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  1. Once someone starts puching you like that online it seems too hard to get out the way its just punch after punch it could be so good online with a few modifications.
  2. I've give up on this online theres no boxing going on just people hitting as many body shots as possile. how can someone throw six hundered punches in a round and have their stamina hardly go down.
  3. i liking it so far. it is good the way your got to work your way round your opponents style. What characters do people recomend downloading?
  4. I'm enjoying what i've played so far started legacy mode as Tyson and can tell that height and reach of the boxers plays a big part now. Had a fight against a boxer much taller than tyson who kept using his reach advantage with his jab to stop me getting up close where tyson can do his damage. Some pretty good characters to download already like boxers people have made who aren't in the game and Rocky etc.
  5. I always assumed sumac was a kind of meat like a spicy ham from from having an omlette at a place that said it contained sumac on the menu.
  6. Do those reactions not just show that he wants to play and do well for the club.
  7. TBH i agree but theres nothing you can do as frustrating as it may be when your paying that sort of money. i'm sure the stats yesterday were something daft like Arsenal had 70 odd % off the ball Arsenal teams of a few years ago would have still killed a team off who play that deep and negatively. Yeah think it was saying on MOTD they could ony even manage to put 4 subs on the bench.
  8. i'm not condoning the way teams like Bolton play (i used to love watching Arsenal in my eyes a team has never played better football over the years and thats without being a fan of them) i'm just saying what teams like Bolton do no matter how ugly it is keeps them in the Premiership.
  9. They might not be pretty to watch but Bp;ton do what they have to do if they opened up and played football against you they'd be ripped apart. I saw in The Times this morning that the reason Toure had put a transfer request in was because Galas had said to Wenger the two of them weren't compatible to play together pretty honest of Galas if it true.
  10. its not gonna be easy to get the points needed ezpecially having to play 3 games in 7 days but a draw tommorow and wins over wigan at home and bolton away is possible i think.
  11. pace

    Pizza Hut

    the only time i've ever had one i wasnt too impressed when i took a bit loads of juices came out was probley just the shit place it was from.
  12. this version of a lasagne sounds much nicer i'll have to give it a try.
  13. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/foo...icle4386955.ece How much better would the game be if more players had his attitude.
  14. pace


    Sound quite interesting this, take some photos if you can.
  15. Do you know the bikes for people like toad that look like a rocket/torpedo (second from top on the bike list) can you do stunts with this model? Online before, i was in 8th place when crossing the line when went over second place flashed up but the points on the board at the end said 1st for me. Very strange.
  16. pace


    Does anywhere sell the GOTY eddition on the 360 for a reasonable price or should I just buy the game and the expansion seperately? Would I miss out on anything if i didn't buy GOTY addition?
  17. To people that have completed the game does any one know the maximum number of stars that are available before Also one of the lumas in the hub level
  18. As many have said this is turning into my favourite game of all time and may get me back seriously into playing games again. (really gone off them over the last few years). TBH i'm not a very skilled player but with games this good I can keep going and have only been frustrated by one star so far must have took me 15 attepts but got there in the end Also the character design in this game is amazing I hope they bring out some models .
  19. Just having a quick think then can any of you Arsenal fans think of a player who have done better since leaving Arsenal while Wenger has been in charge? They never seem to reach the levels they did at your club from the ones I can think about.
  20. pace

    Sealed Games

    How many games will actually go up in value even if sealed I wouldn't have thought it would be that many. As you say its your money you can do what you want with it I don't see why anyone should have a problem with it.
  21. I was thinking that surley there are easier less public options if he just wants to add a bit too his wealth?
  22. Just watched season 2 of arrested development the funniest program i've ever watched ( wouldn't have known about it if not for this place) got season 3 waiting to be delivered by cd-wow. Also re-watching the second series of House waiting for series 3 to come out on DVD. Such a good program available realy cheap on DVD at HMV at the moment (why does House drop in price so quickly compared to other series on DVD?).
  23. In no particular order: Resident Evil 4 (GC) Halo (Xbox) Shenmue (Dreamcast) Shenmue 2 (Xbox) Phantasy Star Online (xbox) viewtiful Joe (GC) Advance Wars (GBA) Morrowind (xbox) PES 5 (xbox) Knight of the old republic (xbox)
  24. Can you actually buy it in this country?
  25. Was Nani and Andersons fees not based on performance etc and just out right? When you think theat Giggs and Scholes only have maybe this next season at the top I think its wise to get replacments now and let them setel in for a year instead of next summer the spending was needed. Also the proposed Tevez transfer is ment to be a loan for 2 years with 3 million each year paid to his economic owners and then the option to buy for 20 million according to the Times. If Tevez goes there then Smith will probly be sold and the money for him will cover the 2 loan years for Tevez. When you consider the money for RVN and Obi then it all doesn't look so rediculous. Another point I enjoy reading this thread despite not being an Arsenal fan and talk of all the young players coming through there but where are Chelseas and Liverpools and Uniteds just doesn't seem to be happening not top class anyway. A few years down the line to me it's obious who will be better off.
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