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  1. That said I looked at an evocator and they recommend 28 paints to get it parade ready and 26 for a savage orruk.


    If you buy 10 in GW you get the cheapest free.


    If you want gold stormcasts then I’d get a can of the gold spray and then a pot of reikland fleshshade and a pot of auric armour gold for the armour, then whatever colour you want for robes.

    Add on agrax, black, white and a silver.


    For the orks - I’m going to do mine contrast, so spray them wraithbone, then pick one or two of the green contrasts to do the flesh, then use snakebite leather and wild wood on the brown bits along with some silver drybrush.

  2. 8 hours ago, Curtis said:

    Yeah, i was gonna pick up a starter set anyway because the basic colours are always very useful.


    I was thinking about the necessary colours for this particular boxset.


    It can obviously differ depending on the artists approach, but a rough guide/shopping list will certainly help given how many paints there are out there, from various manufacturers.


    Yes, RIP wallet. :lol:

    have a look at the citadel colour app and see what paints they recommend for these models. 

  3. Well I really enjoyed it, and so did my daughter who was really happy at the inclusion of the gay and deaf character. 
    It wasn’t without its flaws 



    The deviants were a bit of a lame threat, until they were allowed to kill ajak. 
    Would have liked more of a story about the power stealing deviant. 
    The idea that they are just there to facilitate human growth by killing deviants doesn’t quite work either, their powers are such an odd mix, it’s impossible for them not to intervene, so it’s a bit contradictory. 
    There’s also the fact that 3 of them have powers that are effectively non-combat or even support roles, 

    Superman, Wonder Woman, one punch man, finger guns and the flash are all fighters, arguably teen-Loki is useful, with a healer to back them up.

    But tech dude, surly mind control teenager and transmogrifier don’t really have relevant skills for fighting, they’re there to interfere. 
    So I think they probably should have sussed out the truth earlier. 
    I did like the scene with Cersei and the celestial where she’s all like “Hans, are we the baddies?”

    The emergence was amazing, love the idea that there is now a giant marble being sticking out of the sea, but can’t help but think the creation of that much solid rock in one place would unbalance the world on its axis  

    It was good that it was so different from recent marvel films, it looked great, a solid if not spectacular bit of sci-fi fun. Which is what you expect from a marvel film. Does what it says on the tin. It’s not top tier but it’s also not a bad film as some would have you believe. 

  4. when I got back into it I picked up my beginner suppliers from the range 

    can of grey primer - £6

    couple of Windsor and Newton galleria brushes for about £3 each - size 1 and 0


    random selection of citadel paints I’d found cheap. 

    If you’re starting out with this box and aiming for the box colours I would be tempted to spray all the stormcast with the citadel gold spray and then go from there. 

    For the orks I’d spray them white or citadel wraithbone and use the new contrast paints on them. You’d probably only need 5 or 6 colours to do the army. 

    There was a thread on getting started painting i set up in here when I started off again, might be a page back now. 
    found it  


  5. I know, it just feels censorious. Maybe in another possible future you are my actual mum and therefore are in your rights to tell me off. Wait. That makes no sense. 

    Anyway. My daughter came into say hello and I had the 10 hour sardaukar chant on YouTube while I was working and now she thinks I’m losing it. (Even more). 

  6. Yeah I get that but it’s like an extra button man. 

    Sorry, I’ll try and be careful. I just don’t really like being told how to talk about something, especially as it’s something I really love, that’s 50odd years old, and don’t get why you wouldn’t just pick up the book. Its like discussing Spider-Man and getting told off because you’ve mentioned radioactive spider bites.
    I’m letting my enthusiasm get the better of me.
    and anyway @Pob isn’t even my real mum. 


    I’m contemplating a second viewing at the cinema next week. 

  7. Ok, so that’s no book chat at all outside of spoilers (like for the hodor’s in the GoT threads), no casting speculation for new characters, nothing like that? Great. Or could you just set up a new thread for those that don’t want any future spoilers? As this one is already riddled with book/lynch/jodorowsky chat. 

  8. @PobWell they can stay out of the thread until after the films out then if they’re so precious about it.😛


    its hardly a massive spoiler though is it? 

    How are we supposed to balance this then? Because I don’t want to be a dick about it but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to discuss the film in the wider context. 
    So do we put Everything, literally everything that’s not explicitly in the actual film in spoiler tags? Speculation, plot points, missing bits, casting, etc

    Or just let it all hang out, given that the story is already a known quantity and we know pretty much exactly what’s going to happen. 

  9. Who edited my post? Bit rude isn’t it?
    Come on, the book is over 50 years old and this is the third screen outing for the story. The film is a big deal for fans of the books and the story, it’s not unreasonable to want to discuss the film in this context. There’s nothing in that post that wasn’t already public knowledge. 

    There are no spoilers here.

    If people are too happy parading their ignorance and reluctance to read a book then that’s their problem. 

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