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  1. Gravis is basically the new terminator though isn’t it? T5 3w dudes. Aggressors are absolute chonkers. 

    Though I’d expect the next set of marine models to have a primaris elite CC model and a heavy weapons variant of the redemptor. 

    I really don’t need any more marine models but quite like the look of the invictor. 

  2. I only got back into the hobby a few years back, 2016 maybe, when the old, new bloodbowl came out and 8th edition 40K launched. So I’ve now got a fairly sizeable marine army, and it’s mostly primaris marines, I’ve a couple of old units., some scouts and some bikers, but no tacs. The primaris look right though, they’re big lads, so I hadn’t really appreciated the scale creep.
    But I’ve just built and painted Bjorn the fell handed. if you don’t know him, he’s the oldest ‘living’ space marine, a space wolf dreadnaught that fought alongside Russ before he was dreadificated. He’s a legend, he fought Magnus the red, demon primarch and survived, and supposedly is a beast on the tabletop.
    And it’s a deeply unsatisfying model.  It’s tiny. Just next to an intercessor he looks puny, but put him next to a redemptor and it’s like the dogs from Tom and Jerry.


    Just to show the scale :




    Redemptor, Bjorn, Intercessor, scout. 

    I mean look at the size of bjorn, he’s a midget. 

  3. I’ll bear that in mind for the next no doubt horrible boss battle. 

    This game could have done with a warning that you were about to do a mission that took you out of the world - I’m one core away from having everything upgraded 🙄 and didn’t realised i had passed a point of no return.  does it let you finish off all the side stuff afterwards? 

  4. I was grappling onto the central pillar thing which would launch me across the room and gave me loads of distance so I could spin in mid air reloading then get some shots and grenades in before zipping away again. Worked well once I’d got the hang of it, biggest issue was running out of ammo then needing to forage and getting killed doing it. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Kevvy Metal said:


    Also, this guy. If you take down his shields you can headshot him in one. 
    The bosses are not hard. 

    Yes, but as I’d explained I was carrying 2x kinetic guns and getting punched to bits trying to find some plasma. In the end I hit him with shock cores then grapple punched him to death. In one.
    Anyway, thanks for the patronising tone, I found quite a few of them hard, just telling me they’re easy doesn’t help.  The rest of game was easy enough, but I’m only playing on heroic. 

  6. 12 minutes ago, Kevvy Metal said:


    As long as you're relatively "levelled-up" you can beat this guy with absolute ease. There's so many weapons lying about and - as always - the rule of Plasma weapons on shields, Kinetic weapons on flesh you need to stick to. Also keeping your distance is the most important thing, always shooting him from a good distance.

    It’s more a case of one mistake and you are dead. Especially in the third phase. 
    Getting stuck on a crate or bit of scenery. Death. 

    Missing the grapple shot. Death. 
    Mis-time the dodge. Death. 
    I just hate those bosses that just run up on you and one punch man you to death. It’s tedious and just not what I find enjoyable. 

    Didn’t help that I had to do the first sections a couple of times after the game grapple-shotted me under the floor. 

  7. Yep.


    But they get taken out too quickly, or he appears out of nowhere anyway. I’ve entered the battle with my preferred mooching around combo of a battle rifle and shotty, so I need to swap the BR out for a plasma or something for the shields. I fucking left a rocket launcher in the last room too. Which was dumb move. 

    They're such a jarring change of pace to the rest of the game, like halo has always been about approaching the battle how you want to, snipe from miles away or pile in, mix it up. Then you just get forced into a massive difficulty spike of a restricted boss fight. It’s like a different game. Don’t like them one bit. 

  8. I’m mostly loving this but the boss battles are fucking tedious. Just getting repeatedly smooshed by


    that twat elite when trying to rescue the pilot. fuck off with your invisible self. It’s like they’ve gone out of their way to make the most annoying boss fight. Confined space, invisible opponent, one hit kill. Fuck. Off.


  9. Making sure I finish stuff on the to do pile. 

    Quick and dirty terrain : spray paints , washes, dry brushes, rust and green goo. 
    this arrived in the post yesterday. spent maybe 2 hours on it. (Excluding drying time) Black and brown Rattle cans are brill for terrain. 

    A blood bowl dwarf


    Finished the ogre team too :


    4 of these guys and 12 snotlings. 


    And some very quick tabletop marines, spray paint, wash, drybrush, done. Super easy. 



    That’s cleared the decks somewhat - now have only one half painted mini in the to do box. Just got to glue grass to bases when the varnish has dried fully. 

    So next is either some blightlord terminators to finish off my nurgle army, or the new kill team orks and guard. 

  10. Stompas are the best looking units though. They deserve better rules. 

    Problem is he has a limited pool of units he owns and has limited time to hobby as he’s got a proper busy job. So he can’t change things up too much and is reliant on pulling some bullshit out of the codex. 

    He tends to favour the 12” gauss weapon on the warriors and then gives them the dynasty buff that gives them 3” extra range.  As we are on the small board still he can advance and get 20 warriors firing 2 x S5, AP -2 shots each on turn one. Which is nasty. The doomstalker sits at the back covering a midfield objective and deletes anything that try’s to take it. 
    So I’m thinking an express delivery of assault hellblasters might mix things up a bit. For both his big threats I need volume of shots rather than a couple of heavy hits that could get saved. Then the Impulsor charges in once it’s empty and ties up a big gun while I can shoot the shit out of the whatever is left next turn. 

    we will get to the bigger board size eventually when the bikes will come into their own a bit more. I’ve a unit of regular bikes all with meltaguns I’m saving for then. 


    Next on the build list is bjorn, then run a 3 dread SW list. 

  11. A stompa! Yes mate. They look awesome. 

    I think for the next game I’m going to go with white scars again:

    1: chaplain on bike and 2 lots of outriders

    2: indomitus captain and 5 hellblasters in an impulsor

    3: intercessors and eradicators


    1 goes off and smashes up a big unit of warriors /gets an objective 

    2 rolls up and takes out something big

    3 holds home objective tries to take out stuff with meltas. 

    Playing as crimson fists I was reliably deleting his warriors over time, biggest issue is the triarch stalker and it’s buff to shooting and the doomstalker just flat out wasting stuff with unsaveable hits. 

    Both his big threats have 4+ invulnerable saves. The triarch stalker can only be wounded on 4+, so this combo negates high strength high ap weapons. So while eradicators should be good, 6 high powered shots are just not effective enough against a 12 wound model that saves at least half the wounds that get through. 
    So hellblasters with assault guns are 15 S7, AP -4 shots at D2

    Past couple of games I’ve had him down to 2 units by the end, need to be able to take out the big boys. 

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