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  1. im london, so if londoners (or near bys) are up for it, lets pick a night date that we can all do, and meet take some pics have some chat...

    and beers!

    given that the nights are drawing in, might be worth an early start i.e. late afternoon, then pub.

  2. That sounds like a brilliant idea, been meaning to bring my camera to work with me anyway after some of the shots of our fair capital in the post randoms thread.

  3. Most likely is the same lens, in fact I'd bet it is. I'd hardly call your D60 obsolete though, it apparently takes great pictures and that won't change just because they release a new model. If I see good deals on D60s I may go for one myself, but it almost seems cameras get dearer once they are discontinued. Look at the prices people are asking for the D40.

    Indeed, d40's are more than d60's.

    John lews seems to be the only big name stickist with d60's about. I know it won't impact me, and it is a good bit of kit. A few things missing from the spec sheet but at the price I certainly cannot grumble.

  4. Yes, and every question's default answer is the wrong one so if you don't pay attention you get booted right back where you began.



    > NO

    Every game has the Option of

    New Game

    Continue game

    New game is always the first option.

    How many times am i going to want a new game instead of carrying on my current game?

    Also "Push start" screens. In this day and age what are they for?

  5. I'm just checking out the French video...in the intro, what's with the over-the-top Disney/cartoon style animation? Very strange, seems to lack realism.

    Realism? It's a game where you fight heavily armoured space carebears with pew pew lasers.

  6. Red faction guerilla has some awful achievements for 20 points:

    Find and mine 300 ore deposits

    Destroy all instances of propaganda

    Destroy 250 edf supply cases.

    Not so much hard as extraordinarily tedious.

    Who does that sort of stuff?

    Most frustrating for me was missing 4 5point achievements on halo 3, including 2 for 1 and Steppin razor.

    I hate online based acheivements

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