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  1. After 80 hours of play I've finished the main game, done the first 2 DLC's and started the broken steel missions.

    I have all bobbleheads, killed all behemoths and done all side missions.

    My karma is, surprisingly, good and I have fawkes as a follower. Who is dead tough.

    And for some reason I was out in the wasteland I got the message that dogmeat had died, despite him having spent the entire time waiting at vault 101 for me, go figure.

    I made some silly perk choices between 20 and 28, so dont have room for puppies, i'll be having finesse and near perfect for my last two i reckon.

    Or cannibal.

    I took, 2 swift learners, the well rested one, to get lots of xp to make sure i could whore the level 30 chieves.

    and gunslinger, which may not be that good as i realised later i only regularly use 1 pistol. doh.

    I also took solar powered and night person which are pretty good, explorer and cyborg.

    My dude is well solid now. got 100 in small guns, big guns, pew pew lazer guns, sneak, speech, repair, lockpick and science.


    Main game = 1000/1000

    Anchorage DLC = 100/100

    The Pitt DLC = 100/100

    Broken steel DLC - Started, and I am level 28 so heading towards the achievements for hitting 30.

    Swampy DLC - not yet released.

    Alien DLC - not yet released.

    So that's my First 1000 point game, and I am going to have to get full marks on all the DLC now

  2. And, these are just done by putting the cam on a tripod in the back of the car and keeping the shutter open a long time.

    How do you stop it from over exposing?

    How long is long? 1 second? more?

    Sorry, daft quaestions but full manual mode is still a scary place for me!

  3. No, it doesn't do it, it's a big annoyance for me too on my D40x as well.

    It's not impossible to do handheld if you're careful - shoot in shutter priority, take your 'correct' shot then click the exposure dial a click or two either way and shoot over and under exposed. Then use Photoshop or something like Photomatix to merge them.

    With your shot there, you could try masking the sky, correct your exposure on the pillars, then adjust the sky. It might be a lost cause if the exposure was way off though.

    It's worth getting Photoshop proper and shooting RAW (I'm assuming Elements doesn't have RAW support?) - you have so many more options when it comes to a slightly incorrectly exposed image and to get the best out of good ones.

    I suppose it's what I get for buying the entry level camera, it's quite difficult to predict what you will need on a camera when you haven't owned one before, all part of the learning curve. Still, it's probably less of an annoyance than i think it is, if that makes sense.

    RAW, think elements supports it, will check, i need to use it more instead of aperture i think.

    Sorry if this is a really daft question but how do i mask the sky? is there a magic select tool? or do i have to manually select the areas?

    Need to play i think.

  4. There's a pretty high standard in this thread now, not sure I can continue to keep up but here are a few more from holiday.

    I've just noticed a dust spot on this, damn.


    Looks better large which you can get to via the text on the flick page.

    That is ace where is it? Reminds me of the highways in utah/arizona

    This is brilliant! Made me smile! :(

    Me too, Is it wrong that I imagine it singing a little song as it trundles along.

    This thread is brilliant. You guys make me want to be a much, much better photographer.

  5. Yeah, you could use exposure bracketing (It's called AEB in Canon camera's). The camera then takes for example 3 photo's, and then you can layer them in software.


    Thanks that makes sense, but my camera doesn't do bracketing, to my knowledge, (nikon d60) unless it does and i've just been stupid?

  6. Muffin top finally arrived, perhaps should have gone bigger, (i'm a sucker for buyers remorse second guessery), but it'll hold the d60 with my biggest lens on, upright, and room for shades and a bottle of water, or another lens easy, so all in all pretty pleased.

  7. Just my personal collection if you know what I mean *wink*wink*nudge*nudge* ;)

    I've really started to enjoy this area, human models as it were, and although I'm interested in all areas I find the *Normal Look* rather boring - Really trying to get a fetish project running but it's damn hard.

    Just pushing for something which isn't different, yet which is not the norm and something a little bit more interesting.

    Poor choice of words? ;)

  8. I also started The Pitt today, great fun and setting. Very very unnerving atmosphere. Finished up the main quest line and am currently wandering around looking for Steel Ingots. Just a handful more to find.

    Don't worry, you'll get it back once you have a certain fight

    Out of interest how long did getting the ingots take? were they easy to find?

  9. So, ploughed some more time into this, playing on hard, and have taken some xp boosting perks to help get to lvl 30 in the remaining quests.

    Did operation anchorage. It's pretty good. Yes it's short, and probably not worth the money on a time vs cost basis. But it was something different. And given the number of hours I have spent on this game in total i kind of don't mind that it was overpriced.

    Plus you get some really cool kit as rewards.

    So I've started the pitt. I went back to megaton and put all my one off guns into a locker, with pretty much all of my valuable kit.

    I left with nothing to my name but an AK, an uzi, some tesla armour, a stealth hood, my lucky shades and my lucky 8 ball.

    Good job as it all gets confiscated. Is there anyway of getting this stuff back now or do i need to wait until the end of the pitt?

    Anyhow, I have been sent out into the wasteland to forage for steel, with nothing but a loincloth, an auto axe and a .32 pistol.

    And now i have what i havent had since i was a fresh from the vault pipsqueak. Fear. The pit is genuinely unnerving, the trogs are horrible. Think the goblin things from the descent. Not nice. And they attack en mass. I'm really missing my flamethrower and gatling laser.

    Best game ever? Possibly.

  10. Try a tripod and did you pass the minimum focus distance for your lens?

    I had the camera on the table (don't have a tripod yet) and as for minimun focal distance - that may have been the problem. How do i find out what it is?

    It's a nikor 18-135mm

  11. I was trying to take a very close up picture of a legoman. I got the required blur effect on the background, but couldnt get the subject sharp enough. My d60 also point blank refused to take the picture on AF, so i had to switch to manual. Which may have been part of the problem.

    Is there any way to override the d60 to make it shoot? This may be an RFTFM moment but thought i would ask.

  12. This was the other photo I was thinking of putting in the "yellow" competition


    Did I make the right choice?

    This thread makes me sad, there's some absolutely awesome pictures in the past couple of pages, I don't think I will ever be able to attain such a standard of quality. Excellent work guys.

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