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  1. I did the conversion trick back when it was new and now I just top it up with rewards points (have 2 years stacked). A couple of years ago I would have totally answered that I would pay full price, but now I wouldn't. I'm sick of the same styles of games over and over (Rogue likes, survival games and walking simulators) and I'm not finding a whole lot that floats my boat nowadays. To be fair the Assassin's Creed additions thud year have been very good, but I own them both already. What I would personally like to see is a greater variety of games and a bit more quality control when it comes to a lot of the indies. Happy to keep going with rewards paying for it for the meantime.
  2. I bought it on Xbox for a similar price the other month and it's brilliant. I've became a little disillusioned this year with new release games but this has been the perfect antidote.
  3. 01 - Rammstein - Zeit 02 - Ghost - Impera 03 - Greg Puciato - Mirrorcell 04 - Machine Head- Of Kingdom and Crown 05 - Carpenter Brut- Leather Terror 06 - Gwenno - Tresor 07 - Korn - Requiem 08 - Working Men's Club - Fear Fear 09 - Suede - Autofiction 10 - Lamb Of God - Omens
  4. Thank you. Gutted I can't get my easy Fornite points anymore but easy come, easy go!
  5. Forgive me if I'm being dense, but are you playing FH5 on the PC to get this or is there some sort of cross play that means you can do this through Xbox ?
  6. The green and black bags of the above were amazing.
  7. The multiple recasts with the time jumps really confuses me. Doesn't help when some of the characters are so unmemorable in the first place. Hoping it all settles down now.
  8. The A Team remake/reimagining film from a few years back. As soon as B.A. showed his "PITY and FOOL" knuckle tattoos I switched that shit off. Childhood ruining pish.
  9. It's nae. It's actually the lead singer of the Darkness in child form.
  10. Yup. Unforgivable. Almost ruined the episode for me.
  11. I have to say my first listen of the new Slipknot did nothing for me either. I feel like Corey just wants to do his own thing now.
  12. Losing "young" Rhaenyra at this stage feels like such a blow. She was one of the few likeable characters for me, and already her replacement is annoying me. I would agree that there is charm lacking compared to GOT and I think the comparative lack of memorable characters does it no favours at all. I mean they have even reused an unmemorable Lannnister actor from GOT to come back as an unmemorable Lannnister in this (I didn't realise till I read this somewhere).
  13. Plus the fact some actors have changed and some haven't. Seems rather odd. Something that has really been missing from this compared to GOT is a lack of depth in the characters. I don't feel like I really know much of their motivations and then some characters just seem to exist (the sons of the Hand for instance) as convenient plot devices. I'm still interested to see where it all goes but it hasn't grabbed me the same way as GOT had by this point.
  14. I've been watching clips of that Ian Brown show today. Absolute comedy gold and tragic at the same time. A car crash of a performance in the truest sense. Almost worse still is the people actually defending it on Twitter. Madness !
  15. Found these in Home Bargains today and they are lovely. Kettle Chip style consistency, but thicker and crunchier. Sweet and spicy but not hot in the slightest. Just demolished a whole bag and will be going back to Home Bargains soon for more.
  16. I was never hugely into Suede back in the 90's but have got into them over the years. Enjoyed my first listen of the new album (single is very Longpigs to my ears) and picked up a ticket to see them in Aberdeen next year. Looking forward to it.
  17. Now this interests me!! I adored the first game but never got my hands on the 2nd. I just hope it's as good as I remember.
  18. I've put a couple of hours into Metal: Hellsinger this evening and from a rather confusing first shot, I'm now really enjoying it. Once it clicks into place and you get a feel for the stages it feels rather like the underrated Xbox 360 era title "The Club". It's all about finding a rhythm and seeing of you can turn a run into one big combo. There is a further level of depth in that the couple of weapons I have unlocked so far also have their own rhythm and you have to adapt your playstyle around the their rates of fire and active reloads to maximise your return. Can already see a lot of fierce high score competition on the leaderboards and it's only day 1. I can imagine that folk that don't have a tolerance for metal as a genre are going to bounce off this, but for everybody else I'd say persevere and get used to tapping your trigger finger along with the beat (which also can change for new levels and boss encounters).
  19. That is a good deal. If I hadn't bought two mystery boxes from Fierce and one from Brew York last month (translation I'd anger Ms Skull), I'd be all over that !
  20. I've went back and found more footage and the story is pretty much complete for me (although still have lots of footage to find according the the achievements). For me it's the perfect gamepass experience as it was interesting to try out and has lead to some very interesting discussion on the forum, but it's a game that I have no interest in going back into once I'm done with it. I'm genuinely puzzled by the huge review scores it seems to be gathering, as I see it more of an interesting curiosity then a landmark moment in media (like it's getting hailed as by certain journalists).
  21. *Click on peach* zooms out to reveal "Made in Eric's" arsecrack with a bike parked between his buttocks.
  22. Ahh! I don't think I had seen the scene before. Question. In my limited playthrough I didn't fully understand the mechanics of the game. Do the clips you uncover appear in order ?
  23. Finished As Dusk Falls earlier this evening and while it was fairly enjoyable it ended very abruptly. Felt like there should be another section to come and the last part of the game felt far less engaging overall. Totally glad I went and played through it and was interesting to see how my path differed from others through the percentages.
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