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    Pokemon Go

    Seems like servers are down?
  2. Gorf

    Pokemon Go

    I live in a new build part of town where most of the houses are 5-10 years old and there's no pokestops or gyms until I walk a mile to the old part of the town where there are a few landmarks and older buildings. Discovered this morning that I can trigger a pokestop from the bogs at work, get in!
  3. Under £24 at Costco, picked it up a couple of weeks ago
  4. http://www.errolsundaymarket.co.uk/ One I know of near Dundee
  5. I've reserved a PS4 copy at Argos to pick up after work,£39.99
  6. They're most likely boasters, order all personnel by skill to find them.
  7. I sold off my entire collection 2 years ago, got about £4k. I still get occasional pangs to play old games, almost bought shenmue last week and I've been keeping my eyes peeled for great Saturn collections on eBay but so far I've not slipped back into it. A Saturn ever drive would be great!
  8. Yes the fairy locations have been changed, i read that last night as i had to resort to the internet to find the last one in the woodfall temple
  9. It was called Solid Gold Games Centre and closed a couple of years ago, its now a hairdresser
  10. Thainstone near Inverurie in Aberdeenshire is very decent. I'd estimate has 100-150 cars on the sunniest Sundays in Summer. People living here have higher than average disposable income so theres some rich pickings. Check out my earlier posts in this thread from the past 3/4 years, thats where all that gear came from. Not as good as the glory years of the noughties mind. Havent been much at all this year because i sold off my entire retro collection so i suspect theres less competition nowadays
  11. I recommended the pulled pork I've tried the Moroccan lamb too, thought it was very good.
  12. I did quite fancy buying a very nice watch with it all, something i'd actually use everyday but we moved into a new house late last year. So the £4k went into furniture, deposit for a car, etc.
  13. I sold off almost everything I had earlier this year. Stuff i've had since I was a kid, bought off this forum and others and car boot sales over the past 10 years. Saturn, Dreamcast, SNES, Megadrive, Virtual Boy, NES Lots of boxed PAL and import stuff. Sold it all individually on ebay for around £4k The only things i've kept are my import N64 and around 20 loose carts as it all fits in a carry case and a modded USA Dreamcast that ebay wouldn't let me list. Both have been untouched since. Can't say that I miss any of it Might buy a decent Saturn collection on a whim in the future though!
  14. The "Slow & Low" pulled pork is awesome Roast chickens are pretty good Sirloin steak is very good value if you want £50 worth and are prepared to slice it up at home
  15. ISS 98 on the N64 The one with Carlos Valderrama on the label! I always end up playing this more than anything else when I get the N64 out.
  16. 1. Link's Awakening 2. Pokemon Red / Blue 3. Warioland 4. Metroid II 5. Mole Mania - Only discovered this a couple of years ago, a real hidden gem
  17. I've made a crew join request my GTA name is NiceGuyEric
  18. yellowed unboxed SNES with donkey kong country £5 Wii a boy and his blob £2
  19. Put them in the trading folder
  20. I bought your US N64 collection from you years back, still have it in the carry case with the silver leopard print controller, it must be as rare as hens teeth, i've never seen another one
  21. First boot of the year for me, nothing too exciting: Wii Mario Kart £8 360 Viva Pinata odd case edition, sealed 20p PSone console, boxed and in mint condition £6
  22. Likewise, just missed out on sleeping dogs, i'd be very grateful if someone could sell me a copy at the cheap price
  23. Top Tip: Find and use an address in Alaska and you won't have to pay any additional tax.
  24. The Walking Dead is 50% off at £10.49 with ~7 hours left to go. I've fancied it for a while, is now as good a price as it's ever been?
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