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  1. Yeah wait till Saturday when Liverpool put out a team even in price to Brighton’s to “stay classy”.
  2. Any one wanting a pre order very.co.uk have them on their site now. I know they mite have a bad reputation but I got my PS4 from then on launch day wen they were hard to get hold of. Get 10 % off if it's your first order with KPAJM . (I take no responsibility if anything goes wrong )
  3. Unplug your external hd etc out then try connecting again happend to me once took days to figure out this trick.
  4. If you've go an external hd try unplugging it reconnect then plug it back in was the only thing that would work for me been fine since then.
  5. I some how forgot that you need an internet connection to set up an xbox one. Mines been playing up not connecting wirelessly despite the fact that everything else in the house still works it just won't let me connect. And nothing's changed network wise and it's worked fine for months. So I decided to factory reset the setting in one last hope to get it back online and now I can't do anything with it
  6. Thanks tried all that looks like this is the problem after searching for a while. Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), and Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP). If you use an OMTP headset, youll probably experience audio or chat issues. However, if your headset or earbuds use the OMTP standard, you can purchase an adaptor to convert the device to CTIA. These adaptors are available at many electronic retail shops.
  7. I'll try asking the question I asked before which some how I made a mess off. I'm plugging headphones that definitely work into the xbox pad but am getting a lot of static noise from them. Do I have a faulty pad or is it a know problem I can fix.
  8. Just got an xbox one so not sure if this is a know problem but when I plug my earphones into the controller any way to fix this?
  9. From what's being reported Liverpool have "only" took about £35 m from the Sterling sale if you take out the £5 million in add ins and the 20 percent to QPR.
  10. Wind waker and pikmin you need the second screen for the best playing experience not sure about Lego City as I've not played that.
  11. Guessing you should be able to do both I'm doing it on 2 ps4s right now with the same account.
  12. Yeah it works I'm just doing it now brought it through the psn store on ps3 and pre loading to ps4 now.
  13. Yeah I'm going to put my account as the primary on his ps4 once I've pre loaded it to mine I'll see how it goes.
  14. Could anyone help we have two ps4s one I play and my son plays both with our own psn plus account. Thinking of going digital now with games so we can play online together. I know how to set it all up but if I preorder the new Cod on psn can we pre download to both ps4s?
  15. Just played though this the first time think i got one of the "worst" endings. Lauren got drowned in the car. Madison died during the fire. ethan shot him self sat at his desk. (not seen anyone else in here mention this?) Shawn the little boy died as no one got there to save him. The FBI guy had a wierd vision where he was stood talking to himself. The killer walked down the street at the very end.
  16. Not sure what ebay prices are but i have used a place called maximus cards.com. it cost $58.95 for the $50 card and the number was emailed straight away.
  17. I think hes mouthing the ball numbers to some one just before they come out so maybe the trick is he can guess what balls are going to be drawn by how they spin in the machine.
  18. I've noticed that most people online now want to box and not spam like when it first came out i'm realy enjoying online now cos of this.
  19. How was the punch buttons assigned in round 3 i never played it, anyone know?
  20. Was that just a normal jab that knocked him down? I've gone back to this after getting pissed off with it a few weeks ago so had a break from it and am realy enjoying it again.
  21. Amazing that Halfwit has not been nominated by anyone this week. Bet that he would have had at least 3 nominations if Chris hadn't been evctied last week.
  22. So i think i need to be a bit more patient. Do you guys just keep blocking when there spamming till they tire or try and throw punches back at them while there doing it?
  23. I know how to do all three but it doesnt seem to work any tips?
  24. pace


    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...nal/8140042.stm good news for you guys i would have thought hes one of the players that need to be kept hold of.
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