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  1. Poor day for me considering the time of year, nice day but it was wet on Thursday, Friday and Saturday which always puts sellers off. Got the following: Xbox Panzer Dragoon Orta GBA Final Fight One GB Dynablaster GB Game & Watch Gallery And that was it! Passed on a loose game gear with the tv tuner attachment for £5, were these tv tuners worth £30/£40 5 or 10 years ago or have I gone mad? I suppose they'll be useless now after the digital switchover anyway.
  2. Yes, they're most people's choice for GBA games, don't worry about text being difficult to read, the screen is fantastic. The SP with the much better backlit? screen is supposed to be very good though, if you can find one.
  3. Christmas 1998 has never been bettered... N64 Zelda OoT PC Half-Life Enough said
  4. Not too common, definitely not as common as SP's. Saying that I've picked up 2 loose game boy micros already this year.
  5. Conker Live and Reloaded Shenmue 2 Jet Set Radio Future Are good car boot pick ups, lets face it that's what you wanted to find out
  6. Some crackers for me today: 4 boxed and mint game gear games, £1 each: Aerial Assualt Ninja Gaiden Master of Darkness Alien Syndrome Master System, boxed with instructions, 80p the pair Sagaia Wolfchild Mega Drive, all boxed with instructions: Sonic 1, sonic 2, sonic and knuckles £2 Sonic 3D 50p PS1, all complete: Resident Evil £1 Metal Gear Solid £1 Vandal Hearts 50p PS2 Resident Evil Survivor 2 50p I got the master system, game gear games and vandal hearts by simply getting my hands out of my pockets and having a good slow rummage through boxes and bags. I don't usually do this so i'm quite pleased with myself.
  7. That saturn bundle is awesome! Just one find for me today, another cart only copy of Zelda Minish Cap for £2
  8. Everyone that posts in this thread obviously goes to car boots for games to add to their collections but what else do you look out for to make a nice little profit on ebay? Here's one of mine that I don't mind sharing: Haynes manuals for cars that people still drive, nothing older than 2000 X registration, pick them up for a pound or two then ebay for around £15 a time. Anyone else?
  9. I did pretty well today I think. Passed up on lots of tat and just went for quality N64 with 15 cart only games, 3 gray pads and expansion pack. £10! The pick of the games are Majoras Mask, Smash Bros, Donkey Kong 64, Excitebike 64, Mario Party 3 (Look how much that cart goes for on ebay!) Ps1 Resident Evil 2 - £1 Loose Pink GB Micro and Pokemon Ruby £4 Following cart only GBA games for £2 each: Zelda Four Swords Zelda Minish Cap Astro Boy Breath of Fire 2 Mario Kart Super Circuit 50p Loose official SNES pad £1
  10. Every year I have to remind myself that the best boot sale bargains come during the easter and summer school holidays, when there's been nice weather all week and the weekend is forecast to be dry and sunny, then you get booters who just want rid of their stuff. It's mostly skint booters selling in early spring which is why we're seeing high prices for tat right now.
  11. Not much for me this morning, rescued the following from the drizzle: PS2 Ico, blue box with no instructions - £2 PS1 Resident Evil 3 - 50p, got it home and i've realised there are 2 discs in the one case Find of the day was an unboxed pokemon mini console for 50p, I had no idea these were worth a bit.
  12. Can't help identify the tracks but I remember that disc and the disappointment of it not having proper demos on it. Saturn Power promised to have a demo disc every issue, putting game music onto a disc was a complete cop out. Twats!
  13. Rolled up late this morning. Got a mint PS1 Tony Hawk's Skateboarding for 50p Not retro but I also got a pair of 360 Turtle Beach X11 headphones for £5, they work a treat too, i'm extremely pleased
  14. It was a tropical here in Aberdeenshire this morning, 6 degrees. There were about 40 or 50 cars there so it was worth going. I love it when sellers want big money for consoles but peanuts for the games. The trader I got Kid Icarus from wanted £20 for an unboxed original style game boy and £2 per game.
  15. First car boot of the year for me. Got the following: PS1 Vagrant Story £2 (Seller took a bit of persuasion to split it from a bundle of dross ) Game Boy Kid Icarus - Cart only but mint £2 (I've got a small collection of cart only game boy games now, I knew this was worth more than a fiver, delighted I got it after seeing how much a cart only copy can sell for on ebay) Not a bad start to the year
  16. Probably my best charity shop find ever yesterday. Half Life Raising the Bar £4 There's a few used copies amazon from £70
  17. Oh i'll ebay it alright. Here are some differences: I don't run around, I stroll. I don't hoover up everything. I'm not rude. I don't smell.
  18. I had to reach around a smelly trader to snatch this, it was worth it though. Me: "How much for this?" Seller: "gees a poun' mate" Me: "Nice one, cheers" Trader: "You f***ing c**t!" What's it worth guys? I'm thinking it could be my best find ever. Taken on my netbook camera, what a fiddle that was! Also got a reasonable condition copy of Shadow of the Colossus for £2 and a mint boxed copy of Pokemon Gold for £2
  19. Sorry, it's long gone

  20. Hows this for a rare find? It's a bit dusty on the inside, but there are no cracks, it should clean up nicely. It was heavy when I picked it up so it was inevitable what i'd find inside. The NES and controllers are in nice condition under the dust, think i'll replace the NES i've got with them. There are a couple of these organisers on ebay for wild prices, I paid £2 and rescued it from a heavy rain shower. Also got the following gaming stuff Pokemon Gold £1 Pokemon Red 50p Resident Evil 3 50p PS1 Controller £1 PS1 Memory Card 50p Spore £1 Confidential Mission £2 Toy Commander £2
  21. Gorf? It had a dotted line between the ship and the playfield.
  22. Today I got the following: Total spend: £18.50 My second copy of Tombi 2 in the past month
  23. This. I did a car boot myself last month, I got rid of all sorts of garbage I've accumulated that I knew wasn't worth the hassle of selling on ebay due to the bad condition things were in that would lead to complaints and just general garbage games that I knew wouldn't sell at all. Some woman cleared me out within 15 minutes and handed over £36 for a bin bag full of duff consoles, filthy pads and crap games in shattered cases. Thank you very much! Everything was on ebay within a week with 500% markup. A month on and it's all been relisted.
  24. I've got a fairly modest PAL Saturn collection: Athlete Kings Daytona USA Die Hard Arcade Duke Nukem 3D Guardian Heroes NiGHTS Resident Evil Saturn Bomberman Sonic Jam Sega Ages Sega Rally Street Fighter Alpha 2 Tomb Raider Virtua Cop Virtua Cop 2 Despite having that lot i've probably put more time into Sega Rally than the rest combined. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=196591 I've been very tempted to go all out and buy Panzer Dragoon Saga a few times over the years but I cant justify the £80+ price tag.
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