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  1. Are these new?? These sound pretty ace.
  2. The soundtrack in this game is absolutely amazing. I didn't really pay attention to it at first but it reacts to what is happening, and although it's never overstated it is perfect for the game. In fact after playing for 24 hours I would say that it's one of my favorite soundtracks of the generation.
  3. Passed the 20 hour mark now and still really enjoying this. Seem to be going through a spate of finding tombs and now trying to level up my hunter type abilities. Had a great in game moment yesterday where I snuck onboard a ship and was offing the crew silently one by one when I noticed one of the guards was taking a piss overboard. Neadless to say he was sufficiently distracted for me to disturb his leak! Getting the fear when I hear the warhorn noise of the Phylakes and tend to bold away as fast as possible. Think I'm going to level up a bit more before I tackle any of those.
  4. I can imagine my daughter may find it fun, but I think it's pretty bad.
  5. @Pavey what format you playing it on? If you have an Xbox one X this looks pretty amazing with all the enhancements. I'm tempted to go back to it when I'm done with Origins. Got so much of these Assassin's Creed games from Games with Gold etc, seems a waste not to!
  6. Anyone played Ticket to Ride? Such a frustrating game. Most of the content is behind a paywall, the controls are really twitchy for such a simple game, and the tutorial is one of the worst committed to any game ever. Tells you what to press without ever explaining anything. I have figured it out now, but the game does not make it easy at all.
  7. As fun as this is, it's too brown!! Reminds me of that end of the Xbox/Start of the 360 era where every game looked like it had been smeared with mud. Some more of the Burnout aesthetic (but not revenge, as that too was pretty brown compared to others in the series) would have worked wonderfully here.
  8. What? That isn't normal???
  9. If you really must know I was knee deep in shitty nappies!
  10. Had a nice surprise last night when I got to the Bayek now has his beard back too, so all is right with the world.
  11. I just seem to be digging up older threads at the moment, but this is pretty good isn't it? Just redownloaded it as it was in my backlog from Games with Gold and I fancied something more arcady to play in between sessions of Assasins Creed Origins. Only played a half hour so far but its like the bastard love child of Ridge Racer and Burnout. Looks nae bad for a 10 year old game into the bargain, although I don't know how much of that is the Xbox One X's sorcery.
  12. Just took advantage of the above (3 month option) to top up what I had bought before and now i'm good till January 2023.
  13. Superb!! I will get the sorted later.
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