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  1. I don’t paint for profit. But I do have a bad habit of starting a project / army and then binning it off so I’ve sold 3 armies on eBay and made more then I paid for the models. But that’s really just to make room for the next, soon to be abandoned project. I always make a point of showing pics of each model and normally call them high tabletop standard rather than “pro painted” or whatever. 

  2. My copy of the new badbadnotgood record arrived and the run out groove on side one plays music that then goes in a loop until you take it off ,has anyone else bought this and does it do the same?

  3. That looks amazing! Love the transition on the cloak/wisps


    That one was basically black Templar cloak, and nik oxide on the bottom half, a wash of the watered down terradon turquoise, dry brush white, then another turquoise wash. 


    Thougb I did get bored with chainrasps and started just doing them in random contrast colours or using technical paints. So tesseract glow worked a lot better than nurgles rot for instance. 


  4. Thanks! It was Mainly washed and dry brushed - those nighthaunt are fun to mess around with the textures on.  I had army painter spray varnish left over from doing some terrain so used that. Most stuff I paint is for gaming with so it needs a varnish to stop it rubbing offf

  5. @Davros sock drawer

    i thought terradon turquoise was too dark, it doesn’t really give enough contrast. 
    though I’ve just done all my stormcast in a diluted version 2:1 medium : paint over a leadbelcher base coat and that’s light enough to let the metal show through. 


    I find natural colours work really well, but some of the more primary colours are a bit rubbish. 
    Skeleton horde is my favourite along with Guilliman flesh. SH is great for bone, stone, paper, I’ve nearly run out my second pot. 
    Then snakebite leather, wildwood, gore grunta fur are brill for wood and clothes etc. 

    Space wolf grey and black templar are also really good. 


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