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  1. Followed and pm’d. ta!
  2. Apparently nowhere in the uk has stock, of the x, been looking for days and there’s just nothing, is there anywhere anyone knows of that has them in? It’s not like it’s urgent so I won’t pay scalper rates on principle. But I would really like one to finish halo on. Any ideas? thanks
  3. And

    The Expanse

    Nope. There are loads of characters that are in the books that aren’t in the tv or or have been repurposed. You should just either read them all or not bother at all.
  4. Managed to get in another game yesterday. This time at 50 power / 1000 points. I took a crimson fist list with lots of gravis units and shooting, plus units I hadn’t played with yet so had some aggressors (bit crap) and some inceptors (good shooting). Squeaked a win but there were some comedy errors on both sides. I messed up my deployment but thankfully he whiffed a key charge that let me shoot up his big melee threats. I got turn one and unloaded everything I could into his stalker and it was left with 1 wound which annoyingly let it shoot next turn. By the end of turn 5 I was down to one or two models left in each unit and had lost my captain and hellblasters while he had 1 necron warrior left and one of those tall walky tank things which had dominated one side of the board by standing in some forest cover and just shooting anything that moved all down that side. Fun though. Think we’ll stick at this size for a few games more until we get better / quicker. Think I might give the suppressors and eliminators a run out next time.
  5. And

    The Expanse

    Bobbie is amazing all the way through. My second favourite after Amos,
  6. Started work on my ‘fuck you, necrons’ dreadnaught.
  7. And

    The Expanse

    https://www.theverge.com/2021/12/24/22851119/the-expanse-season-6-final-amazon-x-ray amazon are fucking annoying
  8. I don’t normally post stuff off of Reddit. But the face on this mini is just chefs kiss amazing
  9. @Oracle how did you get on? Had our 40power game last night and absolutely trounced him. I played crimson fists with the intent of shooting big blobs of warriors and destroyers. Heavy captain, refuse to die, relic sword 6 Lieutenant, relic auto rifle 4 10 intercessors with assault bolters 10 Bladeguard vets 5 Eradicators 7 Hellblasters with assault plasmas 8 I figured volume of shots was better than the -1 ap in these smaller maps. using a stratagem to shoot twice the intercessors can put out 60 shots a turn. He had come loaded for taking out dreadnaught. Anrakyr Technomancer with teleport relic 20 warriors 6 scarab swarms 3 skorpekh destroyers Canoptek Doomstalker we rolled incursion map 6. so he plonked the doomstalker, warriors and technomancer in the middle of the deployment zone and hid the destroyers and anrakyr off in a corner. I hid my intercessors and lefty behind a shipping container, put the heavy shooters and captain on the middle objective in cover and hid the vets off opposite his punchy guys. He went first and took his scarabs off to take the lefthand objective then moved his warriors forwards and shot those and the doomstalker at the eradicators, erm, eradicating them. His other dudes did nothing. In return the hellblasters took 10 wounds off the doomstalker and the intercessors took out 16 of the warrior blob with some great double shooting aided by the reroll auras of the officers. Then some Fighting as I sent my vets to punch scarabs, killing half. Bit more shooting turn 2 cost me a couple of hellblasters then his melee threats came out and took out 2 of the vets. He sent his scarabs over to charge my marines and did 1 wound, and I punched them all to death in return. Then went and took the spare objective and shot him a lot again. By the time we got to turn 3 he had 2 models left. I’d tabled him turn 4 until we realised he had a stratagem that gave him a 50/50 on resurrecting his warlord so he did and we traded blows ending up with him on one wound. I lost the ‘rads, the vets and all but one of the hellblasters. Had 62 points vs 39, I scored rubbish on secondaries and only started getting good primaries late on because of his scarabs. But I think I made fewer mistakes and only used about 4 different stratagems so this was a much simpler and easier list to run. I knew he’d go after the big scary gravis melta guys and the Bladeguard and so they did their job as distraction carnifex. Meanwhile 10 intercessors that hit on 2’s vs blobs and can reroll 1’s, extra hits on 6’s are crazy. I rolled 40 wound rolls on one attack. Fun. So 50 power next and the bigger board I think.
  10. Just watched big trouble with the kids. 13 year old girl - bored 9 year old boy - “I loved it”
  11. There’s no real competitive strategy, helbrutes are awesome. Land raiders are awesome. Ergo. Thus. Hence. I just love the models and they’re really fun to paint. I think it could be fun running them as mortarion a sons and then do a load of plague spewy guys piling out of the land raider and melting the shit out of stuff. I sold 4000 points worth a while back but somehow have gone back in
  12. I’m slowly building up my DG again Ive got typhus and a lord of virulence and have kitbashed a sorcerer out of the lord felthius model. Enough marines for 3x5 man squads 20 odd poxwalkers a foul blightspawn, some blightlords, a helbrute and a drone and a land raider
  13. This is an entertaining read https://www.goonhammer.com/welcome-to-blunderdome/ They pick the worst lists they can think of and then fight them to see which is best of worst. Highlights are a list of chaos cultists and rhino’s but each unit of cultists is 11 models so won’t fit in the rhinos. or a list with a 400 point fortification too big to fit in any deployment zones. Or one that only has like 5 models that can move. it’s funny.
  14. 1 - Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra - Promises 2 - Mogwai - as the love continues 3 - Public service broadcasting - Bright Magic 4 - Portico Quartet - Terrain 5 - Jon Hopkins - Music for psychedelic therapy 6 - the wedding present - locked down and stripped back 7 - Tuneyards - sketchy 8 - Hannah Peel - Fir Wave 9 - Talk Memory - Badbadnotgood 10 - Dinosaur jr - sweep it into space
  15. Area denial basically. They can be dropped in ahead, concealed like scouts or sit in backfield and have 12” no teleport zone. But I’m also thinking take them and the apoc out and run a 10 man squad of intercessors to make the most of the shoot twice stratagem, with assault rifles that would be 30 shots, twice, with +1 to hit against bigger necron units and a lieutenant to help with wounding. I think having the extra 5 bodies that can do work is going to be better than maybe getting 5 back over the game from the apothecary but missing out on the dakka
  16. I think you’ve done a brilliant job, and it does look awesome, just think it would look better without the minions
  17. I don’t know if it is actual cheese or it just feels like it because I’m not very good! So I think I need to either stick with scars and go full on fast and punchy, or switch to maybe imperial/crimson fists and go with loads of shooting backed up with some buffs to hit. so either : white scars smash chaplain 6 Librarian 5 intercessors 5 bladeguards 5 2x outriders 12 Eradicators 7 and concentrate on getting him tied up in fighting all game so he can’t shoot or something like crimson fists heavy captain with refuse to die 6 lieutenant with relic rifle 4 intercessors 5 infiltrators 6 apothecary 4 eradicators 7 hellblasters 8 Classic plasma captain blob, loads of big shooting, need to figure out whether the infiltrators and apothecary are worth it over 2 lots of intercessors
  18. Great paint job, I think it’s a bit of a crap model though. why would you be cleaning a blade when it’s still stuck in a body? Do power swords even need cleaning or does it burn off? What happens when your flimsy thrall gets blown away and you can’t find your gun? I know the concepts of ‘makes sense’ and 40K don’t really match up, but it just strikes me as impractical.
  19. If he needs some help I’ll happily look after some of it for him….
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