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  1. Miiight be able to play tonight assuming I can get a fun pass. Def cant play thursday. Again friday is a possibility.
  2. I dont like the objective games because so many of them turn into grenade spam / run in and die fests. I`d go for team deathmatch everytime. Probably just a phase though :/ I think people would still be playing without prestige though, takes a long time to get those gold guns.... I still think it should show your awards for each map , not score you on them after the first time but show them like halo does.
  3. Ahah Ive now found that I had a private message about the game :/ I did turn up and send a message just after 10 in game but i guess you guys were already playing by then
  4. I might be able to i`ll check with the boss..
  5. New patch yay \o/ Thank goodness for host migration and fast muting! The killcams dont make a fat lot of difference as I`m playing hardcore atm.
  6. You could always leave and rejoin until your the host then you know ur sorted ? I agree though it needs all kinds of features that are missing, maybe for the next one
  7. Thanks for the game guys I really enjoyed it. Sabotage is my weakest I dont like those game types where its "spam grenades on the target to win" , or "run in and die, run in and die". But the 2nd two games were real fun. Worth getting in trouble for lol
  8. I could probably play weds if you can give me a def time in advance it would help, if u need me of course!
  9. Sorry guys i made it on for 10pm but not 9pm so i missed it. But it sounds like you had the numbers anyway...
  10. Thanks I should be able to , what time ?
  11. A little bird told me you guys might need an extra player ? If so I`m sure I can help out....
  12. lol first hand experience speaking there i think
  13. I think its just really rare to get killed by the actual missles, its usually the machine gun that gets you? Good fun games last night, cheers for that! Either I`m really shit or you guys are really good though :/ Not like a public game at all!
  14. I play weeknights when I can live id: Strategos 07
  15. I`ll be on tonight most of the evening, if you need an extra player drop me an invite! ta
  16. Padaxes


    Missus is out for the evening so I`ve got a fun pass, any of you guys playing tonight ?
  17. Padaxes


    hehe its exactly the same as yours
  18. Padaxes


    Believe me I`d like it do be that way!
  19. Padaxes


    I wa sthinking about this the other day and I`m guessing they did't want to encourage camping? If you lose points for a death.... then everyone would sit tight and not take any risks ?
  20. Sabotage is basicly capture the flag though isnt it ? Its just the bomb platning mechanism which is different ?
  21. Padaxes


    The run and gun tactic does pay off if your good. I play alot of free for all and I usually come out with between 1-5 deaths, but I dont always win, if you charge in kill someone and die you can win quickly but have a terrible k/d ratio. I prefer to win with a positive k/d ratio and always feel like i`ve effictivly won Maybe i`m just trying to make myself feel better
  22. Yeah I`ve had that before, wen tunder the tunnels on pipeline and planted straight away, I can understand the frustration though, it's one of the reasons I hardly ever play sabotage. After going through all the matchmaking rubbish in cod you dont want to get into a game and then its over in 30 seconds :/
  23. Padaxes


    Lol I found a guy hiding in that swimming pool in bloc once, I really couldnt fathom what he was doing there
  24. Padaxes


    I am in no way defending spawn camping! I ran off to gaurd a bottleneck, which struck me as sneaky rather than dirty :/ You know what happens in HQ, you destroy the HQ then the other team all spawns nice and close to the new one and your team is all stuck in some room on the second floor of a building on the other side of the map.
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