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  1. Not having the market for this length of time is crippling. Everyone is maxing out their storage , it leaves you unable to do anything. Some guy just game me 1000 iron ingots for free just to clear space.
  2. Robo Recall is also rather ace, and uses teleporting movement.
  3. There is no Antimemetics Division is legitimatley excellent, didn't we already discuss that ? I forget ...
  4. Thought this was weak. Boring, bad CGI , unintresting characters and shite ending. It wasn't all bad but the good bits were fleeting. And almost everything that happened was either stupid or unsatisfying in some way. 2/5
  5. The auction house was already screwed. Maybe if people had 300k gold some of my stuff would finally sell
  6. If they gave Alien Isolation the same treatment they gave Resident Evil on the quest Id be a very happy camper , well a very terrified one. As Craola says you need that slick VR implementation , UI, inventory , hand interaction etc to make it work.
  7. They changed it to a subscription model, but the old users kept all their content and didnt have to subscribe. I think if you get it now its subscription for everyone , but its free to download and try.
  8. Is the Mia stuff the bad bit ? Its .... well Im sure you know what the issue I have with it is.
  9. Im reading the Dark Tower again. I'd almost forgotten how much i love it because I was put off by the last couple of books. Im up to the Wolves Of The Calla and have been enjoying the hell out of it. I totally forgot about wind through the keyhole as well, so i might read that next. So you have at least 6 really great books. Im kind of looking forward to reading the last two as well, but we will see. I have a sort of hankering to edit out the stuff I dont like and do a fan fiction version. Does anyone know if this has been done ?
  10. Im not saying the original idea was good, that whole Ark / Rust type game are a shit show in pvp. Im glad they changed from that, and theyve struck on something really good in theory, (all the bugs aside) that with a bit of tweaking could be really something special I think. Of course that all relies on them being able to fix all of the current crap thats going on which im not convinced they will be able to. In the meantime I will potter along enjoying myself
  11. Dr Shark summed it up pretty well. It boils down basically to it being like a single player game with other people around. Why you would try and put a Skyrim style story into an MMO is beyond me. How can every single person you meet be THE hero saving the world. In the case of New World , you have the soul wardens for example. Now if the soul wardens were a faction I could run missions for I would find it much more believable. Work your way up the ranks but perhaps not do that thing where everyone ends up as "king" rank of the same faction A bunch of the missions are even you "uniting the factions" to fight against the corrupted, all the while at complete odds with this the PvP side of the game where the factions are eternally at war carries on. How that got passed the design phase I will never know.
  12. And doomed us to decades of themepark MMOs Im so happy that New World has embraced sanbox mechanics , except for the tedious themepark bit they bolted on presumably to cater to the WOW players. I hope they resolve the problems and make a success out of it, but only time will tell. Ideally Id like to see them move away from themepark content entirely in the future and move to dynamic NPC factions etc as well.
  13. I think the point is that in many casess it isnt...
  14. The game def has issues. I've been very lucky I think playing it, I have never queued to get in the game. Never crashed and have had very few bugs affect me. However I have seen and heard of several pretty major problems, and if it turns out that large portions off the game are client authoritative as people are suggesting they are going to be VERY tough to fix. Someone posted a weight glitch yesterday where you swap your bags around in their slots and any perks you have start to stack letting you have weightless wood, or iron etc. I tried it and it def works. This indicates to be that the inventory weight at least is at least in terms of the weight / perk calculations almost totally client side. This is REALLY bad. After a while of stacking weight my character started jigging between running and walking and fast travel stopped working, which juggests it is chekcing in with the server at least at some point, I dont know if this is the point I would have become encumbered , I dont think so, it may be the point my charcter would have been too encumbered to move at all. We also had a rival faction push pretty hard over the weekend to take control. They did it quite late at night with a large group and we couldnt muster the troops to counter , which was frustrating on its own. However after putting in hours of work on three regions they bugged out and the enemies couldnt declare war. Great news for us, but I can only imagine how frustrating it would be for them. Im pottering around levelling up and really enjoying myself. But I have no idea whats going to happen....
  15. Standing with full motion controls , its very good.
  16. As its a replay the same thing over and over to make the numbers go bigger type game this has fallen by the wayside now im playing an MMO with endless numbers to make bigger.
  17. As I said I am enjoying it, it feels a bit like the starting blocks and im looking forward to seeing the first expansion. The crafting is quite satisfying, but I find it a bit slow on the woodcutting and a bit annoying that you need iron for EVERYTHING. Ive stupidly levellled up all the crafting skills at once, which is a bit too much work, and im not sure it should even be possible. Id like it if it forced people to specialise a bit more perhaps ?
  18. this sums it up quite concisely. My main beef is that it does the same old thing where it makes you "the hero" and sends you off into what is essentially a linear RPG sotry (ie the afformentioned themepark) but it just doesnt wokr in an MMO as EVERY other person is also the hero. I feel like these games would benefit much more from being more like EVE online where you are just a player , and you do stuff in the world. It has elements of this, for example the corrupted portals spawn across the map and you can form a group and go and destroy them. The economy is also totally player driven which is nice as is the PVP. So it seems incongruous to me to have a not very interesting saviour of the world type story line levelred in there. Id be quite happy being a nother minion recruited into the soul wardens (if I wanted) and going up through th ranks, a bit like the faction ranking etc.
  19. True , the trees also look gorgeous I levelled up to 35 in the end which lets me build the storage chest. To my horror I found that Trophies require level 75 and I moved on to other things for a while. I quite enjoyed mining the Iron and Oil, levelled up my mining to 100 in the process and had these amusing interations with the other folks trying the same thing. One guy was calling me a loser every time he beat me to a node. So I dragged a mob onto him, the mob hits him breaking him out of his animation and I swing my pick at his Iron node and land the last strike to mine it
  20. I was looking at crafting furniture. The item I want needs level 50 in Furntiure crafting. An optimal path to getting this takes.... 6 hours Thats 6 hours of mining and chopping trees, assuming no one has skunked you to the ores already.
  21. You respawn , as the game goes on the timers get longer, at least for the defenders. The Wars last 30 minutes. you have to cap 3 control points, then smash in the catle doors and capture the castle , then you claim the region. So far defenders have been succesful in everyone one that ive seen, but the last one we only won by the skin of our teeth. Edit: Oh and the whole thing is on a 30 minute timer.
  22. Im still enjoying this, although I fully acknowledge its mainly because I am a sucker for this kind of thing. Melon is not wrong when he says its the same old grind. It's not done anything really innovative but the formula has been polished pretty well. The pvp does add some adidtional interest to it as well. I've modified my build to be a pvp build that works in pve , although not as effectivly in some cases. So i can drop what i am doing and run to defend or attack a fort which breaks things up quite nicely.
  23. Nope I just picked the lowest pop server when i signed up, its become medium population since then , but no queues even at peak hours (so far).
  24. I must say Ive never queued to get in even once. Still enjoying this very much, making the push for level 30. Spending a lot of time crafting my steel worktools and better bags. Its same shit different day but its done very well and looks gorgeous in places. I was VERY dissapointed with the opening beach area so have been presently suprised since then. Managed to squeeze in some pvp which is quite fun, it shoudl be interesting when we push properly for another groups region.
  25. I dunno Ive done the first raid, a PvP, a portal smashing seige and been in a crowded town getting about 20fps. I dont know how much else its got to throw. Some of the reports said it happened to people as soon as they openend the menu?
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