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  1. I guess with subs you tend to see tiering of the sub itself for higher fidelity. I think there's a market out there for people who want the best the medium had to offer over streaming
  2. Ping one of existing users here and you can get 2 months free Pro sub rather than the usual 1. No-one can tell you what the matrix is and that. I think you'll be impressed and there's nothing to lose.
  3. Weirdly, I played Pubg at the weekend for a solid session and it was totally seamless. Something has changed there for sure, either in the game or the platform because I'd say it's very hard to tell the difference between local and streaming there now.
  4. I notice compression scaling on Pubg quite a bit. Whereas Cyberpunk and Doom Eternal are seamless. It's odd, because Pubg is much simpler graphics. I can only assume that it's a function of the port quality in some way.
  5. Stadia seem to be doing a referral offer where the person you refer gets an additional month free (2 months instead of 1) and the referrer gets a month free for their troubles. So if anyone's looking to try the service, hit up one of the existing members here for a referral code (seems to be accessed via the app).
  6. Stadia Pro is pretty similar to game pass but with two differences. First, at any given time, it's got a smaller number of games available on the sub. You can look it up right now but I'm guessing it's 30-40? The reason I'm guessing is because of the second reason it's different which is that when games come off the sub, if you were a pro subscriber when they were on the sub you can still access them as long as your sub is active. The net effect here is that if you sub to Stadia Pro continuously you build up a collection. I guess it's a loyalty scheme of sorts?
  7. Back on topic, I'm not personally sure what I want from a Netflix style game service. I've got game pass annual sub, but have used a tiny fraction of the available content on there. I think I've played two games on it. I've also got Stadia and use that more, but I play a mix of games I've bought there and games on the sub. I pretty much only play Pubg on Stadia Pro tbh. I guess because I'm quite time poor, a huge catalogue doesn't have much value to me. I have the same issue with Netflix, so maybe game pass already is the Netflix of games? Ultimately I value accessibility and imme
  8. Hardware designed for the data centre is totally different from consumer hardware. It's down to the thermal and power demands of data centres, but you basically want chips that are thermally optimum for stacking very close together and drawing minimal power. Think of multiple "consoles" on a single server, each sharing common components like buses, networking and disks etc. This is just how the Cloud is built really. It's not just stacking the machines you've got running under your desk, it's got lots of layers of optimization.
  9. Google's model will leverage a single "console" many times over. And that's not just me saying "not everyone plays at the same time in a region", if their network is fast enough, they will actually be able to host your backend from a different region without much latency impact. I remember John Carmack saying that transatlantic latency is 2ms and that this is lower than most TVs input latency. I've never had a single instance of Stadia rejecting my session, and that tells you something more than just "they've got loads of servers installed just down the road". And this is all befo
  10. Sounds weird given that things like Geforce Now exist
  11. Finally got around to sinking 20 off hours into this. It's great isn't it! The world is fantastically realised with the best character animation I've seen to-date. The subtle nuances of motion are really something. I found the first act a little too "on rails" for my liking but when it became properly open world and you get enough perks for the shooting to not be awful it really comes into its own. Playing the Stadia edition. Haven't encountered a bug or crash.
  12. I played a PUBG session on this on Sunday evening and the whole thing was just excellent. No waiting around for the one person who inevitably needs to update to the latest patch, just straight in, 2.5 hours of gaming where all the party stuff worked seamlessly for everyone. PUBG's Cross-Play implementation is great too.
  13. It turns out there's a paper on how Stadia works! It's complicated basically.
  14. I got a pair of the Xbox Arctis Steel series wireless headphones and they work really nicely with Stadia. USB-C wireless dongle plugs into the top of the Stadia controller and off you go. Total one stop shop headset.
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