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  1. Ordered the wii u version from the game collection yesterday afternoon and it was delivered at lunchtime. I'll definitely be using them again. Put 4 hours in this evening and yes, it's a belter.
  2. That looks superb, do you know where the bloke bought it from? I'm not going to consult the wife either, wish me luck!
  3. I couldn't make it down the first hallway in the VR demo but I've just gone out to Tesco to buy this due to all the positive comments in this thread.
  4. Tried the demo just now in VR spent 10 minutes adjusting the movement in the tutorial so that it moves like a normal first person game. Then I started properly and had to quit after less than a minute after going through the first door and walking down the hall. This is like a real life nightmare in VR
  5. How does Eagle Flight stop the motion sickness? Is is it the up close beak and feathers? Ive got it myself and I'm more likely to stop playing due to a sore neck after an hour plus than motion sickness, it's great.
  6. Got a PSVR yesterday and it's surpassed my expectations. Spent this morning playing the Battlefront X-Wing VR mission, it's utterly magical! I don't think I've been as gobsmacked over a game since I first saw Mario 64!
  7. Nothing has come close to when I first saw Super Mario 64
  8. Yes, work in Aberdeen and live just outside Let me know if you do want to sell up in one shot, I'd definitely be up for that.
  9. Am I right in thinking you live in Aberdeen? I'm nearby and I might be interested in buying a big bundle of retro stuff
  10. I've had a similar experience on gumtree a while ago with someone selling a Logitech G27 steering wheel. They were asking for £100 for it when they were going for around £150 on ebay at the time which I thought was about right for someone wanting a hassle free sale so I didn't initially twig that it was a scam. They appeared to be 15 minutes away from me but wouldnt give me their exact address, instead after an odd conversation they said they wanted £50 via paypal or bank transfer to hold it for me until they got home as they were on holiday. Stopped messaging them then and there and reported them to gumtree. A few weeks later I got an automatic email from gumtree saying that i'd been in conversation with someone that's been committing fraud and to be careful in future.
  11. eBay are funny about listing modified / switched consoles, this is why you're probably not seeing many My guess at values: £50 for the N64 (£75 if it's boxed) £40 for the mega drive (£60 if it's boxed)
  12. Played 4 games of the demo last night and I'm really impressed with this. I liked the standing tackle fouls given each way, I very rarely got awarded a free kick or penalty in PES 2016 Goalkeepers seem to parry the ball a bit more and pull off saves that result in a corner too which seems more natural. I suspect it may be possible to charge down the keeper when he's got the ball at his feet this year which will make things interesting.
  13. Yes, with a circular piece of glass on top I think they make a nice side table. I suspect my wife wouldn't agree.
  14. Gorf

    Pokemon Go

    Seems like servers are down?
  15. Gorf

    Pokemon Go

    I live in a new build part of town where most of the houses are 5-10 years old and there's no pokestops or gyms until I walk a mile to the old part of the town where there are a few landmarks and older buildings. Discovered this morning that I can trigger a pokestop from the bogs at work, get in!
  16. Under £24 at Costco, picked it up a couple of weeks ago
  17. http://www.errolsundaymarket.co.uk/ One I know of near Dundee
  18. I've reserved a PS4 copy at Argos to pick up after work,£39.99
  19. They're most likely boasters, order all personnel by skill to find them.
  20. I sold off my entire collection 2 years ago, got about £4k. I still get occasional pangs to play old games, almost bought shenmue last week and I've been keeping my eyes peeled for great Saturn collections on eBay but so far I've not slipped back into it. A Saturn ever drive would be great!
  21. Yes the fairy locations have been changed, i read that last night as i had to resort to the internet to find the last one in the woodfall temple
  22. It was called Solid Gold Games Centre and closed a couple of years ago, its now a hairdresser
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