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  1. A mix! Sold off my ad mech and knights which were painted, and while I got probably almost double what I’d spent on them my hourly rate for building, magnetising, painting and basing would be pennies, so no, very far from pro. Also got rid of a bunch of stuff I’d bought but won’t use to make room for the next projects that will be on eBay in 18 months.
  2. The churn. I've now hit over £550 in eBay sales this month from the pile of shame. Unfortunately I’ve also spent about £250 of that already! Just scored a massive bargain bundle of warcry teams and monsters which will make for a very happy son at Xmas.
  3. I’ve got a spare necron warden I don’t need you can have if you want. Pm me your deets. if you’re after marines - there’s 3 assault intercessors on this months imperium. or if you want both, the cheapest starter set for 40k has about 18 models in for like £25
  4. Do armigers get an invulnerable? My experience of playing a knight against necrons went terribly as a skorpekh lord just punched my knight to death. and it was super difficult shifting scarab swarms off objectives with so few bodies. Helverins have no real CC weapons so you can bully those. dunno about the moiraxes. what secondaries will you pick to take advantage of these guys?
  5. Oh no worries, I’m still in a massive building push, just built and primed about 40 khorne dudes, 15 death guard and started on the stormcasts from that box.
  6. I’m eternally optimistic my dudes will see battle. Some projects are born, completed and sold on before that happens. I can’t bear playing with unpainted models though so I'm constantly needing to get something done. just built up a blight lord squad from felthius and his cohort x2 Some mild conversion and the felthius is now a sorceror and I’ve got 6 termies, 4 with axe and combi bolter and 2 with heavy weapons. I really like chopping models up. these will get sprayed today and probably painted by 2026 at current rates.
  7. Just got back from watching this with the kids. What an absolute treat. A real unexpected joy. Some really top Kung fu action in there I was a bit surprised to see
  8. I currently have 2 codexes with models Death guard are brilliant models and nicely themed. Rebuilding my collection a bit after selling most of my army off, probably got enough to play 2000 points worth, just in the middle of building a custom wizard in terminator armour to bypass the fucking stupid hq rules they have. Marines are good in the game and easy to play as but thematically booooooorrring. And boring to paint. I have about 4000 Points worth. they do look cool though. Ad - mech have some of the the best models and are the most grim-dark imperial faction. Just sold my small army as well as my knights as they were never going to see play and I needed to invest money and more importantly time in getting both into a a shape where they were a coherent army rather than ‘behold, my stuff’ I quite like necrons. And my son and I are building a small army of them. But they have some real bullshit rules that are horrible to play against. So they can get in the sea. If I were starting again from scratch and had the time I’d be tempted by Orks. They’ve some brilliant looking models and They are the only faction in 40K that can remotely be classed as the goodies, they aren’t fascists, or religious fanatics, they aren’t deliberately evil, or twisted by chaos, they aren’t undead robots with a grudge, or a hive minded hegemonising swarm. They’re just having fun. They are the only faction that looks like it’s having a good time.
  9. @Oracle ooooooofff. How did he manage that? Just ripped into them in the psychic phase?
  10. Those are really cool. How do you emboss in the numbers? In fact - just how?
  11. Yeah the painted ones are terrible. The boy has a necron and I’ve got one of these to get round to
  12. Thanks! I only need one to bring a unit up to spec, pm’d. Must have got 2 on a mixed sprue from mortal realms. I love this bit of a project. The planning and building. Before the enthusiasm wears off! This should see me through winter painting this lot. I’ve about 1500 points of stormcasts And 1100 points of khorne. Already hankering after a bloodthirster.
  13. Necrons 5xflayed ones Chronomancer 2 royal wardens sprue of 3 warriors All new and on sprue. 3 spite revenants Warcry skaven warband which is now out of print. new in box with cards maybe more to follow as I sort through stuff. I don’t suppose anyone has a spare stormcast castigator floating around they’d sell? I’ve somehow got 5 and they’re in Units of 3
  14. @Pelekophoros while that’s all true, but since 8th launched there’s still been more primaris lieutenant models released than eldar models.
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