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  1. Top film, the

    video from the future

    , shot of the

    lass behind the mirror

    and the

    guy still dreaming

    at the end are all proper creepy.

    Shut up Shut up Shut up Shut up Shut up Shut up Shut up

    I am now hiding under my desk.

  2. Am not a massive horror fan as most of it is a bit poo, but there,s been some films over the years that have shit me right up.

    Event horizon

    Everything about this film is frightening and wrong.

    Prince of darkness,

    80's John carpenter film about a church in new york where they find satsn trapped in a jar. All these scientists are studying it and he gets out and starts infesting people.

    I havent seen it in years and is probably rubbish but at the time terrified me. It's sampled on dj Shadow's Endtroducing and i sometimes get the fear just from hearing it.

    The shining

    Woman in the bath.

    2 little girls

    "Danny isn't here right now Mrs. torrance"

    (getting goospimples typing that)


    The suspense in this film is amazing and still gets me now, doesnt scare me, but i feel it

    As a kid the bit in robocop where emile comes out of the toxic waste and splattered by the car was pretty freaky too.

    Recent films

    Rec shat me up, i actually jumped at the

    bit with the loft hatch

    , not good when you are watching it on a busy commuter train.

    The descent was pretty good too. Loved the ending.

  3. No specifics at all as of yet (as far as im aware), Just a rough "late April early May" time. I think I can wait now though. Although playing the Pitt with two different characters has thrown me in to right confusion about what characters are where on the save states :) oh dear!

    Sounds waaay to complex, I basically shelved this once i hit level 20, so much still to do, but i want my exp and that nice cash register noise back!

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