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  1. Destiny 2 is confusing. Just play it. If you enjoy it enough, you eventually hit a paywall. Repeat.
  2. Think of it this way Stanley. Would you rather pay £450 for a console like experience or £0 for a console like experience? When you've already spent £450 you're already invested but many will decide they don't need a console next gen, and many people will realise that this gen. Just probably not on Stadia.
  3. It's the first one that actually demonstrates that you don't need a console; Stadia is a 4k stream with 5.1 surround sound and negligible latency. The narrative has entirely changed from "it's technically impossible for streaming to give me an experience similar to a local console" to "there aren't enough games on Stadia". The later problem is just a matter of who publishes the games (basically MS, EA and Activision these days).
  4. That's fine, I think we're all in violent agreement in here that the Stadia business isn't working out for Google. But as a technology it's a glimpse of the future and I think that should be exciting for gamers because in the long run, it means more gamers, reduced cost and more gaming.
  5. Ok. Well, I don't know the specifics behind your situation but if you're interested in gaming technology and have a good bb connection, I'd highly recommend picking up a Stadia Premiere Edition off ebay and giving it a go. It's pretty fascinating (to me at least) to see what is possible these days with just a chromecast and an ethernet cable and to see how the accesibility changes your gaming habits. No one can tell you what The Matrix is etc.
  6. Stanley, are you ok? You seem to have a weird passion for shitting over a service you've just said you've never used.
  7. Stadia might not be the future, but it feels like it's shown us what the future looks like.
  8. Just finished watching It's a Sin on Channel 4. Absolutely fantastic.
  9. Yeah, this is how I see this. Google will refund purchases if they totally shutter the store without providing another means of accessing your titles because the PR backlash (even by their standards) wouldn't be tenable and they've got loads of cash. My guess though is that they'll continue to support the store as long as they believe they can sell the underlying platform through whitelabelling simply because the cost of the underlying infrastructure is surely the main issue here.
  10. From a tech perspective I'm a little doubtful and how much of an improvement 5G will be. Mobile operators will be looking to bundle stuff to get you onto it though so I'm guessing free cloud gaming subs might become to 5G what music / video streaming subs were to 4G.
  11. I own an Xbox Series X (and various other consoles) and it's still an issue for me. MS seem to still have not been able to get auto-update working consistently despite 10 years of trying. I'd say I get about a 70% success rate here. Part of this seems to be issues at the developer end where they make inexplicable decisions to only check for updates once the game is launched (CoD seems to be a major offender here) but it's hard to tell exactly what's going on tbh. For a long time I thought this was because I was game sharing but I stopped doing that and still have the same experience. Game swit
  12. It's the immediacy of Stadia that is really important for me. I'm quite time poor, so when I decide to play a game it's often for less than an hour or two so losing 20-30 mins waiting for a download to happen actually stops me bothering playing the game. The other thing I only noticed recently when playing Stadia with a few friends was that someone said "let's play game X" and everyone just immediately jumped into that game without the inevitable "I don't have it installed etc.". Stadia even compares well to GeForce Now here which has a 3-4 min boot time into games. Stadia's about 10 secs from
  13. MS still have to come up with whatever their Chromecast + Stadia Controller solution is. The Chromecast goes away with the upcoming generation of TVs I think, it'll just be a smart app. But they'd need a WiFi connected controller to allow you to play it. They also need to get xCloud up to 4k stream for people to realistically consider this as a console replacement as it's really geared towards phone streaming right now at 720p.
  14. To give a contrarian view and assuming that Zok might not want to sink 450 notes on a console right now, I'd wait for a bit a see if MS get their streaming solution up to Stadia standard this year.
  15. Stadia has quite a few titles that are native 4k (Metro series) or very near native 4k (Doom series). It's more comparable to an Xbox One X than a Series S in my experience.
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