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  1. Giving episode two a go. Still an awful lot of telling rather than showing to "develop" these characters, as it is quite clear they're clumsily trying to do. Yet I agree it in a different league to STD & Picard, but that shouldn't be difficult.
  2. Sorry I can see how that is unpleasant. In my mind I thought of it less as a perjorative and more of a classification - sped up to match the 'grammar' of modern television where I find myself increasingly curmudgeonly and wanting things to slow down. Lazy phrasing nonetheless.
  3. You guys lied. 21 minutes into the first episode and we've already got a captain with PTSD having hallucinations and flashbacks/flashforwards being put in charge of a mission against his will, sexy Vulcans, heavy expositional dialogue, 20 year olds in senior positions, ADHD pacing, and irritating quipping. Hope it improves.
  4. I'm actually worried about trying it after STD and Picard were so offensively poor. Really? Promise?
  5. It feels like the writers wrote the characters to be like what they imagine the fans to be. Irritating but necessary.
  6. Urgh, the silly one-liners and quips in the trailer. Nope.
  7. It didn't land with me either, very flat, and Momoa's character was distractingly bad. A couple of opinions I foster: The Artist (2011) was only silent because it was so far up its own arse you couldn't hear it. The Avengers (2012) was one of the worst films I've ever paid to see.
  8. Fucking hell, that explains why I spent my third or forth start under seige from an infinite horde.
  9. My perception too. Funnier if I didn't also suspect race had something to do with the 'passion' of some of it. The yearning to unseat the black liberal champion is strong with some.
  10. Perez isn't quite white and wasn't driving for a major team then though, stewards don't care.
  11. Can we just get rid of Christian Horner please.
  12. Doubt the £40m to lose and then maybe win hurts either. What a life, hope he does something interesting with the money and not just rich person shit.
  13. Aye just put in a Scottish postcode for STV.
  14. Surely the era of using tyres that fall apart has to come to an end soon, it makes no sense financially, ecologically, and makes Pirelli look shit. 2022 cars should be more even so it's unnecessary.
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