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  1. Yup, couldn't believe my luck with the Saturn stuff, I've got a fair collection of Saturn stuff already but some of the games are in better condition than what I've already got. I've got 3 copies of guardian heroes now so I think it's time for a clear out
  2. Probably my best haul ever in terms of amount of good stuff brought home: Boxed unyellowed SNES £10 (found mario kart in the box when I got back to the car, which was nice) Saturn games £1 each! Saturn 3d pad (doesnt include nights unfortunately) 50p Mark 1 Saturn pad 50p Game Boy / Game Boy Advance games 50p to £2 each Vtech Mini Wizard 50p Mazda MX5 & Jaguar XJ220 (in the background) £2 each
  3. My turn to be a tease now find of the year for me, out for a slap up breakfast just now, pics when I get home
  4. Just luck, this is the 3rd copy I've found in 6 years of car booting, this latest one has a fairly squashed and ripped box, the instructions, jewel case and discs are mint. When I've found it previously it's just been the discs and jewel case and it's been mixed in with music CDs and other assorted PC discs.
  5. Quality and not quantity today: Xbox 360 wireless n adaptor (the black double pronged one) £3 Big Box PC Metal Gear Solid £1 Zelda Wind Waker piggyback guide £2 Quite pleased with that little lot
  6. No level select in Lylatwars / Starfox 64, I'd have played it so much more if there had been that option.
  7. I know you said no PC games but here's one that's a bit different: Half Life on PC had hi-def weapon skins when it was released as a budget title. They weren't available separately.
  8. Nice weather in North East Scotland today, was driving past the local car boot and decided to pop in at 10am for a quick mooch. Got the following GB / GBA games for 50p each Pokemon Red Pokemon Yellow Pokemon Gold Super Mario Advance 4 (Mario Bros. 3) Zelda Minish Cap Astro Boy I'll keep Mario Bros 3, Zelda & Astro Boy for my GBA collection but the Pokemon games are getting punted on ebay for a tidy profit
  9. Don't forget that traders are individuals that buy games and resell them on their own stall 100 yards away later that morning. In years gone by when I was a student / just graduated I'd hoover up anything I knew was worth a few quid to punt on ebay because I felt I needed the money it made, I didn't earn much in my day job, had a baby on the way, etc. Now i'm earning more and I have my weekends as quality time I'm only going to boot sales when the weather has been good all week and is forecast to be good on the Sunday. I predominantly buy gaming stuff for a nostalgia trip or if something is too cheap to turn down, I'll keep it in a cupboard at home and get round to punting it on eBay eventually.
  10. My local boot was on a biblical scale today, punters being turned away it was that full. Didn't get anything rare or exciting: Snes controller £2 Game Boy RC Pro Am £1 Game Boy The Humans £1 Game Boy some Tazmania game £1 PS2 R type final £1 Turned down an unboxed Amiga A600 with 2 big cases of discs, mostly copies for £20, kinda wishing I had gone for now.
  11. I've got a US N64 in one of those console cases with the N64 logo "hand stitched by the finest Japanese midgets" as N64 magazine used to describe it. Think I got it off this very forum about 6 years ago. I've got a fairly solid collection of games now, everything I used to have back in the day and more. I'd love to hear of any obscure US or Japanese gems but I don't think there are many. I've got the following cart only 19 in no particular order: 1. Majoras Mask 2. Ocarina of Time 3. Mario 64 4. Mario Kart 64 5. Goldeneye 6. Perfect Dark 7. Blast Corps 8. Starfox 64 9. Conker's Bad Fur Day 10. International Superstar Soccer 98 11. Pilotwings 12. Resident Evil 2 13. Mystical Ninja 14. Wave Race 15. 1080 Snowboarding 16. F Zero X 17. Sin and Punishment 18. Body Harvest 19. Spacestation Silicon Valley I'd like to pick up Harvest Moon 64 one day and Ogre Battle looks interesting too. I'd like to hear any other suggestions guys
  12. Nothing much gaming wise for me today on my first boot of the year: PS1 Metal Gear Solid £2 N64 Pokemon Snap boxed £2 Didnt see anything older than playstation stuff
  13. There's definitely not as much retro stuff out there as there used to be even 5 years ago. As her indoors tells me "You've already bought it all!"
  14. That cable is a splitter to output the sound and video from the N64 to two TVs 2 TVs, sellotape and cardboard = 2 player goldeneye deathmatch heaven
  15. I do like to take assorted, "not worth the hassle selling on ebay" type gaming stuff along with me whenever I do a car boot. SNES carts with grubby, torn labels, a ruined NES with a cracked case, saturn pads with twisted cables, you know, junk that is really good bait for traders who just buy anything with sega or nintendo on it. Makes me chuckle when I see my old junk is still on their stall months later. The same battered Sega Pico I sold for about £10 in May 2010 started off on ebay for £100 the following day, it was still there for £20 delivered just a couple of months ago
  16. I played through Links Awakening DX with a game boy printer I got at a car boot last year, nice feature that to print little stickers off as you progressed through the story. I remember the new colour dungeon wasn't all that though.
  17. Anyone got drunk in riften with the mysterious Sam? What a bizarre series of quests that kicks off...
  18. Met a player last night who had a dog tag with 450 something kills made in a jet, that's unreal, I tried for over an hour and didn't get one! Talking of jets and trying to take them out as an engineer with the jet rpg, I find them untouchable because of the IR flares, what's the secret?
  19. Turok 2, rave review in N64 magazine, they must've had a bung. It was absolute shite! Before that, Saturn nights, i really tried but i didn't get it then and I still don't nowadays.
  20. Rolled up late today. Only one buy, a mint Japanese copy of elavator action on gameboy for £2 Quite unusual I thought.
  21. Nah, the one and only large scale boot in North East Scotland. Wasn't a trader, just a deluded bloke.
  22. Approach table with PS1 final fantasy games displayed as a centrepiece. Me: "How much for final fantasy 8 & 9?" Seller: "8 is £30 9 is £30 too. I've got 7 in the car, I want serious money for that though." Me, with poker face on: "You've priced those very reasonably actually, I'll bet you get a lot of people telling you that's too much, ignore them though they're just out to rip you off." Seller: "Yeah, I've some stupid offers already, But I know how much these are worth." Me: "How much are you wanting for 7?" Seller: "£70, it's mint, I'm keeping it in the car because, you know, I don't want people touching it, do you wan't to see?" Me: "No thanks" I mean, seriously!
  23. Gamecube Zelda Collectors Edition or whatever its called £2 360 wireless N adaptor £10 Saw a scabby boxed master system 2 with about 8 games but seller wanted £60 Passed up on a boxed commodore 64, found a telco carrier bag stuffed with about 50 n64 & 2600 carts for £2 each but there was nothing of interest and quite a few doubles.
  24. Here's one for you, was the 1st tomb raider released on Saturn or ps1 first? I'm sure it came out on the Saturn a few weeks before ps1, have I gone mad?
  25. 360 dj hero with turntable £5 And that was it, did see a yellowed inboxes snes with mario world £15, a GBA with 3 shovelware carts for £20 and a boxed dreamcast for £15. Turned them all down. It's been a pretty poor summer so far, it's like everything retro this corner of the uk has had to offer has been had! Time to find something else to do with my Sunday mornings
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