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  1. Right, some help please boffins.

    I have a nikon d60.

    I'd quite like a general / prime lens.


    Is this any good?

    Will it deffo be compatible with the D60, AF-S means built in autofocus motor yes?

    Any other suggestions at this price?


    I currently have the kit 18-55 with VR and got a 18-135 which renders the kit utterly redundant (but it was dead cheap) so may sell the 18-55 lens

  2. I got a shotgun earlier which fires it's entire clip in 1 go (The Boomstick) - useless but funny the first time you use it :angry:

    yeah, i have/had that, entertaining but you dont want to miss...

    Orange, or gold? If orange I've never seen one!

    Looking forward to playthrough 2 with our co-op group :D

    hmm, it could be gold but looked more like orange to me. Are there orange guns?

    [quick google later]


    There are 7 confirmed rarity levels. (Do note that weapons listed in the inventory screen might have a darker text color than what is shown in the weapon box when that weapon is selected, so it would help to compare, say, across all your orange rarity weapons to check for differences in color.)

    Level 1 = White, rarity = 0-4.

    Level 2 = Green, rarity = 5-10.

    Level 3 = Blue, rarity = 11-15.

    Level 4 = Purple, rarity = 16-49.

    Level 5 = Light Orange, rarity = 50-60.

    Level 6 = Orange, rarity = 61-65.

    Level 7 = Dark Orange, rarity = 66-100.

    orange then, found in a box rather than dropped.

  3. Sorry...question again. I assume iShakeIt (the faux-polaroid iPhone app) images wouldn't be allowed? As I've taken a (IMHO) fantastic one...

    Is it a photo you took yourself? this month? and can you justify the content meets the topic? If so yes, you can enter it. (as far as I know anyway)

  4. I'm thinking of selling my 50mm/1.4 and 20mm/2.8 primes in exchange for a 17-55mm 2.8 zoom, what does everyone think?

    Oooh, was looking at getting one of them (50mm) how much would you want for it? (Assuming It's the nikon one that will sit on a D60 and i'm not being daft)

    Doh. read rest of thread, nevermind.

  5. Wait another storage deck upgrade? I missed that where is it?

    As for plasma's I still remember my mate proudly showing off his brand new 42" plasma, shiny new 360 and dead rising only to have KILLED: burnt into his screen.

  6. Finished the plot bit of the DLC last night, very good, probably the best game add on i've seen yet, (better even than the fallout ones).

    Some really good moments, especially finding the corpse of

    shaggy from scooby doo?

    Now all i have to do is collect another 132 brains...

  7. Sorry, the gun I mentioned above was a Repeater pistol!

    My main SMG is The Spy. It's only level 22, but still manages to take down most things with a couple of shots.

    I've got that it's immense, am favouring the smg's and shotguns on my siren, havent found any decent ar/machine guns. But this may be due to my class mod that gives +44% smg damage and regens ammo.

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