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  1. Like an hour into this and it’s very much a missed opportunity for a warhammer film. Astra militarum vs tyranids. It’s that exact vibe of puny human vs perfect biological monster in a dark fascistic future. someone in the making of this is a space hulk fan.
  2. Awesome. Is that freehand on the shoulder bits?
  3. So was that Or just a variant, so yeah but no?
  4. Wow, I have 2 a5 sized plastic boxes stacked on each other in the kitchen. And that’s basically it. (if you ignore the cupboard full of minis upstairs)
  5. Cool. I’ve been playing around with procreate but still learning how it all works, so it’s interesting to see how others do it. I’d bought a light box to use instead of the shelf in the kitchen but that has the opposite effect where instead of an indistinct picture of a model that looks crap because of the quality of the shot, I get a perfect picture that looks crap because of the quality of the paint job! Thanks for the offer, but the pile of shame needs sorting before I add more onto it, especially as I expect the new kill team box will be bought in august!
  6. Looks great, I needed to order something from forbidden planet so have ordered a few mortal realms with cool looking models including this guy. (Breaking my no more minis pledge) If you don’t mind me asking? What do you use for your photos and processing? Is the background digital? Have you got one straight out of camera to compare?
  7. Messing around with chainrasps for warcry reckon this is about 15 minutes work, (excluding drying time) tesseract glow and green ink. contrast black and a grey highlight brown contrast on base. just needs some grass.
  8. don't be, mine came out ok and I’m crap, Duncan’s video is brill and basically can be applied to everything in the DG army.
  9. There was this shop near where I worked a few years ago, stationery and stuff downstairs, toys upstairs, and they had a load of warhammer stuff, some 40K some pre sigmar fantasy and loads of paints. One day I went in and all of the warhammer stuff was gone, apart from 2 boxes, a tau spaceship and a Khorne demon. They were marked down 75% off. So I bought them obvs, but can’t help but think if I’d popped in a few days earlier I could have picked up a mega haul. the lady working there said the manager told them to shift it all and it was all put on sale. Though they did have 50% off paint so I did buy one of everything they had.
  10. Was hoping they’d have taken the 4 card deck game generation approach that warcry has. Actually. Just made 40K warcry would have been brill. The flesh wound system pisses me Off
  11. Ooh, I’ve got some bits I need to do so that would be helpful. Thanks to whoever voted for mine, kind of astonished Nicky didn’t walk away with it to be honest.
  12. i enjoyed it and thought the way Gaetano and his brother ended up buddies was good. Orietta : Was brilliant. Perfect ending right there.
  13. I think aliens on earth done well would be brill. Like building up to a massive Tyranid style invasion / battle would be awesome.
  14. Depends on how eye-wateringly expensive it is. From that lot the 15 year old me wants a box of space marine, the orks and the squats.
  15. Fuuuck. The nostalgia. How much are you looking at for the space marine epic stuff?
  16. My 9 year old and I just played his first game of kill team. He wiped the floor with me. I set him up with an admech list with 3 plasma guns and 4 sicarian brawlers vs my 4 man marine list. He pulled off some frankly disgusting rolls but wiped out my sniper turn one and then put the beat down on my other guys. Turns out the -3AP on plasma and power swords is really good against primaris as you need to save on 6’s. I’m simultaneously horrified and super proud.
  17. Our local doesn’t have a massive range either - they stock the biggest sellers and anything else needs to be ordered in. At least COVID measures have meant the usual denizens can’t hang out in there stinking the place up though.
  18. You know, Carl the Nightlord. Works at the all night garage.
  19. Sounds like you’re living the dream mate. I’m really chuffed for you.
  20. Woo congrats! Is this officially the day job now? Mortarion took me like 3 months to do. I agree with you on ad mech, but it would be the easiest to get rid of as I’ve only about 20 infantry and a few other bits. But at the mo they’re the only faction that can really take a knight (which is why I started accumulating them). I think it was a matter of days between finishing painting my knight to go with my marines infantry and 9th edition coming out and totally changing the way detachments and CP works. At present marines are still my first choice army to play with. But ad-mech are the coolest looking by miles. I’d just need a fair few new bits to make them viable in a game I think.
  21. Yeah, I was just looking at it all and thinking “why do I own this?” But I’ve gone through and condensed loads of it down into sensible storage and so now it takes up a third less space and I feel better. I’m a big fan of a clear out - i’d much rather somebody else had use of something rather than it gathering dust.
  22. Actually. Having looked at what’s there I think I’m going to box it up smaller and store it for now, as my son was very unhappy at the idea of not getting to play with these when he’s bigger. I kind of regret selling my last army - well mortarion, as that was one of the best things I’d painted. maybe I should just sit the knight on my desk so I can bask in the glory of its adequate paint job. Sorry for clogging thread. Sometimes I feel a bit crushed by the weight of all the stuff in my house and want to get rid of everything apart from an iPad and a bike
  23. Don’t worry - I’ll still have 3 armies once this lot is gone! I’d need to figure out how to broach the “meeting up with strangers off the internet to play warhammer” conversation with my wife.
  24. They’re all painted If that makes a difference 1 knight, magnetised with all weapon options. 2 helverins 1 warglaive a tech priest dominus and enginseer 2 Kastelan robots, magnetised for all weapons, and the dude that comes with them A dunerider/disintegrator - magnetised so can be set up as either and both weapons a dunecrawler with option for laser or Icarus array some skitaari. Would need to count. 15 maybe? Mix of rangers and vanguard Kind of wondering whether to stick it all on eBay as an army as i don’t really want to sell it piecemeal as I’ll end up with just bits left. There’s little chance of me playing much 40K in the foreseeable so I’m now at the same part of the cycle when I sold my DG army a few years ago where I could just do with clearing out some stuff as the pile of shame is massive.
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