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  1. This is tricky 0-- might take a re-edit before the end. 01 - The National - High Violet 02 - Alt J - An Awesome wave 03 - Portico Quartet - Knee Deep in the North Sea 04 - LCD Soundsystem - American Dream 05 - Mogwai - Hardcore Will never die, but you will 06 - Michael Kiwanuka - Love and Hate 07 - LCD Soundsystem - This is Happening 08 - floating points - Elaenia 09 - John Grant - Queen of Denmark 10 - Kamasi Washington - The Epic 11 - Radiohead - A moon shaped pool 12 - Arcade Fire - Reflektor 13 - New Order - Music Complete 14 - John Grant - Pale Green Ghosts 15 - Ben Taylor - Naked 16 - Black Mountain - IV 17 - Breakfast - Teleman 18 - Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues 19 - Michael Kiwanuka - Kiwanuka 20 - Jon Hopkins - immunity
  2. While not being Ghanaian, or sentimental, Dr. Octagon is also an extraterrestrial. (I love the chain, I was on it once.)
  3. And

    The National

    The run of Alligator, Boxer, High Violet is amazing. But then for me it’s diminishing returns after that peak. Still my favourite band by miles though. Apparently these 2 gigs will focus on high violet as it’s turning 10. tix for both nights = get
  4. And

    The National

    Playing Brixton in summer - presale if anyone’s interested: http://click.info.livenation.co.uk/?qs=4831b19056258981f7112119ffe7b6755e560b25d0a1c3b9ab8ea04d841b774ec7f7c6fc89a79cf1f8fb58df18e0133f98dbcd6781fd8b9447cfb8387a213115
  5. @Nathan Wind I’ve come close to buying that a couple of times until I remember that nobody would play it within me and it would sit with warcry on the pile of shame
  6. still obviously loads of future spoilers - don’t click / be warned
  7. I was having a conversation with someone recently about the bit where Egg is doing the signs as he's trying to fuck his mate's wife, and the other person was trying to tell me it was romantic, but all I can think of is that Egg is a bit of a creepy stalker who wants to fuck his mate's wife. It's such a shit film.
  8. Col Fred Johnson, Butcher of Anderson Station turned OPA head honcho. Chief of Tycho station. Serious ex-military man and wannabe diplomat. Seems to be growing his hair out, probably bought a space harley.
  9. I find a few of them are good at skipping the base and shade aspect but don't provide enough of a highlight so need to be highlighted after - Blood angel red i'm looking at you, while some you could just do a coat and leave it. Though I find I'm highlighting pretty much all of them anyway as it looks better. @RFT It's tough to balance the casual vs the competitive, the problem I have with 40k is the sheer volume of rules to try and keep track of as soon as you start to try and play with anything other than basic infantry. Even then, you can have a unit of say 7 Plaguemarines who are using 5 different weapon types, so you're looking up how each works, rolling for each, it takes ages. I think the primaris units are maybe a start of a trend towards homogenised units where each has the same weapon so you can just roll a bunch of dice once. I liked Underworlds initially but the min/maxxing deckbuilding aspect put me right off and so it doesn't get played anymore.
  10. OK, finished S4 after a bit of a break over xmas, I really enjoyed it. I think my favourite moment was when Ashford was: I really enjoyed Ashford in both series, its a really good change to the books that really worked well for the show, a great character, who's development from being one of the hardline OPA pirate to a man wanting peace and able to compromise to further the goals of the belt. Burn Gorman was surprisingly good as Murtry, I'm not a fan, so was happy that he turned in a good performance. The bit where he Also - What the fuck is going on with Fred's hair? He's having a midlife crisis. I can see why folks might think it slow or less relevant compared to prior series, but the last episode squeezed in so much set up and exposition in it's short time, Can't wait for S5, it is going to be epic. SUPER MASSIVE FUTURE PLOT SPOILERS / S5 discussion - you've been warned.
  11. @Kzo I think that looks alright, but yeah, that's the effect of a lot of them - its created contrast, others are more uniform in their coverage, the effect differs a lot from colour to colour in my experience. You need to take care where it pools and settles.
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