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  1. And to preserve its integrity, laws should be passed at the UN, stating that all attempts at a sequel/remake will be classed as a crime against humanity......

    Don't ever read the sequel novels (they're shite)


    In Do androids - clearly not

    In the film, changes each time i watch it or what version you watch, i hope to never find out, it's more fun that way.

  2. I think they were a last minute replacement for someone else. I have a fond memory of Skin saying "I can't believe we're headlining the last Glastonbury of the millenium", and a hundred thousand people thinking "No, us neither...".

    Oh, and McCartney was indeed Saturday in 2005 (and he was blinding). Oasis did Friday, Muse Sunday.

    2004 actually...

    Haven't been since the washout in 2007, some good bands but horrible weather, though the envy was quite strong this year. Maybe next year, be one of those idiots with a toddler at a festivel, what could possibly go wrong...

  3. Thanks for all the replies, maybe ill just stick with the name I've been using 'imagi-soft'

    Also its not so much that I can't make logos its more that I'm not happy with what I'm thinking of and because I'm doing it for myself instead of a client your not getting the same kind of feed back

    But if you all think the name is bad ill abandon it, I was trying to go for something a bit more fun and personal as such

    I don't want to piss on your parade, but just think of who's going to be hiring you and pitch your name accordingly. Who/what industry are your target market?

  4. Right you creative lot, I'm trying to come up with a logo for myself for a new design front, The name i'm hoping to use is "Twisted Kitten" and the "company" will be doing web design, graphic design, photography etc

    Now i'm not asking for anyone to create the logo but im just hoping for some ideas to try and work with (but i won't complain if you do :wub: )

    Cheers for any help!

    Not wishing to seem rude but :

    A ) name is terrible, would you really pitch for work as "twisted kitten"? It sounds like something an apprentice contestant thinks is edgey.

    B ) if you can't make your own logo how are you going to do design work for 3rd parties?

  5. Big Guns are the heavy weapons, essentially. Works for me. Anything that would be counted as 'small arms' is the rest of it.

    Oh, also, I don't think the extra experience perk is worth it at all. It's not as bad as Here And Now (the level up immediately one) but it's still pretty superfluous - you'll level up quickly no matter what.

    And the big guns seem to be better out of vats than in, or at least thats my experience, (except for the fat man, which needs vats to prevent self immolation)

  6. Good perks

    Better criticals,



    Concentrated fire,

    Take those 4 and you will be small guns king, especially if you go and get the

    lincoln repeater rifle from the museum

    , pretty much constant 95% chance of headshots hitting home.

    silent running,

    solar powered,

    night person ,

  7. While it makes perfect sense that there should always be character development choices and trade-offs, part of me thinks that by the end of a 150 hour RPG I should have trancended all that and become an indestructible god.


    I cowered like a girl in the school by megaton, or the super duper mart when I was a low level whelp, now I am a super bad ass killing machine, it's payback time. I've paid my dues.

  8. Which reminds me - are they classed as Big Guns or Energy Weapons, because my E. Weapons are up to 100, but big Guns only at 30-odd. Was the weapon you got called Vengeance? I picked that up the other day unexpectedly (in a radiated cavern teeming with Death Claws).

    Bubbs is right, gats are big guns, and yes it's vengeance, couldnt remember the name, the only problem is is that the gatlings are so rare i keep having to pay to get vengeance repaired and have used like a thousand bullets for it (mainly on those fcking albino twatscorpions)

  9. Oh my.. If I ever see one of those, I am running the other way.

    Something quite funny happened to me yesterday:

    I noticed one of those Enclave eyebots flying around in the distance. I ran over to it, as I can't avoid blasting one when I get the chance. Suddenly, a band of Enclave soldiers crested the hill and started blasting the hell out of me. 3/4 dudes equipped with Gatling Lasers and Heavy Incinerators, and a couple of sentry bots too. It was a full-blown ambush! I had to leg it, because they completely overwhelmed my firepower.

    This game is great. :wub:

    I love it when that happens, I sneak back and claim their heads with the lincoln.

    Gatling lasers are brilliant though, i've a named one now, that is top.

  10. I saw my first Albino Radscorpion last night. Immediately after seeing it some Enclave came by with some sentry bots. I figured I'd run out of the way, and let them do the most damage to each other. Hopefully the Enclave would kill the Radscorpion and I could just finish off the Enclave. When the battle was finished, all I saw was the Radscorpion legging it towards me with full health :P.

    I emptied a heavy incinerator into the first one i saw, it dropped 1 bar of health.


  11. That's what I'm doing... although a word of warning - they've thrown in some horrendous new enemies. One of which I hate very much indeed.

    Albino Radscorpions by any chance? I hate them, they are not in any way rad.

    They take about a day to kill.

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