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  1. Hi Guy's, Looking to start playing this soon! Got the GT Wheel. Now looking how the fuck I can use it!! Something like this any good? http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/part...ps3+accessories
  2. connect

    Lady GaGa

    One of my favourite songs is Speechless. Just thought I'd throw that in!
  3. No I have it checked! I had no idea this didn't work until I tried it last night. Everything else must have always been in DD. Will try that now.
  4. Does Heavy Rain have a DTS only sound track? My amp doesn't support DTS via optical!
  5. Thank you very much for your help!! I shall try this. Maybe on a Sunday when I'm not at work.
  6. I have never really eaten Lamb before but had it at a restaurant a few months ago. It was cooked to perfection and the meat practically fell off the bone just looking at it!! I tried to recreate this tonight but it turned out more like roast lamb from a cheap carvery. What's the best way to cook lamb so I can recreate this restaurant experience without all the extra dosh!! I'm thinking very slow cooking? But in what?
  7. Did anybody else see this tonight? That show looked absolutely amazing!! The effects that were used were in a class of their own. Fireworks, chasing fire, 3D sequences, newly filmed intros for certain songs, such as, Thriller & Smooth Criminal. It showed a side to Michael that was rarely seen before. It showed a man in control of his work. It showed someone who new exactly to the point, what he wanted from every part of the performance. Even though it was not at full dress rehearsal stage, I was pleasantly surprised at the content.
  8. I went to Florida in September and had a few hurricanes!! There were a few different takes on the drink but all were quite similar. However I have been looking for what's needed to make one back home. But there are loads of different varients. Some say use Orange juice, some say lime, some say syrup and soda water!! Help!! I need one!! Have you made one before? The ones I had looked this colour.... http://www.sundaypaper.com/Portals/0/2008/...f-hurricane.jpg
  9. Super Helpful. Top Guy.

  10. Is the demo on PS3 out yet? I still haven't come across it on the PSN.
  11. connect


    Anyone else got it? I think it's great. So many tracks I just keep listening to over and over again, Sober, Bad Influence, Please Don't leave me, I don't believe you, Mean & ave mary a. A few fast ones, a few slow ones. Nice listening. One thing I would like to know is.... 'ave mary a' What does this mean? I'm not sure if it's a religious thing or not?
  12. And it seems to me that it's the first time in a long time that everyone seems to be doing ok here in the UK and Europe. If you think back to other battles there was generally one that was pushed out quite early on. The Saturn and Dreamcast were pretty much ignored by Europe. The N64 whilst not dire didn't sell anywhere near enough to keep it on the shelves. I suppose it was down to the price of the games. And the GameCube wasn't recieved very well here either. I remember working in Game at the time and most non gaming stores like Smiths, Argos ripped the GC off the shelves pretty quick. This time though we seem to have 3 strong consoles and 2 strong handhelds. Or am I totally wrong on this?
  13. connect

    Michael Jackson

    Hey guy's, For the people that like MJ's music, I've just seen the prison version for the first time today on You Tube. I actually quite liked it. Was this version aired in the UK? What did you guy's think? Did you prefer the first one? Does anyone know if I can buy or download this anywhere in a nice resolution? Regarding the lyrics. There are a few different versions out there with censored parts to it. It sounds like 'kick me, kack me' But I'm not sure what the last word is that needs censoring. Considering they use the word 'fucking' in Scream.
  14. Phoenix seems to be art design of the year.
  15. GameStation.co.uk have it for £29.99 until tomorrow. So grab it quick!!
  16. I thought that's what it was. I did. She died!! I'll have to try again. If I've gotta hear her moaning one more time!!! Thanks.
  17. I've got to a bit where Ashley is tied up. I'm up high looking down. How do I free her? What's stupid is that I completed this game on the GameCube when it first came out!
  18. Latest Sales War Figures Edit - Ooops, I didn't check to see if anyone else has posted. Let's hope not.
  19. I'm not. 4 is my favourite. Probably because it was the first season I watched. All brand new to me!!
  20. The first 4 minutes looked ok to me!! Quite tense.
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