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  1. I hate rust, don't like the 3 new maps particularly and warzone was a laggy shit show last night. I really enjoy it on the whole but sometimes they make it pretty hard work. The mandatory 30 minutes to an hour everytime u get your buddies on for a game and they have to download a patch, then do their shaders is pretty trying. Add to that a couple of games of unplayable rubber banding and everyone just gives up. Sadface
  2. Well I got Half Life Alyx working wirelssly on the quest , I went in expecting it to be a bit shonky , but fuck me thats amazing. If you look for it you can see a tiny latency on the hands but when you are playing you don't notice it at all. The freedon of playing it without wires is amazing, plus being able to find a nice big spot to play in so you can walk around more. Just stunning.
  3. I always take an RPG , job done. Got my second squad win yestersay, it hits a sweet spot for me I thought I'd had enough of BR in general but i'm enjoying this one.
  4. They are still pretty bad!
  5. This made me laugh...
  6. As a game dev I can say this is almost certainly bang on. Memory will be one issue, but framerate is probably the main thing.
  7. Try Curries for Quests
  8. Yeah this is the pinacle of VR gaming so far for sure. The detail is insane, the first scene is jaw dropping, then you pull up the arial on the radio and it just feels... natural. Look closely at the gravity gloves or the health machine workings... wow. I mean a lot of it is disgusting but wonderfully so. The simplest thing is a delight, picking up a box and shaking out the contents to get some ammo. Or casually flicking up a clip using the gravity glove and reloading. The atmposphere is amazing. Yes there are niggles , I feel like the hand stuff isnt QUITE as good as it would be on the index. some of the jumping / vaulting stuff is a little wierd, objects do clip through stuff even though the physics is sublime most of the time. My main problem is the quest gaurdian is popping up all the time as I reach for stuff as my play area is small. I really want to be playing it untethered.
  9. Battlenet: Strategos#21816 --------------------------------------------------¬ | | | V
  10. Isnt that my Battlenet ID ?
  11. Invite as well please!
  12. Managed a win on Plunder with just two of us, me and a random not on coms. And a third on BR playing solo. Bit tiresome playing with Randos though most of the time.
  13. Plunder is much more fun than BR so far, for me at least.
  14. Played a few games of this last night and it reminded me why I don't play BR anymore. Bloody annoying playing with Randoms.
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