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  1. Actually I think that list on the first page is last years, from the xfm site :


    Muse – 'Plug In Baby'


    Download Plug In Baby from iTunes


    The Verve – 'Bitter Sweet Symphony'


    Download Bitter Sweet Symphony from iTunes


    The Smiths – 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'


    Download There Is a Light That Never Goes Out from iTunes


    Nirvana – 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'


    Download Smells Like Teen Spirit from iTunes


    The Stone Roses – 'I Am The Resurrection'


    Download I Am the Resurrection from iTunes


    Joy Division – 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'


    Download Love Will Tear Us Apart from iTunes


    Oasis – 'Wonderwall'


    Download Wonderwall from iTunes


    Oasis – 'Don’t Look Back In Anger'


    Download Don't Look Back In Anger from iTunes


    The Killers – 'Mr Brightside'


    Download Mr. Brightside from iTunes


    Oasis – 'Live Forever'


    Download Live Forever from iTunes

    I wouldn't put live forever in my top 10 oasis songs, let alone best song ever. And muse? :lol:

  2. Given that i'm not, so is yours. And theres plenty worse band than McFly anyway.

    If the choice was there i'd rather listen to Oasis really, the Beatles are massively significant band no doubt but as i said they do nothing for me at all and have no more of a right to be in the chart than anyone else.

    Sorry, that line was funnier when I was pissed.

    Nobody has a right to be in the chart - its all done on votes, I'm surprised that 3 oasis songs made the top 4, 3 fairly weak oasis songs too. Oasis are just not that good*

    I'd have though more people would show a bit of love for the beatles.

    Still its better than the old days when these things ended up with a 1-2 of Imagine and Bohemian rhapsody.

    Never liked Love Will Tear Us Apart, but that's probably best left to some other thread.

    It's good, but it's not Blue Monday is it?

    (I'm aware I'm probably the only person that would take New Order over Joy division)


  3. Having been forced to "upgrade" aperture on my mac i was looking at the downloads section of the apple site and there are loads of plugins and tools available, has anyone any experience of these? Any of them any good?

    Does anyone here actually use aperture or is it just me?

  4. Should have done this in 98, then Noel could have done something useful with his talent and they could have come back for a triumphant reunion ala blur.

    Hopefully now that Bell is unemployed it paves the way for Ride to reform...

  5. Should they automatically be in there like? The Beatles, as much as i appreciate their influence and what not are fucking garbage as far as i'm concerned.

    What a terrible liost aswell, I oredict a Riot? Jesus.

    Given you're named after the worst band in history your opinion is kind of irrelevant here.

    But yes, Beatles > oasis. Clearly? no?

  6. Xfm seem to do this every year.

    And it's always wrong.

    Not listened to all of it but the top 20 is very recent. There's no way that Sex is on fire by KoL is the 13th best song ever. There should be an age restriction on voting, at least 25, maybe 30.

    Also there's no way anything by muse is better than sympathy for the devil.

    It's not finished yet, i reckon an MTV2 style no.1, i.e. Smells like teen spirit. Or radiohead.

  7. I know you're away but guess you'll see this And.

    Lock the ISO as low as it'll go for less noisy shots.

    AF - I use autofocus once in good light (lights on) and then turn it to manual focus, turn the lights off and don't move anything. Are you using a cable release? If not then you pressing the shutter button will cause some movement and may knock the focus out a bit.

    As for lighting the front of the subject, I was using the torch to light the subject from the front using flashes of torch light from front left, front right and head on above a bit. Turned torch off and then round the back to draw the patterns. problem with this is that it lit the background a bit too much or the desk the Mugg was on.

    My basic secret for the shot was that it's 3 or 4 shots blended together. One of the Mugg properly exposed, one of the gun, one of the desk nice and dark and also one where the pattern was right. All done in PS using layer masks and some serious erasing, painting etc.

    Aha! The magic of Photoshop. Of course. Other than that our approaches were quite similar. I have a remote on order to reduce the movement from manual shutter release. Thanks for the tips.

  8. Weird.. I thought updating did it for all the programs. Thats pretty fucked. :twisted:

    Yeah it's crap, was going to look into it today but have been pretty snowed under at work. Seems ridiculous not to update your existing software for certain cameras.

  9. Update your OSX, and it'll be cool.

    I'm on leopard and its up to date, from a quick scout of the apple site last night the .NEF raw files produced by the Nikon D60 are only supported in Aperture 2. So Hurrah for built in obsolescence, I sense a visit to mr torrent. They also didnt work in Photoshop elements.

    Iphoto 08 would recognise them but they looked odd, too dark, unless i just fucked the shots up.

    Looks a good start to me. I'm just leaving for a short holiday now so will try to reply on monday. Remind me if i forget though!

    Cheers, a start, but they are no where near as sharp as your one. Now some of that might be down to boba being a poorer subject than the stark white scout trooper.

    It was a struggle figuring out how to light them enough to see the foreground. I gave up on darth vader after a few goes, but should really try again with a red light.

    Problems, well, they are a bit noisy, and it's because i realised that i'd left auto iso on so they are at iso 800, am I right in thinking if i can get a lower Iso they will be clearer?

    I also left the camera to auto focus, and I think that worked fine, just made sure the figure was on one of the focus points and the AF lamp did its job.

    I'd still appreciate knowing how you did yours, hope you have a good break, where you off to? I'm away next week, but will have my ipod on me so will check in.

    Love those SW characters, I want! Cool photos too, of course :(

    Cheers, the SW figures are mighty muggs, mine were presents (my auntie loves them and has nearly a full set of the marvel ones) which i've passed on to the nipper.

    I like the shroom, i saw a cool one of a snail on your flickr, you should post it up.

  10. Oasis basically are shit after the first 2 albums, anyone saying otherwise is an apologist.

    Although I may not like all of Blur's albums, they did at least make consistantly good and original music that evolved over the course of their albums, and I've liked both Graham Coxon and Damon Albarn's stuff outside of Blur.

    So, its Blur for me, despite my fondness for Oasis' glory days, the third album onwards just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

    Basically this.

    Saw oasis in 94 around the time they released supersonic and they were amazing. Saw them at glasto in 2004 and they were poor. Aside from the first 2 albums and some b-side stuff from that era (acquiese, talk tonight etc) their output has just been bland.

    Their mistake - not splitting up. Blur did the right thing in stopping and then coming back strong.

    I hope oasis split, or at least stop for a while so Andy Bell can reform Ride.

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