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  1. That later date has come! I played through about 60 hours of Origins and finished the main part of the game so thought I'd use some of my rewards credit and treat myself to the ultimate version (or whatever they call it). Restarted the game playing as the female character (as had done a few hours of the free trail as the male) and I'm getting well into it. The frame rate improvements are amazing and the game looks mostly stunning. While not too different from Origins, that isn't an issue as it's such an amazing setting and I love the exploration. All my childhood Jason and the Argonauts/Clash of the Titans love has finally been presented in game form.
  2. It's utter shite! Like a ps1 Tony Hawks also ran from the 90s.
  3. You will never guess what has happened again...
  4. Thanks for the tips. I need to spend some proper time getting to grips with it all. Likely doesn't help that I'm fitting in the odd hour rather than having a lengthy session on it.
  5. I'm really not feeling this so far. Started on the tutorial and it got to a point where it wouldn't let me make the move needed to proceed. Googled it and it seems to be a known bug. Started the game proper now but it's really user unfriendly and I can't understand why I can't seem to build certain structures within cities. For all the pop up prompts and info, it doesn't seem to tell you things when you actually need it to. Also that World Congress screen can get right to fuck.
  6. You can figure what reward challenges are coming up by what I have deleted off my hard drive lately. Just got rid of Flight Simulator and surprise, up pops a challenge today!
  7. I was thinking I was the only one! I find quick resume to flakey and inconsistent to use with any regularity. If the game has any online scoreboard or weekly/daily challenge element then quick resume can really break that part so I don't bother for the most part.
  8. What is the scoop with I don't know if it's been explained in the story as I tend to skip past a lot of the dialogue.
  9. I'm way back on Covenant 19 or 20. Still play it everyday though as it's my goto relaxing game. Love the daily challenges.
  10. Maybe a wee outside the usual suggestions but I really like Neon Abyss. It's a platform shooter based take on the whole genre, but it clicked with me more than most. Hades is very good though!
  11. Don't forget 8 bit style pixel graphics *runs away and hides*
  12. Thanks for that post. I think I may just go for it as I have been keen to try this game for ages and it will be good to have everything in one package. Just need to find some time to play it!
  13. I see the "Anthology" pack with everything is for sale on Xbox for 27 (or thereabout) quid. Is this a worthwhile buy? I was tempted by the base game before, but I understand this is all the dlc and they are making no more for this particular title.
  14. I must admit my heart sinks when I see a new game and it's got that faux Nes look about it. I'm a huge fan of retro games, and if done properly then pixel graphics can look stunning. Unfortunately the vast majority of new games using this style look like absolute horsepiss and would have been laughed off of the Snes for looking primitive. I understand that sometimes it's a budget choice and that it can be easier for games made by a small team etc, but it really irks me at times that I have (allegedly) the most powerful console on the market, yet what, feels like every second new release looks graphically like a sub Mega Drive standard title. If the gameplay is strong enough then I can overlook this, but more than often it's not. I really don't understand why developers don't aim for top end Snes/Neo Geo styling instead of the overly retro looking done to death 8 bit look.
  15. Gave this a shot earlier but not for me. I'm not really surprised as I never liked the first title and in fairness I think the only Double Fine game I have enjoyed is Costume Quest. I just can't seem to gel with the "humour" in most of their stuff. I have kept it downloaded though as I think my eldest daughter may get some enjoyment from it.
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