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  1. If they do a console bundle then it might make it easier to buy a PS5 with a bit of a discount I guess
  2. I remember the pre-launch chat on here about it (and the GC) possibly being a 3D console/game
  3. The original Acornsoft arcade ports really were amazing back in the day, in fact I believe they had to tone down the graphics and rename them as they were too close to the originals. ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snapper_(video_game)
  4. Burnout Revenge checking in on XSX, it even found a cloud save file from August 2009. It was never exactly a slow game to start with now it can be brutally fast in races and so easy to do retries on Crash Levels (my favourite part of the game tbh)
  5. So no emotion engine this time, TFFT (RIP Dreamcast)
  6. not sure if it's real/valid but this was posted earlier - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Microsoft-5027757121210-Xbox-Series-X/dp/B085PKCPZ2
  7. just got a pre-order in Dubai https://www.gamesplanet.ae/product-category/x-box/consoles-bundles-x-box/
  8. Did you every bring your gaming world on holiday with you? From the age of 10 every summer, and probably most Easter holidays, I spent my holidays with my family in Scotland - travelling up via train, plane and even bus on the odd occasion. This usually involved bringing my computer, console, computer - probably in that order, with me. In fact I remember buying (read my Mum purchasing) the launch edition of Computer & Video Games (C&VG) in Euston station back in 1981 and being totally amazed at the world to come (it had free puzzle game with rotating wheels on the cover IRC). I'm pretty sure that my first trip up north involved taking Bugbyte's Mazogs, Silversoft's Star Trek and Automata's Can of worms (my first ever game/software purchase - bought at the first ever ZX Micro Fair held at Southbank Polytechnic) Over the years remember I packing my BBC Micro with its tape recorder (not being sure that my cousins would have a tape deck that worked) and then floppy drives into a suitcase.
  9. Please could someone send me an invite to the Preview program? XBL TAG: Anastophe Cheers
  10. Me too, and for the life of me I can't find any references in this thread to an emotion engine.
  11. I bought it over xmas and we've had some great fun with it - aside from the no lyrics on your own music issue (that lots of sites said would be there based on 'insider' information)
  12. and then they went on to give Zarch the highest score ever IIRC
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