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  1. I really don't think a lot of it. I used to love the series but this particular version feels clunky, tired and doesn't play as well as most of the games that came before. Also the loading times are atrocious.
  2. I like Saints Row 2 for it's hark back to simpler times. It's more grounded than 3 or 4 and more like GTA with the fun turned way up. It has that janky experimental feel that was in a lot of earlier open world titles and although it's showing it's age I would rather play it than GTA 4 and 5.
  3. Dunk Lords looks like it may be fun. NBA Jam with violence maybe? Saints Row 2 is also good (although I have that already). The generic rally game is of no interest to me though and will stay undownloaded like the multitude of other identikit car games they have given away over the past year or so.
  4. The Lost Boys is one of my favorites. Endlessly rewatchable and very influencial on my tastes. Falling Down is also fantastic. Those two alone are a a amazing legacy to leave.
  5. See almost every Lego Game ever, if you want to 100 percent complete it.
  6. 100 percent this. Most powerful console ever and half the games looks like high def NES titles.
  7. I haven't tried any of this "Seltzer" stuff yet, but from what I've read it sounds like fancy hooch type alcopops. Is that accurate?
  8. A similar issue is with stuff like Mortal Kombat X, where I have the "game of the year" type version with all the extra dlc, but sometimes it will just boot the standard version. I'm guessing it sometimes ignores the disc and just goes straight to the gamepass version.
  9. For me it seems to depend on the time of the day that i'm watching. Some things have been borderline unwatchable lately.
  10. This is like a bad April fools joke. The Game Gear had a few decent games back when it was cutting edge but they haven't aged well. 4 games per colour?? What kind of bullshit is that??
  11. 89p on Xbox One at the moment
  12. After playing through and enjoying Dead Rising 3 I noticed that Dead Rising 4 was on Gamepass. All the reports made it sound like I wouldn't enjoy it but being that it's Gamepass I had nothing to lose by trying it. When I loaded it up I noticed that there was a Capcom Heroes mode and after looking up what this is I decided to play through this way. Effectively you play through the game and find arcade machines that let you change into various Capcom characters cosplay and gain their powers. There are loads of stars and treasures dotted about the levels to collect as well as costume focused challenges in addition to the normal cases to play. You can't pick up weapons at all as whatever costume you are wearing dictates your weapons. Each costume lasts for 5 mins but if you find another arcade machine you can reset the timer without resetting to Frank. This interesting spin turns the whole game into a kind of Dynasty Warriors with zombies and some added photography! Highlights so far include an M Bison outfit and a Cammy one (whilst just looking like Frank West in drag). A great mindless piece of entertainment which is just what I needed right now.
  13. Riverbond is due to leave Gamepass soon, so if fancy trying it, I'd make it a priority.
  14. I think the 50 pointer vanished for a bit end of last month too. It sometimes does that for a day or two.
  15. Stay Puft is awesome and the Imperial version is even better. Stay Puft with Irish Cream is a good shout too if you like the taste of Baileys.
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