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  1. I hate the facebook integration. Locking it to facebook accounts is inevitable but totally puts me off. But the quest is the best bit of VR hardware we've seen hands down so a lighter, cheaper higher resolution version!? I'm in, damn you facebook. By all means reject it because of facebook but don't reject it because you don't think the quest is good. It pisses on everything else. Why? Because you can do everything with it and so much more easily. Play some beat saber at your mates house. Play half life alyx in your garden wirelessly or plug in with ON
  2. Thought Id give this a punt, im a couple of hours in and cant say I like it that much. Something just feels.... wrong. Does it feel a little cartoony or something. I can't put my finger on what it is. I find it a bit tiresome constantly running out of ammo and having to chainsaw bods (never thought Id say that). And the story stuff is terribad. Music is still great though! Oh and it's making me motion sick, which really doesnt happen very often with flat screen games.
  3. It had always cast on every projectile firing random lightening bolts as they flew. It was nuts.
  4. I can understand peoples flat response, my first reaction is also flat. Huge fan of the book and of the Lynch film, the character casting / acting isnt a patch on its predesessor. Pauls voice sounds devoid of emotion and uninspiring. The reverend Mother seemd ok. And the effects look decent. But the colour palette seems very subdued. the whole trailer felt a bit .. Alien Covenent ? Watching it a couple more times it's growing on me a bit. So I am hopeful. Not sure how Im going to watch it though, people arent actually going to the cinema are they?!
  5. I've been having a blast again with this recently. Completed it twice more (once with a wand a bit like Lying Cats one above) and once with an insane always cast eletrical bolts wand that one shotted the end boss Currently on an amazing run where Ive managed to get immunity to almost everything and have been trying to find ...
  6. This is a shame. Inevitable but still a shame.
  7. Ok so my X55 just has no bindings! Does this mean I have to manually bind every bloody key?! That's going to be a big ask
  8. Ahhh gotcha , fair point. They might waive that surely ?
  9. I got it on steam, download was 500mb ?
  10. Decided to get this, not really a flight sim fan but the technology looks amazing, oh wow only 500mb install.... oh Does it have VR support?
  11. I started riding half pipe on my longboard in my thirties its totally doable. Then I started rollerskating on ramps in my forties and now I'm landing 540s and front flips (it does hurt more though)
  12. I didnt think much of the second book either, the third was a bit better but still not a patch on the first. It was a big dissapointment as I really enjoyed Revenger and was hyped for the rest of the story.
  13. Well Gwent came out on android and Ive been really enjoying it. I've made it to Rank 4 and it's starting to get a bit frustrating. My beef I think is , like so many games.... the Meta. As everyone shares their decks, they get refined down to the point where you have to play the top Meta deck or you simply can't compete. It would be a MUCH better game if everyone was just playing in a bubble learning as they went. There was a big update recently which has freshened things up a bit and I've got a reasonable ST deck going, still seeing the old Meta plenty though.
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