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  1. I would say initially keep your distance and go for a character with range like Tam Tam. Learn how to use the various special moves when your bar is filled of which there is 3 main types. The first is the forward then quarter circle back followed by kick and hard slash. As far as I can see if this doesn't hit then you can't do it again till your bar refills, but if it connects it takes off a big chunk of health on your opponent. The second is the weapon disarm which is always quarter circle towards with med and hard slash. If this misses you can use it over and over until your bar drains. Usually takes off a good chunk of health too (but not as much as the above). The final type is pressing all 3 slash at once which makes the screen go tinted. Once you do this you have sacrificed your bar for the whole match so be careful how you use it. It is effective till your bar drains and if you press all three slash again then you do a huge attack which takes off most of your opponents bar. What many people overlook though is that your attacks are more powerful in this state and although it varies from character to character it's well worth experimenting. Other than that remember that this isn't really a combo based game so don't be afraid to bide your time and try and goad your opponent into an attack. If you can master parry (which I can't) then you can leave them open to all sorts. That's a quarter circle towards then weak and med slash.
  2. I'm still playing this and still loving it. The slow considerate pace is so different for this generation and I love the general style and atmosphere of the game. It's amazing how it's respectful of the originals but manages to feel new and different.
  3. I must say it's an alright game, but I don't understand why it's made top ten end of the year lists galore. It's a fun little game, but as others have said it's pretty much a one trick pony. My experience of it so far has been helping out my daughter when she is stuck and watching her play it. I will give it a play through myself but once will be enough for me, and if it wasn't for gamepass I wouldn't bother.
  4. That is huge news! Very happy at that announcement!
  5. Overcooked is stressful. It's fine on the earlier levels but once you get to the earthquake and moving levels it can be very stressful if the other player doesn't really know what they are doing.
  6. I play fighting games as my main genre and have done for over 25 years. Although I'm not shit at them I'd never say that I'm any sort of high level player. No other genre gives me as much enjoyment. I've had salty comments online and some dissing my technique, but life is too short to worry about arseholes. Fighting games are my happy place!!
  7. I should try this again soon. I gave up as my partners mac book seemingly fucked up the formatting and I got too frustrated to persevere. Now I have a wii u just sitting about in the cupboard.
  8. Most enjoyable overall so cheers for all the work
  9. How on earth could anyone have missed that? Were you sitting with your eyes closed???
  10. Loved Excite Truck when I owned it. Was like the lovechild of Burnout and Pure. On that subject Pure was brilliant as well and is well worth digging out (Xbox 360/PS3) and must be available for pennies now. I did love Amped 2 when I had it but I fear it may have aged badly, but that's just based on my recollections.
  11. Jo up Rabbit: was entertaining enough but at the same time it kind of rubbed me up the wrong way but I'm not too sure why. Seemed kind of smug in places. All the way through it was going from a 3/5 to a 4/5 so I'm going to have to get splinters in my arse with a 3.5 Skulls out of 5. *Edit* Been thinking about this film all night and think that I was letting a few niggles get to me too much so revising this to a 4 Skulls out of 5 rating.
  12. I got my personal best last night but it isn't as good as a lot of you guys. 214,965,400 is the best I have mustered to date. Need to spend some more time figuring it out as only had 6 shotties so far.
  13. Off the top of my head try Boxtrolls, Isle of Dogs and Kubo and The Two Strings. All are fantastic tales and masterclasses in animation. A quick edit to include Pirates! That is also an awesome wee film. More comedy than my other suggestions and maybe not as "kind" as you want, but a firm favorite for my daughter and me. Also has an ace soundtrack.
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