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  1. 1 hour ago, Davros sock drawer said:


    A bulb in a lamp would do I expect. Or sunlight if I'm not in a hurry?


    I think the issue though is that I'm trying to use the bevelled GW base. I think if I want a clean edge I need to use a base that's completely vertical. Otherwise I can't find anything to form a perfect barrier to stop the stuff I have running off (Vallejo Still Water).

    Just buy a new base then! You can get straight edged laser cut mdf ones on eBay for pennies. 

  2. That’s amazing Joe. love it. 
    This is on my list to do and I’m a bit scared of it. 
    I’ve decided to speed paint my sigmar army. I’ve so far this week got 25 models done* with 7 halfway and 25 at the base/shade/drybrush stage. 

    once these are out of the way I’ve yndastra, 2 mounted hq models, a banner dude and 3 flying guys who will benefit from a bit more effort. 

    *done - but I’m going to do a mass spray varnish and basing session at the end. 

  3. This campaign is loads better than 4 and 5. Plus there’s no beating the fun of bimbling about in a truck full of marines with power weapons. 

    Been playing through the MCC with the boy, we’re about 3 levels into 3, so we have the joys of ODST and Reach to come which after 1 are the highlights of the series for me. Then the trough of 4 and 5 to wade through. 

    @Girth Certificate


    The first arbiter level of Halo 2, both of us dual wielding needlers, my eyes nearly evaporated. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Oracle said:

    @And you got the new mission pack yet?


    Ork army is almost done, one more model to finish painting.

    No, we haven’t finished all the missions in the BRB yet!
    We’re dirty casuals so doubt I’ll bother. 

    Didn’t get a game last week as planned and now I’ve got plague so probably won’t get one next week either. 

    changed my mind about scars again, will keep them in reserve for when we’re on bigger boards. 

    Would like to try this as an idea

    Crimson fists 

    impulsor with hellblasters and indomitus shield captain, burning blade, refuse to die. 
    10 assault rifle intercessors with Lieutenant and bellicos rifle 

    redemptor dread with double Gatling 

    bolter inceptors. 

    Intercessor blob can shoot twice a turn. So 60 bolter shots at +1 to hit, exploding 6’s, reroll wounds of 1.
    Inceptors and dread pack loads of dakka for mincing warrior blobs. 

    Hellblasters can disembark after moving and hopefully delete either of his big gun platforms, can put out 15 supercharged shots and captain hopefully keeps them alive before wading in and chopping up a thing that needs chopping. 

    Hopefully can rearrange our game for when I’m testing negative. Gives me time to paint my blightlords 

  5. 12 hours ago, JoeK said:


    It gets to a point where you know pretty intimately how much paint you've got on your brush and how much you need to do the job, so whilst I'd probably use my wet palette to wipe off the excess, a towel would do the job too. It's just a way to do it.


    As for wasting paint? You're literally using so little of the stuff as to make next to no difference. Doesn't matter what brand you use, a pot of paint will last you years. 


    And that's including times you'll knock one over and make a mess everywhere!

    Oh yeah, I was joking about the waste. 

    I’m very nearly at the end of my first pot of leadbelcher - bought 5 years ago. 

    I’ve got though pots of shades and contrast, but never finished a pot of gw paint yet. Chucked* about 10 pots that have turned into a lump of putty but never actually used one up. 



    *I use it as basing material mixed with pva

  6. On 01/02/2022 at 15:33, Boothjan said:

    Personally, I found the toughest enemies in the whole game

      Reveal hidden contents

    the red hunters you encounter towards the end.  Hated that pair of twats - took me ages to beat them!!


    I spent ages running round trying to kill then and just kept dying. 
    Gave up. 
    Went back to it, picked up the spike, got up on the crates to the right, put up a shield and shot them in the head until the shield ran out, then dropped back and hid behind the crates until the shield was ready, back up, rinse, repeat. They go down to surprisingly few spikes to the face. And then not being able to reach you to punch you makes a huge difference. 

  7. It’s not just size, I found bjorn a bit uninspiring to paint, and ended up just churning him out. All the detail is really fiddly and shallow you can barely see some of it, let alone paint it. 

    As for size. The smaller ones don’t look like there’s enough room in them for all the stuff they’d need in them,

    if that makes sense. 

    Anyway. I’m still going to build a list with him so he can go wreck some fools with his Fell hand. 

  8. The redemptor looks in place on the table top though. It’s a beefy unit. Though I can see the appeal of hiding short-round dreads behind scenery! 

    The primaris stuff all together looks mostly balanced, it’s only when you put it next to small marines it looks out of whack. Then there’s the tanks. The impulsor and repulsor effectively replace rhinos and Land raiders for primaris and they’re not big enough in comparison. 

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