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  1. [Arnold Rimmer voice] Tl;dr - I got whupped. He had a lord, overlord, 2 x 10 warriors with the reapers Triarch stalker with a heavy 6 weapon that does d3 damage. He’d taken the teleporter and also had something that let his guys move an extra inch and shoot an extra 3, so his 12” range guns now did 15. He got turn 1, So the small board meant on turn one he could get both blobs in range of my units to then shoot out 2x20 shots at s5, ap-2, all buffed to hit on 2’s or reroll 1’s, which is frankly disgusting bullshit. I’ve nothing that comes close to putting out that much high strength, reliable dakka. The lord has some awful weapon as well. I’d strung the intercessors out across my backfield to stop him teleporting in anywhere apart from where he’d get shot to bits by the dread but that meant a lot of my units were exposed. The triarch stalker took half the health off the dread turn one, though I did make a mistake with a stratagem, I didn’t realise the one that set a vehicle as counting as full wounds only affected machine spirit vehicles so hit a cheeky upside out of that. I charged in the dread, blade guard and wizard to kill the stalker and lost a blade guard to overwatch, then it was killed by the dread anyway and he made it blow up, killing the dread, then they all died to shooting next turn. Total waste of space. also lost a bike to overwatch which is ludicrous, we both had some terrible rolls, stand outs were getting double 1 on a psychic test, rolling 1 twice when deciding number of shots on weapons, and my sarge getting 3 hits with his fist, only to miss all the 3+ wound rolls. What won the game for him was the teleporter as he just waited for me to move and then moved his overlord onto an empty objective. I ended up on turn 4 with one unit of intercessors. So ran these over to try and get it back but he met me in the middle, so I couldn’t get there in time. My power fist sarge punched the overlord to death though which was my favourite moment of the game. Fuck you necron. I ended up with 30 points on primaries and he managed to get all 45, I scored 2 for thin their ranks (we’d grossly misunderstood that rule until the end of the game, tally of 25 dead models = 2 points!) I got 6 for his warlord and then 6 for raise the banners. So like 44 points before paint score and he was on 50odd. So it was fun, but man, necrons have got some ridiculous rules. And I made some silly mistakes on positioning and overcommitting then being gotcha’d by force explosions etc. Next time is 40 power so I need to figure out how to stop getting shot to shit AND deal with the return of the destroyers. So I think it’s either go for lots of bikes and try and get him bogged down in melee turn one, or go for loads of dakka with a captain / lieutenant to buff that, and work on my positioning to make sure nothing can be hit if I don’t go first. I can see why people say necrons are overpowered, I’ve currently nothing that can compete on firepower output, and am not a good enough player to be able to deal with the massed shooting they put out, keep all my objectives and back field covered for teleporting, and worry about wiping out whole units of nigh unkillable murder bots with knives for arms in one turn to stop them resurrecting. My mate loves the bullshit, he’s been and researched the cheesiest bullshit he can produce while I don’t think the marines have anything that competes, all the stuff leans into making decent units a bit better, so there are moments where it’s a bit hard to keep a smile on your face as you’re getting shit on. At 50 power / 1000 points each we move to a bigger board and I think that would help, but we’re so slow a game of that size would take us days to play! I’ve ordered another redemptor for the big plasma gun and an impulsor, so when the board gets bigger I’ll have a transport to drop blade guards into his backfield
  2. I’m expecting him to run similar to last time, maybe drop the tombstalker for a triarch stalker and maybe add in another blob of warriors
  3. Yeah I’m thinking to keep him on his toes drop the chaplain for a librarian so take librarian with artificer armour and iron resolve to boost surviveability, plus null zone and might of heroes 5 intercessors with assault rifles and a power fist 5 blade guard vets 5 dread with Gatling 9 outriders 6 Dont know if he’ll try the teleport again, but I’ll spread intercessors along the back field with the dread and librarian. Shoot the outriders up one flank for an objective and advance the blades up the other. Librarian can buff the dread into a hulk smash machine and strip invulnerable saves. Marines can advance and shoot assault rifles if need be.
  4. Curveball - pcr came back negative, as did a lateral flow this morning so we are back on! Now, what to play? The bikes were brilliant at taking objectives early, and thinning out warrior blobs, but I need something that can take out the big threats as well as getting to objectives.
  5. No, was supposed to be this week but the missus just tested pos for covid so that’s fucked until new year probably.
  6. Yeah, I mean do your own thing and all that but I think that collection above is a bit excessive, strayed across a line from hobby to obsession.
  7. @Pelekophoros I don’t think that’s a display is it? It’s just shelves in his loft or something. That’s more stock than my local gw shop holds. I don’t know man, it just seems like a waste to me. It’s like thousands of pounds worth of stuff, just sitting there doing nothing. Might be an unpopular opinion but I wouldn’t display unpainted minis. I know that’s a bit gatekeepy of me but it’s the difference between “I made a thing” vs “i bought a thing”. But then again I don’t have any of mine on display apart from a couple next to my wfh desk, but that’s because I haven’t found a box for them yet. I get it’s a hobby that lends itself to acquisition and have easily bought and sold over a thousand of pounds worth of models - but now I find myself looking at sets and then balancing “but it’s a bargain” vs “it’ll never see play” So if I can’t see a use for it I’m trying to not just buy shit for the sake of it. I’ve got 2 armies of various sizes for each of 40K and sigmar but do play 40K and have every intent of playing sigmar, and the boy has also an army for each (or he will by Xmas) so we can play together. I just don’t have room for so much matter.
