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  1. With the PSP doing very good sales if not for the DS and Wii anyone else think sony could have took the handeld crown off Nintendo if Nintendo didn't go for touchscreen and just had a GBA2 as people wanted?
  2. To anyone interested in getting season 3 its £14.99 at cd-wow a bargain considering it only came out last week.
  3. pace

    Viewtiful Joe 2

    I think thats the thing with the joe/sylvia system to get the most out of it you have to be a good player and go for the high combos, look at some of Saurians videos over at ntsc to see what I mean. Still I thought from what I played of it. it was a good game.
  4. Yeah it's just arrived this minute after being posted yesterday afternoon.
  5. pace

    Gt4 Jap

    I'm realy looking forward to this, although I know alot of people are disapointed thats it's not online. Also check this out that I saw posted over at ntsc http://www.jp.playstation.com/game/...o/nike_gt4.html "Apparently, to unlock the Nike car you need an eyeyoy. If you got an eyetoy camera and you are wearing the shirt, the camera will recognize the logo on your shirt and it will unlock an extra-car in GT4 " (mr_sockochris)
  6. pace

    Gt4 Jap

    Go for this copy as I have http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-41-77-...gt4-70-dn1.html released the same day as the Japanese version aswell.
  7. Thats just because on the first day there is no time limit.
  8. pace


    Thats around the same price i paiid I've got to say the prices are very impressive for someone based in th UK.
  9. pace


    What was the totla price for the stick inclunding postaage, just wondering how it compares to the one I got from play-asia price wise.
  10. So very true, anyone know how many episodes there are in this series.
  11. Yeah I've done it but what I find is that if I stop playing a game for a long time and have not finnished it theres usualy a reason. Metroid Prime I've restarted about 3 times and given up every time.
  12. I liked the snow level the mission with the snow man was brilliant.
  13. I'd have to agree, for a tenner you can't realy lose.
  14. pace

    Ngc #90

    Some of that is true but at least they tell you that the reviews contain spoilers. A good issue in my opinion.
  15. What are the rewards for getting all the coins anything worthwhile?
  16. ...Pardon? OMG what the hell happened there When collecting the coins does it have to be done at the same time as the mission or is it Mario stlye of being able to get the 5 coins and then leaving the level?
  17. The only problem could be that according to someone on NTSC-UK the machines are engraved with your name when ordered, of microsofts site. So could be a hard task to get one blank or with your actual name etc. on.
  18. Also pickes this up cheap and am very glad I did not too far in at the moment but I'm realy enjoying it, realy making me smile in places and curse in others. I havce a big problem with the game why send you back to the titlew screen when the lives run out there is no need.
  19. Is there no way to get around the online thing, if not now maybe in the future? Then I would buy.
  20. With the pc version is online play available if so is it easy to set up and whats the best pad to use a PS2 pad (can be done can't it?).
  21. Another vote for XIII a game which if not bought for me I would more than likely never played, It's good for a bit of mindless blasting and the whole style of the game is what realy dragged me in. I have even forgiven the realy crap sections of the game where I kept failing missions tens of times.
  22. I f you didn't dispose of the bodies that also took up alot of space I think.
  23. OK might as well join in 1)XIII 2)FFTA 3)Mario Kart DD!! 4)Top Spin Tennis 5)PGR2
  24. Does anyone know what other jobs may give someone the advantage when going for a games tester job. I was thinking just an other qa position with some form of interactive entertainment?
  25. Yes I sure did, very nice it was too, thinking back I put some houres into that game. Its one of them that suck you in and while it has hold of you its hard to stop playing.
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