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  1. Haha, your “rough and ready” look

    is better than anything I’ve ever painted!  

    I think there’s 6 models left in that army to do, am a bit bored of the turquoise metal / pinky purple combo now. 

    I need to fixture out what to do for the other mounted HQ. A similar beast - orange maybe? Or swap the colour and go green with yellow scales maybe. 

    then I’ve got one model with big angel

    wings to do, no idea on that one as it’ll be on a big grey base like above. 



  2. Well I think I’m ok with the rules myself, I miss some but I think it’s part of the game. It could be a reaction to losing so many games. I don’t want him to give up! 

    I’ve found myself planning more about how to get stuff done but at this level of play there’s no spare units for actions. So secondaries I take tend more to area control or killing. 
    At 1000 points it’s basically a core of :


    a Killy hq 

    something fast to get downfield 

    a unit of troops to hold backfield objectives 


    then add in either a dread or a transport and some blades/plasma with another hq maybe. Captains do solid work as does the bike chap. Am painting my bike captain next so will hopefully get him in play soon. 



  3. I really dislike the short range necron Gauss guns that are assault 5/-2/1. Thanks fully haven’t seen many big blobs of those lately. 

    I’m wondering how a game with no extra rules will play out. Either it’ll be fine and we’ll both do ok, or one of us will realise that we lean on chapter tactics, relics, traits etc more than the other. I have the feeling that will be me. The marine rules like white scars falling back and charging ability is super useful. 

  4. Yeah it’s nuts. 
    so basic intercessors put out :

    1 at 30” 5/-1/1 or 2 at 15” (or if stationary) at 20ppm.
    so you’ll get max 10 shots out of a 100 point unit. No way to make them stronger. Maybe higher ap depending on which doctrine is active. granted they’re a lot harder to kill than a bug. But still, boltguns are becoming outclassed all round. 
    firstborn are still stuck with 4/0/1. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Oracle said:

    you told him one list and played another? 

    Yep. small bit of silly gamesmanship and we were quite pissed at that point. but said I’d be bringing 3 dreads. He hates dreads. normally we don’t tell each other what we’ll be playing as so you can’t tailor a list to counter. As it was he hadn’t anything planned so when I turned up he then put a list together. So it didn’t actually matter, he ran a very similar list to last time. 

    I think at 1000 points he needs more troops and fewer monsters. At the end of the game he had only 3 bases of scarabs and a lord left. 

    Though he did say he was struggling with remembering all the extra rules, so I’ve suggested we try a game with nothing that isn’t on the data sheets. So no relics or traits or doctrines or chapter/dynasty rules, no stratagems other than rerolls. This may hurt me more than him as I tend to give simple relics and traits to characters that just make them more punchy. 

  6. Won again, 68 - 44. 

    a bit scrappy, made a really poor choice of one secondary - took oaths of moment, which conflicted with engage on all fronts and as scars need to fall back and charge again that cost me points each time I did. Managed a turn one charge from bikes though which was good. Eradicators took his stalker down to 1 wound turn one which was annoying, but I got that turn 2 and his doom stalker which made life easier.  Though I then had to fight some t6 monsters which was sub optimal. But managed to kill enough stuff to stop him scoring all the primaries.

    He teleported his boss and some warriors into my backfield, to score line breaker. I spent 2CP to suspect scan them and only got 2 with my intercessors, who got destroyed in return. I wasted all of my CP on shit which didn’t come off. 
    As usual. 

    I think what won me the game was going first and getting the blades down into his end and then pulling the transport back to sit on an objective.

  7. Woah. So that’s potentially 9 mortal wounds per shooting attack?


    So was that 2 dg players vs the ravenwing

    I’m hoping to get a game in at the weekend. Will probably run white scars, think an impulsor with a squad of 5 blade guard and a captain in, bike chap and some outriders then probably some eliminators and eradicators to fill out the 1000 point list. 


  8. Right. Need an opinion. The mane and scales on this cat are going to be dark green and I was thinking of doing some stripes as well. But now I’m thinking that might be a bit much and will mess it up. 
    Part of me thinks yolo, part thinks leave it plain. Thoughts?



    Maybe the sensible thing is to do just the scales and see , rather than overcommit. Also - does it pop enough or shall I try and squeak some more contrast out of it?

  9. 37 minutes ago, Davros sock drawer said:

    Your vampire lady is great @JoeK


    Talking of vampires, been working on my Coven Throne commission. The guy went very quiet on me so I haven’t been rushing, but he’s now paid me so I’d better get on and finish. 

    The main “carriage” is painted and based now, just need to finish the three vampire ladies who sit on it.



    Looks great. What a bonkers model, somewhere there’s a metal album missing its cover art. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Garwoofoo said:


    It's looking this will do for Rebels what Mando did for The Clone Wars - bringing the cartoon stuff into live action and tying it all together.


    Rebels was excellent so I'm very happy with that, hopefully we'll get a couple of cameos. Although I think we're pretty much guaranteed to see Thrawn and Sabine in the upcoming Ahsoka series, so maybe they'll save guest appearances for that.

    Rebels was surprisingly good, especially towards the end, mainly because of Ashoka. She’s clearly the best character in Star Wars and I can’t wait for her series. 


    44 minutes ago, Steven said:

    Looks like supermarket own-brand Star Wars with some cheap-looking Doctor Who baddies who look as menacing as sandals. To be honest, I never really bought into McGregor as Obi Wan that much anyway. Just feels like everything that was good is being diluted for a few more Disney+ subs. That Movie Trailers Boba Fett thing nailed it.




    don’t watch it then. 

  11. Well I think we’re still looking at sticking to the small board for a game or 2 more. Which gives me time to paint these so they will be a nice surprise when we graduate to big boards. I’m tinkering with a White scars list with 13 bikes in it. 

    So in the meantime I think I might try flesh tearers with a blade guard heavy list, maybe a squad of 6 backed up with the indomitus captain and an apothecary to revive them. Small board should make it easy enough to get in place sore some chopping.

    Have ordered some more terrain bits too. 

    How are the orks coming on?

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