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  1. A moments silence for the passing of a legend: https://london.eater.com/21452133/brannigans-crisps-flavours-where-to-buy-beef-mustard
  2. I just watched the latest episode this afternoon and the picture quality was all over the place. Viable changes between 4k and grainy vision as I was watching it.
  3. I would have to agree. Never been a fan but it's captured the collective minds of a whole generation and popularised the free to play model which others have since jumped on. Artists have even done gigs within it. It's a hugely culturally important title.
  4. I don't tan it to it's fullest, but I do the daily set on the rewards dashboard, log in with the gamepass app everyday (as well as start a gamepass game everyday to get 5 points for that). Do the gampass quests, which are usually easy and are good motivation to try new games. Make sure you get your daily achievement for 50 points and keep an eye out for the bonus 100 pointer that appears around once every week. Also go your weekly quest thing on the dashboard which gives you more points for streaks as well as an easy 100 every week. It soon all adds up!
  5. Happy with my Xbox One X for just now. Plenty to be playing with the games I own and Gamepass. Would consider an upgrade further down the line once there is more to offer games wise.
  6. I attempted to watch this on Saturday and think I lasted to about 35 mins. Out of curiosity I read what I'd missed out on and I must say I'm actually thankful that I turned it off. Pretentious snorecore of the worst type.
  7. For anyone a fan of a smooth single malt, then you could do a lot worse than a bottle of Scapa. I got a bottle at Christmas and have just opened it this weekend. Although a non age effort, it's well worth a sample. Very smooth and sweet, which was pretty much the opposite of what I expected. An easy drinker for those that don't like it peaty.
  8. Despite the flaws I am enjoying this a lot and it feels like a blend of Ridge Racer and Outrun 2. I think the Virtua Racing style graphics have wrong footed a few folk on what to expect gameplay wise, but this suits me as I love the two primary influences. I must say it also excels in no loading no fluff. Just straight into the action and you can finish a cup in about 15 mins or so.
  9. My first impressions are that the handling is great for the most part and the look and feel are great. Have to agree that that A.I. drivers are a huge fun spoiler though. The constant bashing followed by the inevitable facing the wrong way totally feel at odds with the overall vibe of the game.
  10. I already have the Lego one, but have cashed in some of my rewards points and treated myself to Fortune Island. The value I get between Gamepass and the Rewards Scheme is outstanding. I just keep topping Gamepass up with it every wee while with rewards points, and still have enough to buy stuff like this. It's crazy, but as a gamer I have never spent this little, yet had this much to play.
  11. Up on Gamepass already! Got it downloading so I can have a wee break from work later on it
  12. I must say I'm very impressed with the price point, size and apparent difference from the Xbox One X (which I have just now). I'm almost tempted if it weren't for the fact that I don't think the majority of games at the moment even push the One X, so I'm really not too sure if I could justify 250 bucks for some faster loading. Once in a blue moon you get an outstanding AAA game, but they aren't really my thing anyway for the best part. I can see Microsoft picking up a lot of new customers with this though, and the teen demographic should swallow this up.
  13. Worth it for Skate 3 alone! Always good to have the option of a Fifa as well for when my footy loving pals are round.
  14. Did you ever get this resolved? I fancy buying FH3 and both expansions before the end of the month, but i'm not buying a broken game.
  15. Where does it fit in with the TV series? Do you have to be up to date? I got to series 3 then got sidetracked. *Edit* Just saw the post above. So I guess I'm best to catch up first!
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