up collecting dust on a high shelf so I sold it on after a year or so. I found the stand had a crack in the plastic middle piece where you separate the legs which made it a bit unstable, something to watch out for.
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