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  1. Where did you order it out of interest?

    Amazon was cheapest I could find, about £48. and was about a quid cheaper than ebay with delivery. Annoyingly if i had wanted it in bright red, it was about £40 for some reason.

    warehouse express and fotosense both had good prices, but no stock, the cynic in me can't help but think that when they come into stock they will cost more. Theres loads of places selling them at around the £52 mark.

  2. I've got a small lowepro at the moment,

    Think its this one :


    It's fine for just the camera + lens attached but want something a bit bigger so i can fit in some extra bits and bobs and also something that doesnt scream out "Look at me, there's an expensive camera in here!". Problem is most camera bags look like camera bags.

  3. Thinking of getting a new camera bag, to accomodate my new lens and the d60, been thinking about a crumpler, they seem steep though.

    Going to try and get to the shop on the strand this week but in the meantime wondered if any of you fine folk had purchased any of their goods and whether or not they were worth it?


  4. Patience. And make sure your viewfinder is set up right, theres a dioptre adjust on it, if its not right then manual focusing on the exact part you want will be really hard!

    I dont see any point in it unless you have to, I dont get the purists who only use manual, I can use it if I have to, and in some situations it works better (low light or a point in the viewfinder without an AF point), but for the majority of stuff I do AF is on, I just use selective AF points to choose my focus.

    Good tip on the diopter, think it's ok but will check.

    I just couldnt figure out how to manually adjust the kit lens

  5. Yeah, its quite a hefty beast, I do always think that bigger lenses do look a lot better! Mine currently is 72mm! :unsure:

    Should also find manual focus is a lot easier as the focus ring is a lot nicer to use than the kit lenses I think!

    Im stuck in the library studying and is amazing outside, the sky is perfect for getting good city shots, perfect blue with puffy clouds everywhere! Ah well, one more week and im finished uni for ever, then theres no excuse for not using my camera!

    72mm! blimey, who's a big boy then?

    The manual focus ring is brilliant, (being a noob i gave up on the manual focussing on the kit lens as i couldnt get any decent results, anyone got any tips?)

    It is awesome weather here, just strolled down to jessops on holborn to grab a UV filter and saw at least 10 things I wanted a photo of. Camera phone not an adequate substitute. I keep meaning to bring my camera to work and shoot some of the stuff near my office.

    Woo lens twins lol, that is the lens that came with my D80, certainly is pretty versatile.

    Yeah covers the range my kit one had - 18-55m, but no VR. Just have to be staedy handed.

  6. Got my new lens at the weekend, nikkor 18 - 135mm lens, a whopping 67mm across, very pleasing, need to get out and take some shots.

    It doesnt have vr so will have to see what sort of shake i get.

    I know this bears no impact on performance but it looks amazing, if that makes sense, really meaty looking compared to the kit lens.

  7. I'm just increasingly feeling a bit let down by the way the RPG element appears to have been increasingly neutered and the experience homogenised by the DLC. We'll just all end up with the same set of kit, skills, character stats at this rate, which is much unlike the position at the end of the retail game.

    The endpoint is not material, It's the journey that's the fun part.

    So what if we all end up as specc'ed up monsters by the end? I'll have got there through sneaky sniping, while someone else has used his fists the whole way. It's all good.

  8. I wonder what Broken Steel will do for my save file, as for some reason I've been level 21 for aaaaages... :S

    How did you do that? Did you take here and now at lvl 20?

    Can somebody please play this and tell me it doesnt eat saves?

  9. Any word on the size of todays DLC? My internet is buggered at the moment and is slow as fuck so it is going to take an age to grab, but I was hoping to play it tonight.


    Have bought it and it's queued for when i get home tonight.

  10. Thanks for the comments guys, glad you like it.

    As for thin typeface suggestions, Bee is the ultra thin font used in film poster credits or i'm a big fan of Helvetica Ultra compressed as a condensed font as it looks slightly retro.

    Yeah, thats the idea.

    As I said in the thread in Film & TV, I design dvd covers and film posters for a living and its nice to have a crack at an idea that is purely graphic and doesn't involve over the top Photoshop retouching.

    In a similar vein I worked on the Blu ray re-release of Trainspotting recently and here is a graphic idea that I submitted but it was rejected by the client (they did like it but thought it was a bit too 'cool & trendy'):

    Obviously the idea was that the logo is made up like a train map and I suggested the title be embossed out of the background to define the shape.

    They are idiots. I have some ghastly bright orange thing as the box on mine. that would have been much better.

  11. And - The stone looks good but I'm getting a wide halo type effect between the stone and sky.

    It was a really grey day so where I've deepened the shadows its picked up the clouds in an odd manner, might see about dialling that back a bit. Just playing with the software for now, am using a mix of aperture and photoshop elements.

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