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  1. The latest kernel for DS TT is v1.15 according to the official site but as you say its as slow as a week in jail, I got it from here instead: http://www.r4dstt.com/download-ttmenu-osds...ernel-v115.html Hope this helps
  2. Just the one gaming buy for me this morning... A mint boxed rubber key 48k spectrum with all polystyrene inserts, bags and a small selection of tapes for the princely sum of £6 - Best part was I beat a trader to it by 10 seconds. "How much are you wanting for the spectrum?" the trader said over my shoulder as I was rummaging through the box. "Six pounds eh? I'll take it!" I said loudly. I'll post pics later on.
  3. Good day for me today, quality rather than quantity for a change. Yoshis Island £1.50 Secret of Mana £1 (In amongst a big box of dross pads and cables, couldn't believe my luck and bit their hand off) Super Metroid £1.10 (haggled down from £1.50 lol)
  4. Just added GtaRllmuk2 Gamertag: RitzyEric Cheers
  5. Get in there! Finally my Amazon 360 copy had been dispatched, I feel a sicky coming on. I left it late and ordered on 6th April Dispatch estimate:28 April 2008 Delivery estimate:29 April 2008 1 package via Royal Mail
  6. i've spent ages registering 4100 points and now i cant link my club nintendo login details to the wii shop channel. I keep getting error code 206401, anyone else had this problem?
  7. Gorf on the Colecovision
  8. Saw this this afternoon at cineworld in Aberdeen and me and the girly thought the film was fantastic, strangely there were only around a dozen people in the cinema.
  9. No, It's definitely not that. I went over this a lot last night and tried every display setting on my TV, it's a 1 year old 4:3 21" Samsung. Plug mario world in, turn on and it displays full screen, plug sf2 turbo in, turn on and theres borders. I have a zoom function on my TV that stretches the picture out but as the top border is double the height of the bottom one there is still a 2 inch high border at the top of the screen when i zoom the picture
  10. I bought a nice us snes on the trading folder back in January. Since getting it i've put together a nice little collection of us games and i've been enjoying playing through them at full screen and full speed. After reading the sf2 turbo article in retrogamer 22, i had a hankering for a spot of sf2 turbo on my snes. So off to ebay i went looking for a us copy. Fired it up last night on my 4:3 21" telly and there are borders top and bottom, strangely the top border is twice the size of the bottom one. Why's it not displaying full screen? Are there any other us snes games that have borders like this that i should be aware of?
  11. It's been a while since I last played saturn resident evil, i'm probably just remembering my playstation owning mates telling me the saturn had slower loading times. Thats quite right about the censorship of the FMV. All the details are on wikipedia.
  12. Differences from the PS version... In the underground there are new skinned versions of the Hunter, however, they have unchanged strategy and attack patterns from normal Hunters. In Chris' game or any of Jill's where Barry does not come into the Tyrant's B4 lab, there will be a second Tyrant to fight before you leave the lab. Both Chris and Jill have new saturn only bonus costumes. I think that the loading times are longer in the saturn version.
  13. Nope, near Aberdeen. Landstalker and SoR 3 were on ebay by Sunday afternoon. SoR 3 went for £19 and landstalker went for £13. Not a bad return for a quid each
  14. I went out with Megadrive games in mind and this is what i got... An unboxed Megadrive 1 with 8 unboxed games for £5 (I only really wanted the Megadrive because i fancy having a go at modding it) The following Megadrive Games at £1 each: Landstalker - Boxed but no front cover on instructions Streets of Rage 3 cart only Flashback boxed + instructions Desert Strike boxed + instructions Robocop Versus Terminator boxed + instructions SNES Starwing boxed + instructions £1.50 (this looks absolutely untouched, still has the little "nintendo" sticker on one side of the box) All in all a nice little haul
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