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  1. I’m expecting 2 x 5 man units of skorpekh destroyers next game. Which might play to my advantage as he’ll only be able to give one lot the whirling blades stratagem per turn, so I might be able to hurt the other more if I can draw it out. I’ll have to assume he’ll have the chronomancer or whatever it is that gives 5++ to them with each blob, but that’s not as much as a hindrance as me having to add 1 to wound rolls. 

  2. Oh yeah deffo. Would only run scars with the right units. 

    Not going to get a game in for a couple of weeks due to hols etc now. 

    1500 points of Iron hands would be 

    Techmarine, master of the forge with a trait that buffs dreads and repairs 3w a turn. 

    librarian to give 5++ and +1S/A

    1 box dread with melta made into a character for shenanigans and gets look out sir

    2 redemptors - one plasma, one horde muncher, don’t degrade until they’ve taken like 9 wounds. 

    5x bladeguard

    2x infiltrators

    1x intercessors with fist

    2x eradicators 


    good mix of shooty and punchy, 6+++ across the board. Dreads can generate captain/lieutenant aura as needed
    Found a good sounding strat for the Phobos guys that lets you put them in strat reserves for 1cp, so turn 2 onwards they can disappear and then reappear somewhere useful. So once they’re done screening out VoD they can go take the middle or an objective. 

  3. Not over black, but similar-ish technique for necrons and stormcast. Spray silver, contrast, drybrush silver, done. Then just go back and do whatever details want doing. 

    We’ve sprayed the boys orruks death guard green and will drybrush white then contrast them.  

    I’ve got a whole load of khorne dudes to paint which have been sprayed white, as they’re all half naked it’s going to be lots of Guilliman flesh but I might get some Nazdreg yellow to try as gold instead of faffing round doing all the armour bits properly. 

  4. I’ve got total analysis paralysis over what to run next. 
    I can tweak that list into scars and basically run a bike captain who can effectively fly with plasma inceptors, so they’ll have huge mobility and range and still get reroll 1’s for overcharging plasma.

    2 x 3 blade guards with master chaplain, master apothecary and a lieutenant, so they’ll be fast and choppy, adding 2 to charges and 1 to wound rolls  but can split off into 2 groups with character support as needed. Gives me some more flexibility. 

    Then 3 troops and 2 eradicators for some shooty support. 


    Or scrap everything and run iron hands with 3 dreads a librarian and a tech marine. 


  5. I like the idea of a tough to take down unit that hits hard, to trundle about whacking stuff, then a fast moving threat. We’re aiming for 1500 points so that gives me scope for 3 lots of more expensive troops and 2 lots of eradicators that should be able to handle keeping the back half of the board covered.


    If he continues to lean into melee threats, then my biggest issue is skorpekh destroyers appearing out of nowhere with their -1 to wound strat and a 5++ save. The spiders and wraiths are bad news but they are still reasonably killable. 

  6. Crunching numbers,  you get 5 extra attacks with the extra body, and 3 more wounds to take damage, but can heal max 5xd3 wounds =10 per game and will cost max 5 cp to revive 1 per turn. Potential 1/3 chance to get that cp back if I take the right warlord trait. Start with 9 cp, spend 5, get back 2 max so cost of 3CP over the game. 

    Vs healing max 2x3x5 turns =30 wounds, and there’s 2 characters in this blob to be healed also, and can bring back up to 5 guys for free plus 1CP for the trait. So that’s 1CP cost so there’s a 2 cp upside that can be spent on pointless re-rolls useful stratagems. That’s before considering I would always need to be saving the cp, vs just having the ability to do it for free. So I think you are right. 

    Hide the lefty in the blob so he can go whack something with the imperiums sword and burning blade, he’ll hit like a truck on the charge - 6 attacks S8/-5/2


    so the other part of the game will be a unit of 4 plasma inceptors running around with a chapter master on a bike, so they can fly up and blow the shit out of whatever with full rerolls, and then the captain hammers what remains. Statistically I think shooting plasma into a 20 man warrior blob will do max 24 shots killing 14 as they can’t save ap-3. Or overcharge and go hunting for tough stuff. 


  7. Well yes that also would be sensible, crush it underfoot. 

    I’ve been reading about ultramarines. There’s a relic you can put on a Bladeguard ancient that gives extra attacks to core units and auto pass morale


    so a unit of 5 bgv’s, the ancient, a lieutenant and a chief apothecary - on the charge they’ll get 26 attacks, 5/-3/2 damage, +1 to hit, reroll wound rolls of 1. 
    plus never run away,  fight again when dead, and then come back to life.  
    They’ll have 2+/4++ save from shields and then 6+++ from the apoc. 

    So the choice is - do I run regular apothecary that has to pay 1cp to resurrect a guy and 6 bgv. Or 5 and the chief who gets to resurrect for free? But costs a CP for that trait?

    A Bgv model costs 35 points, so does the chapter command upgrade for the apothecary. I might need a spreadsheet. 

  8. Gloom prisms. We couldn’t find anything in the book so settled on the range of my longest range spell. No ctan

    this time so it was a bit of a waste and I failed one roll each turn every time. 

    Popped into my brain last night that I could have solved my deployment issue that was my biggest cock up by remembering the infiltrators don’t need to be in my deployment area. So I could have screened properly and been in cover any way. Doh. 

    wondering whether to try some plasma inceptors next time 

  9. Yeah and each loss is a learning experience. We’ve played like maybe 7 games so far since picking the game up again so it’s now like 4-3 maybe. 

    Thinking about next game might be 1500 points so I can run a very bike heavy scars list or a double dread iron hands 


    I’m coming round to the idea that core of a battalion for me at the mo is 2x infiltrators, 1 intercessors, 5 man squad of Bladeguard and 2 x eradicators. 
    That’s 785 points of core. Then add in hq/bikes/ dreads/ other to complement chapter choice. 

    I love the Bladeguard lieutenant at 90 points to get the BGV’s wounding more consistently. 
    Then bike captain and chaplain are also brill

  10. I lost again! 80-60. (70 with paint)
    Made a placement error early on that effectively cost me the game before it started.

    we played mission 5 which is a wide thin deployment setup 

    I stupidly set up heavy on one side to try and breakout and get into the middle but due to some VoD bullshit. I got stuck in 1 quarter of the board. He had a chronomancer with VoD and also gave his 5 skorpekh destroyers a 5++ invulnerable save. with +1 to charges,

    so he beamed in and comfortably made the charge into my troops who were then wiped out. I should have put infiltrators both sides but was worried about then

    getting shot. Stupid mistake. Cost me the game. 
    Which he then managed to save 4 melta shots. He was rolling on fire this game. He managed a 12inch charge 

    So by the end I’d managed to kill most of his stuff but was unable to score much for my secondaries and only managed 35 for primaries. Learning curve. Think the core is getting there. 

  11. I’m thinking a castle of 

    super tough biker chapter master with hammer - S8 attacks on T8 body

    wizard -1 to hit spell, 

    blade guard lieutenant with buffs


    5 x blade guard 

    they make their way up the table, if the shard is softened up enough then the captain chargers in and it’s hammer time. 


    5 intercessors - random tasks 


    2x5 infiltrators 

    2 x eradicators. 
    These guys hang out in 2 teams with their 12” teleport denial and screen out the back 3rd of the board so no VoD shenanigans can happen. 

    If they can hold 2 objectives then the castle just needs to mooch up the board and take stuff out on the way. 

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