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  1. I got exactly the same one recently, what a revelation, all these years gaming on a ViewSonic 21" monintor.
  2. Episode 5 is a return to form!
  3. Link users might find this useful https://uploadvr.com/oculus-link-resolution-increase-odt/
  4. Turn on voice comms in Modern Warfare that might change your mind.
  5. If its a struggle for B its actually quite good, what gets me is when your team of sniping morons are all pushed back to your spawn and you end up getting blasted from orbit by gunships for the whole match.
  6. Shit! For some reason I thought there were 13 episodes so unknowingly finished it then excitedly went to watch the next episode only to find it was over
  7. Absoloutly loving this so far. I've just finished episode 8 and can sort of see how people might be wavering a little there. But I'm so invested in it I can easily sail through a slower episode or two. Thank goodness this didnt get canned!
  8. Strategos

    Titanfall 2

    Still nice to see exposure for TF2 , might get a few more people playing it.
  9. Has some weird graphical glitch, might be shadow related. Renders it difficult to play for me.
  10. Snipers in this game can be pretty focused
  11. Ive no idea why they messed with the story so much. Its a classic for a reason. Id have really enjoyed a solid re-telling of the original with great effects.
  12. Turn away traveller there is nothing for you here.
  13. Semtex or Molotov will do the trick
  14. Damn I was super excited for episode 2 but it fell totally flat for me apart from Jerry at the start. I thought episode 1 was middle of the road but a good start , Ep 2 was a low point for me out of them all. Maybe my expectations were set too high. Roll on next week!
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