  8. Then what’s the point? I’m always a bit baffled people that collect stuff just for the sake of owning it. he could presumably sell that lot and buy a small private island. I at least have the intent to paint and use the minis I’m hoarding.
  9. What the fuck? I’m suddenly feeling a lot better about my cupboard of shame.
  10. I’d have to say: 1) The thing 2) Prince of Darkness 3) they live 3.5) big trouble in little china
  11. No, it’s a good question, but take a look at bga and yucata at the free versions of board games, try before you buy! it’s easy to say oh yeah get game x when it’s like £40-100 to buy it on the off chance you enjoy it.
  12. Woah, that looks great. Can’t wait to see the finished article.
  13. not a fan of the solo board game myself, but my gaming buddy is. He recommends terraforming Mars as a solo, ill ask him for others. Before you spend cash on physical games, Have a look on board game arena and Yucata, see if anything takes your fancy.
  14. Ok, so that was very satisfying.
  15. The last list was basically all 1d weapons (I forgot scars get an upgrade to d2 on melee weapons turn three) and it was really hard to chip through the invulnerable saves. I’m thinking Bike chaplain 6 primaris librarian with might of heroes and null zone. 5 Infiltrators 6 1x outriders 6 Eradicators 7 Is 30 power so I get a set of bikers to rampage around with the chaplain. Infiltrators make deep strike / teleport harder and the eradications can melt anything beefy. I can start the librarian in outflank for 1cp and drop him on top of the chaplain to buff him. What I should have done last game was take out the destroyers before trying to fight the lord as they don’t have an invulnerable save so all the attacks that bounced off the lord would have wiped the unit. otherwise take captain in Phobos armour 5 infiltrators 6 Intercessors 5 Redemptor dreadnaught 9 Blade guard veterans 5
  16. Next match will be 30 power. So do I redo the list or just add a wizard for 5 power? Or do that and swap in infiltrators and inceptors for the heavies and a bike unit. Or I could build up around a dreadnaught. Hmm. Choices. I expect he will ditch the wraith and add in more destroyers.
  17. It lost him the game really because it tied up his hq and 10 power of dudes fighting over my backfield objective the whole game, while my other biker unit took his backfield and then tied up his only remaining unit so he couldn’t claim anything until it was too late. He only managed 5 points worth of primary, he could have tabled me turn 4 and I’d still have won.
  18. Yeah power is just whatever you want on the data sheet. Problem with the skorpekh guys is that they reroll Hits of 1 and then if near the lord they also reroll wound rollls of 1. He’d taken the madness warlord trait that let him re-roll wound rolls. so you’ve got a lord that hits on 2’s re rolling ones and wounds on 3’s and can reroll. And when that hit gets through it’s ap-4 so you die. And then 3 guys who are nearly as bad. I was spending a cp each turn on trans human physiology to try and mitigate this.
  19. I won! 85-29 (I think) I maxed out primaries, 30 on secondaries (slay warlord, attrition and thin ranks) and 10 for paint. he had Skorpekh lord, 3 destroyers 10 warriors with the ap-2 flayers 3 scarab swarms a tomb wraith We did combat patrol mission 1, fairly symmetrical terrain set up. I plonked my heavies on the marker in my zone then got turn 1 so sent the bikes up the sides and took the 2 middle markers He then teleported his lord and the destroyers into my backfield where they stayed, his destroyers failed their charge which probably cost him the game. I sent one lot of bikes and killed his scarabs and took his objective and eventually his warriors too. Everything else was in a melee, my chaplain rolled horribly, did no damage and then died to the lord. The skorpekh guys are stupidly powerful. I managed to kill the lord by getting a couple of mortal wounds off a heavy bolter stratagem. I struggled to scratch the destroyers though. Needed some high ap shooting maybe. I did forget about the tactical doctrine on turn 2 which would have helped a bit I think. I also got luck in a couple of fights where he had the 2 different weapon profiles on the destroyers, they’d kill one guy, but removing that model meant they were out of range for the next attack. But by stealing the markers early and tying up his dudes it meant that he couldn’t do anything about it so I scored 15 points each turn for primaries. I ended up with 1 biker left at the end of the game. By a combination of running away and luck these guys managed to last until the last round against these brutes before the last man was squished.
  20. At 25 power it’s tricky to fit much in. At the most I can get 21 bodies on the table if I go hq and all troops. So I think having the speed to slam 7 bikes into melee, potentially on turn one might be the best way to deal with the destroyers
  21. @Oracle hopefully have a 25power game tomorrow against my mates necrons - i’m thinking smash chaplain on bike 6p heavy intercessors with a heavy bolter 7p 2x outriders 12 p so that gives me loads of mobility to rampage around chopping shit up and a chunk of T5 3w guys to sit on backfield objectives. The bikers can put out more bolter shots and more chop than troops and I think I’d rather get in his face and make him fight than get shot to shit. This might backfire if he goes for skorpekh destroyers though. What do you reckon? if you had to fight 25 power of marines what would you not want to see? the other option is librarian, outriders, regular or assault intercessors and a redemptor dreadnaught
  22. 10% in on kindle Slow burn so far but I’m trying to stretch it out. Seems like it might be a short book
  23. Ha, while I basically got back into it and peaked/plateaued after about a month.
  24. ? anyway - to lower the tone, more tabletop ready dudes, this time nurgle flavoured and chaos BB
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