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  1. Where's the holiday snap from And? Looks awesome. Puerto Rico?

    The top one is some ruins at Tulum in Mexico (spent 3 weeks travelling round the yucatan looking at old ruins a couple of years ago, tulum and palenque were my favourites) and the bottom one is a sculpture in a park in Buenos Aires.

  2. They're a bit cheesy I guess, but that's because I have no imagination!

    I know what you mean. (not that your photo's are cheesey, the imagination bit)

    I've just been trying to take my camera to more places. I've got some shots I'm really pleased with from my old panasonic FX9 and just need to take more photo's. My "hit rate" is pretty poor, but then we are only talking about memory card space so just snap away.

    this does lead to wierd looks from the wife when she's all like "Why are you taking pictures of that pile of old tyres?"

  3. I like that, nice eye for composition! Could do with a very slight straighten of the horizon though.

    Thanks, unfortunately it's a toss up between straight horizon or straight vertical on the fence, whichever you do looks funny, will see if I have the other version still for comparison.

  4. The sensor package contains all the UV filters it needs. There is some argument that a cheapy filter on the end helps protect the lens but I never bother.

    And if I had a lens I really cared about I would not want to lose the contrast that an extra (especially cheap) bit of glass in the light path would bring.

    Fair point, hadn't thought of it like that. Will try a with and without session maybe.

    Get them up man! :)

    A couple up in the random photo thread, be gentle. :)

  5. This new content, the Broken Steel one. Can you use your last save from completing the game then? I've been waiting to buy all the DLC together you see. I think I've clocked around 80 hours or so (I think) after completing it and I still haven't seen Tenpenny tower or some other sights (Not because I was rushing, just not part of my story.


    I'm 60 odd hours in and only up to picking up the trail. Just been walking the earth. Would be nice to wrap up the 3 dlc and the ending with my guy, I've become quite attached to him.

  6. Guys I'd just like to voice my admiration for this thread, I am a relative photo noob and theres some good stuff in here. Very useful Thanks.

    Monkichi - i have the same camera and lens as you, I'm really enjoying it.

    Do yourself a favour though, deep in the setttings menu is menu mode, turn it to FULL instead of the default as theres quite a few useful settings hidden away.

    One tip would be get yourself a uv filter. Be less than a tenner from jessops, screws onto the end of the lens. Doesnt make a difference to your photos but protects the sensor from uv (apparently) but more importantly is a buffer between the end of your lens and the world.

    Good for knocks and scratch prevention.

    When i got mine i put the filter on, turned the camera on and poked it in one of my cats face to see what the macro mode was like, he licked the end of the lens. Much easier to be cleaning the filter than the lens!

    I'm still plucking up the courage to put some of my photo's up here.

  7. Intense Training is OK, its doesn't really get you that much. I don't think its a game ruiner like Swift Learner is.

    FYI: I don't mind the Bloody Mess perk, its pretty funny seeing things randomly explode into guts. Are people's issue with it that it makes combat to easy by introducing random easy kills?

    It's gorey enough, the damage upgrade of what 5% doesnt seem worth having everything explode. Theres just better perks.

    Like concentrated fire or sniper.

  8. IMHO: Don't select the perk that makes you level up quicker (Swift Learner). Given the level cap, I don't think its worth it and will probably spoil the game for you. Without it, you'll reach level 20 closer to the end of the game, assuming a pretty normal mix of exploring/missions.


    It's a wasted perk, seems like a good idea when you are a grunt. Also dont take bloody mess as its just silly, you'll be turning people into giblets by poking them in the foot.

  9. Ah, that's unnecessary. A hit with a dart anywhere does an automatic -1000 to each leg, which is enough to cripple them even on a Deathclaw. So aiming for the legs is a waste of damage. Make that first sneak attack critical a shot to the head from range, which will also cripple its legs, then switch to your favoured weapon of choice. I probably used Lincoln's Repeater for another 3 headshots in VATS. With its legs crippled, it can't do its pounce attack, so there'll be time for another shot or two out of VATS to finish it off before it even gets a swing in.

