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  1. Scientific pursuits.

    Has become quite the burden.

    Initially the achievement did not drop because:

    I had been to rivet city and met Dr.Li before going to GNR plaza and meeting 3 dog.

    So while I am waiting for the (now delayed level cap increase) I thought i would redo it.

    I went back to an earlier save, pre rivet city. Went to GNR, did the big fight, met 3 dog, did his quest, picked up charon and the lincoln repeater en route, went back to 3 dog, went to rivet city, met Dr. Li.

    One of the dialogue options said - "I've already been to project purity"

    Oh, crap, thinks I.

    So I plough on, as I'm almost there, go to the arlington memorial, or whatever its called, find the tape, go to vault 112, get in the lounger, Quest completed Scientific Pursuits, no achievement.

    I look back to the original start point, my pre rivet city save, and its outside the arlington memorial, after being in there and looking around.

    So now I think i need to go back to an even earlier pre arlinton save and do all that again.

    This may test my love of this game to breaking point.

    But if i dont do it now i doubt i ever will.

  2. Apologies if this has been asked before but:

    My game has started loading really slowly, whenever I enter or exit an area, or fast travel it loads normally with the round loading symbol and / or the vault slides in the background but then goes to a black screen for anywhere up to 30 seconds at a time. Its getting quite vexing

    Also if I sleep or wait, after pressing A it will then take 10 -20 seconds to start the countdown.

    Has anyone else experienced this ? Any ideas how to fix it?

    I am playing on a 360 and am about 30 hours in.


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