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  1. OK! That's more like it I'm in.
  2. I thought it got worse on a rewatch tbh. What are all the soldiers in the midground doing during the rocket launch! They look like bad extras is a movie. It's too disjointed and too long. I would love to be drawn back into the fanchise, it was always one of my favourites. Jury is out though, lets see how the gameplay footage looks.
  3. They pick it because they can get all the loot first. That is painfully obvious.
  4. I have also noticed the Octane issue! Everytime I play (Im on ranked now at the heady heights of Bronze II) there is an Octane and you know you are fucked. Ive had them run past me and take the loot from the crate I am opening ffs. The next thing you know they are a km awat and in a fight and... dead. EVERY TIME! I ended up switching to Arena and had an epic 8 round match where we won alternating rounds , kept getting match point and losing it , only to lose in sudden death. Was a marathon but really good fun.
  5. I see what they were going for ... but making a cinematic trailer out of all the silly stuff that happens in BF kinda misses the point for me.
  6. Ok so less numpties in ranked ? But surely more... skilled players?
  7. I got a Chicken Dinner last night. Proof that its pure luck! I havent tried ranked though, that sounds like a nightmare.
  8. Gave this another try. I am irredeemably shite at it.
  9. Its a bit annoying isnt it, you can buy shark proof chainmail ffs Motocross armour would also do the job pretty well. You know you have a problem when the zombies are using armour more effecivly than the people. That being said I did enjoy the film Yes its pure shite but I went in expecting worse and came out pleasently suprised. The reverse Rllmuk effect.
  10. As mentioned above seems less gratuitous than the first series but its still not exactly mature. Episode one is straight up shite. But episode 2 is quite nice and I really enjoyed episode 4 which is based on a Neal Asher Short. I've not yet finished the last 2. You could trim a couple from the first series and from this one, maybe chuck in a Oats Studio short or two and have a nice sci fi compilation.
  11. Decided to get back into this, started fresh in pancake mode to get the hang of it, and have switched to VR now I have my first base started and know what I am doing. It is SO atmospheric in VR , and quite freaky in places! My depth range is about 300 m atm and have found some interesting stuff!
  12. Ill add my voice to the really enjoyed it crowd. Yeah there is a bit too much teen drama in there and the big reveal as pointed out was a little "meh". But Im all in for series 2, thought it was great. There is a slight issue with power levels varying to suit the story perhaps ?
  13. When i first watched it I felt the same . But I recently rewatched the first episode and really enjoyed it, maybe its just better the second time around.
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