    Aaaaahhhh. Penny drops, lightbulb on etc.

    I've been hitting em in the legs. Which does feck all damage but slows them down long enough to pick them off.

    The lincoln is my favourite gun in the game.

    I took commando, better criticals, concentrated fire and sniper which with 100 small guns means 1 shot head removal on pretty much any human enemy.

    That with Grim reaper sprint makes clearing out raider bases and enclave soldiers pretty much a formality.

    As for the debate on the level cap, it seems silly to make it so you can max out 100 in all skills, I'd rather they only gave you one point from level 21 -30. I would like to pick up some perks i missed and improve my special maybe, a bit more strenght would be good, but then if i find more loot i can carry i just get pissed and then detox back at my shack.

  10. ....for spackers ( :lol: )

    Tricky isnt really the right word, it seems to take an inordinate amount of weaponry to take them down, and my character is pretty tasty. (100 small guns, 70 odd in big and energy)

    I suppose it depends what your character can follow the dart up with. Just take care to back away from it in a direction you've already cleared. Worked for me, anyway.

    Thinking about it i've never tackled a deathclaw with Mr. Terrible shotgun, i normally do dart to each leg, then backpedal and drop mines/bottlecap mines. Or do sneak 1 shots with the blaster.

  11. Mincing around with both legs crippled, they're practically harmless, and darts are way more plentiful than alien power packs.

    Yes, but they still keep coming, thats a fine tactic in open ground , but in caves, with multiple targets, tricky.

  12. So I now have 15 bobbleheads

    I found

    the deathclaw santuary.

    Why the toughest beast in the game needs a sanctuary I do not know.

    As i approached there was a massive fight going on between 3 deathclaws and some enclave troops. By the end of this there was 1 deathclaw standing. Untill i took his head off with Honest Abe's amazing repeater.

    I head into the sanctuary, a very dark cave system.

    I'm in ranger armour and a marine helmet, I am Hicks.

    The cave is dark and brown, the deathclaws are dark brown, I'm stealthed up, stealthboy on, sneak around find some good loot, including Vengeance, a gun i havent seen before. I dont know what it does.

    I round a corner a deathclaw is right there.


    Phew, thank you stealth boy. Start to back away, slowly...

    "your stealth boy has worn off"



    Double fuck.

    Vengeance turns out to be some kind of laser minigun.

    Only problem is that its very loud and bright.

    The rest of the deathclaws in here are aware of my presence. And to stay in character "they are coming out of the goddamn walls"

    I manage to take down another 3, escape to another part of the sanctuary and stealth up again.

    I am now lost. Trapped in a dark cave with an unknown number of deathclaws, and too scared to turn on my light.

    I am now Hudson.

  13. I cracked and went back into the wasteland.

    It's too good a game not to have played for so long.

    I now have 14 bobbleheads and have polished off 3 behemoths.

    I was doing head of state.

    I went to the lincoln memorial, got attacked by slavers, muredered the crap out of them all, went to the museum, got the picture, went back to the temple.

    They said they were heading off to the memorial in an hour. I waited an hour. They were all stuck on the stairs. I waited another hour, they had gone.

    I fast travelled to the momorial and had a nap. No sign of them. Another nap. No sign.

    Went off, did some stuff, came back a day or so later, no sign.

    Have I buggered this quest up? Are they dead in the wasteland?

  14. I've got one of these?. Its pretty decent for a dslr with just a small zoom lens on, struggled to hold my D80 with a 70-300mm though. But with a smaller lens its pretty sturdy and stable, and its really small and light when folded. I take it when im travelling and its been up to the job for the last few years.

    Cheers that looks like a good place to start. Thanks very much.

    Am bidding on a sli one on ebay but if I fail, i shall get one of them.

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