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  1. I quite like the look of it. You would have to be seriously unfamiliar with the Scott Pilgram game to mistake this for it. Graphically it's a completely different style.
  2. You boys have more patience than me! I normally get to 40/50k then spaff it games in the weekly sales, or top up my Gamepass.
  3. Yup. That happens regularly with me. Thought it was a quirk particular to me.
  4. I didn't get it to work Sunday, and I'm used to it's quirks and not awarding straightaway. I had 3 achievements that day and didn't get any points at all.
  5. Attended Suede at the Aberdeen Music Hall tonight. Absolutely wonderful. The new songs sounded as good as the old ones and the whole set was very well received. Superb.
  6. I loaded this up the other day and it's had an update on March 1st. Not too sure exactly what has been added but there seems be be more modes to unlock and I read that it is now 120fps if your tele can handle it.
  7. It's true that Snk made some of the toughest fighter bosses ever. I'm already crap at most of these games (despite playing them for years) but I don't think I've actually finished half of them!
  8. I have been on a bit of a gangster film run at the moment and forgot that Mafia 2 was given some time ago on games with gold. It still looks remarkably good today (even if the gameplay is a bit thin). Makes you actually realise that gaming as a whole hasn't really made much advancements since the 360 era imo.
  9. I've enjoyed the thread as a chance to delve back into the game and discuss it, as it's unlikely I would have done this of my own accord. Sometimes the discussion is more interesting when it's not a respected classic or title which has stood the test of time.
  10. The above post reminds me, while Double Dragon Neon has been overtaken by some forementioned titles, it was pretty much the best in breed for the 360 for a good while. Still decent today and worth a spin just for the amazing soundtrack.
  11. It really is a fantastic game. Even after all these years it stands up. The levels are interesting and varied and the bosses (especially the first) are iconic.
  12. Well it seems I lied. I have finished R Type, and the second one as I have R Type Dimensions on the Xbox 360 (which has them both on it) and I unlocked the achievements for finishing them both in 2009! I had a little shot again just now and got to the third stage but got killed. A bot more practice again and I will soon be back to my old standard (I hope).
  13. Oddly I can't actually remember the furthest I've got, but I think it's stage 4. Been passed the big battle cruiser thing so I would guess it's the stage after that. I need to have another shot on this again ! I've played so many versions of R Type over the years but the Master System and PC Engine versions stand out above the rest. Pretty sure the first format I played it on was the Spectrum (and I think it was a pretty good version given the systems limitations), but I owned the C64 version on the Hit Squad budget label. Pretty sure it was a miltiload too, just to add insult to injury when you died!
  14. I clicked though lots of news articles and it registered two or something. Can't be bothered with faffing around if it doesn't work correctly.
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