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  1. I honestly had no idea that they would make the guns themselves feel so unique. Only a couple of hours in, finding a gold sniper with a lovely vertical Halo sniper style sight or the clipper right at the start that was so fun to use with its fire spewing bullets. You can tell Gearbox had a hell of a time designing the weapons and it comes across. Some of them are just so COOL

    I loved the clipper, was sad to dump it but i did have an incendiary assault rifle to replace it with.

    What's the deal with the different coloured names on the guns? some of mine are green, some blue and i've got a purple one called the bone shredder i nicked off some baddie.

  2. I managed to get hold of a copy and this was my first result. Take a bit of time in the tone mapping section.

    This was from a single RAW image, I over and under exposed by 2 stops in Camera Raw, plus a correctly exposed image. I used all 3 in Photomatix,


    Sorry it's a Facebook link but the original is on my home computer.

    wow that's amazing.

    I need to grab some more shots to work with, plain grey skies are not great to play with.

  3. And remember to use the expansion item as soon as you get it. I was wondering around, dumping and ignoring items for a good half hour before I realised it was still sitting in my inventory taking up a slot. Made me feel like a right plum.
    You also get more claptraps as you progress through other areas. As Des says, remember to use the item in your inventory, though.

    What item? The only claptrap i've fixed was the first one in firestone and i certainly didnt get an item.

    The last mission i was doing as i saved was

    Taking down Marley and Moe. 2 enormous Skags. One is on fire and shoots fire at you, the other is electrified and shoots lightning.

    I did the traditional back pedal while unloading into them maneuvre first time, given how heavily armoured they are at the front this did little to them.

    What it did do was completely empty my ammo over a couple of attempts. All of it. That's over 2000 rounds.

    (if you die you respawn at the nearest tower, they get their health back, you don't get your ammo.)

    So i went and sold some guns bought lots of bullets, lots and lots of bullets, and tried again. With a different approach.

    Snipered the firey one in the mouth and got him to chase me, leaving the other behind, got him to chase me into a bandit camp then went dark and legged it out,

    hung around by the door taking opportunistic potshots at him and the bandits while the enormo skag ripped through their camp mauling all and sundry.

    When he'd killed everyone and got a bit of a pounding, I got his attention and finished him off. By finished him off I mean went into another 10 minutes or so of shooting, going invisible, getting behind him and giving him a dose of the vicious shotgun. Got a bit hairy as he had a sliver of health left and we ran into a pack of about 15 more skags. But firepower prevailed (augmented with a smidge of running away) and i was victorious.

    I went and looted the dead bandits and saved.

    1 down , 1 to go.

    This is a brilliant game.

  4. You'll hear the thing moaning and whinging so just follow the sounds and click on it, get the new mission to find the repair kit, then just retrace your steps and fix it.

    I did that right at the start when he'd been shot, haven't come across any more yet though.

    Any ideas where they are?

    Also - anyone know when gun slot 4 opens up? 3 isnt enough!

  5. Follow the bag of loot on your compass, not the waypoint. The waypoint's a general locator, and the loot bag shows you exactly where the item is.

    Thta will be why i can't find one of the audio logs despite being in the building it says it's in.


    Loving this.

    Someone said you can fix claptraps for more inventory slots - how do you do this and when does it become available?

    I'm level 15 but havent been to see sledge yet, just been pissing about and doing side missions, (currently fighting marley and mo- difficult but fun, i've died a few times trying it)

  6. Quick question

    I discovered that my trusty panasonic compact does auto bracketing, a feature missing from my nikon d60, so i've been carrying it round and snapping stuff.

    The questions are

    - is it possible to create hdr images from jpegs? or would it need to be raw?

    - how many stops up or down do people go or is it just what seems right at the time?

    - how do i actually get the 3 images together (i have aperture and photoshop elements both mac)


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