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  1. It feels like the writers wrote the characters to be like what they imagine the fans to be. Irritating but necessary.
  2. Urgh, the silly one-liners and quips in the trailer. Nope.
  3. It didn't land with me either, very flat, and Momoa's character was distractingly bad. A couple of opinions I foster: The Artist (2011) was only silent because it was so far up its own arse you couldn't hear it. The Avengers (2012) was one of the worst films I've ever paid to see.
  4. Fucking hell, that explains why I spent my third or forth start under seige from an infinite horde.
  5. My perception too. Funnier if I didn't also suspect race had something to do with the 'passion' of some of it. The yearning to unseat the black liberal champion is strong with some.
  6. Perez isn't quite white and wasn't driving for a major team then though, stewards don't care.
  7. Can we just get rid of Christian Horner please.
  8. Doubt the £40m to lose and then maybe win hurts either. What a life, hope he does something interesting with the money and not just rich person shit.
  9. Aye just put in a Scottish postcode for STV.
  10. Surely the era of using tyres that fall apart has to come to an end soon, it makes no sense financially, ecologically, and makes Pirelli look shit. 2022 cars should be more even so it's unnecessary.
  11. They could have checked the drive shaft hubs without incurring a penalty surely? A decent mechanic working a bloody Corsa would check the full axle assembly after a minor crash, it's mad the Ferrari F1 team didn't.
  12. Not necessarily; pre-Pirelli the difference between cars during a race was far more static and *my god* did we get some boring races. The loltyres have forced some dynamics in - although it is arbitrary - but most things are. The natural state of F1 is probably large differences between the cars according to spending, the formula has to be contrained and made arbitrary to make it interesting, to a large degree. I wouldn't expect somebody to say it so plainly, no. Confidence and self-belief with an awareness of contingency is one thing, entitlement is another, conflating them is permissive of the latter.
  13. A thought- I have a suspicion that the common proposal that if LH and MV had equal cars then "we'd have a hell of a show", etc., is likely false, and won't ever be unambiguously true. Putting them in equal cars would neutralise one dimension but hundreds of others remain that have nothing to do with the idealised 'skill' of the driver. In fact it could make the racing worse. What makes F1 races interesting is the dynamic and situational imbalance between opponents, not a static equality. With the current formula and the effects of that - a strong penalty when following another car especially - cars with a consistent relative balance might just end up in a processon. We may actually be in the sweet spot now because the Mercedes and RBR are strong in different areas and conditions, have different rake designs, but the net race time is often similar. Of course if you have a more infantile mindset and just want "your guy" to win and want to believe that being a macho prick is essential to be "the guy" then... enjoy your little narrative I guess.
  14. +1 and inevitably I'm in when there isn't a race and out when there is.
  15. Hamilton might have been able to keep the lead into turn 1 last weekend if Bottas had been there instead of back in the pack. Ham got pincered in the end and had nowhere to go, it really makes a big difference and I will think Verstappen has the better teammate this season. I'd bet Mercedes will regret not changing up this year, but maybe they have half an eye on 2022 already.
  16. Good stuff I'll have to listen to that. Book club anyone? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Performance-Vehicle-Dynamics-Engineering-Applications-ebook/dp/B0755VR916
  17. The bonnet handle? I use it almost every time I need to open or close it, although I could just be handling the paintwork directly I suppose. As you say (and others may not be aware) in most cases, from what I've read, even with alloy wheels the larger wheel and smaller tyre will be heavier. This might not be true of super lightwreight bonkets expensive magnesium whateverthefucks but the majority of alloys are barely any lighter than steels. This matches my anecdotal experience from lugging all sorts about. Exchanging compressed air and a bit of rubber for metal means: Acceleration gets worse. MPG gets worse. Noise gets worse. The handling is stiffer and braking distance and sustainable lateral g force might be marginally better if the tyre compound is right. The handling will be less progressive so the car will 'snap' more suddenly when losing traction due to said stiffness and reduced sidewall deflection. As an F1 engineer was recently quoted as saying - it's objectively an inferior option but it's happening because of "relevance" to road car sales trends.
  18. Arrrreeeg. And fuel wasting obnoxious "pop and bang" maps. Inefficiency introduced purely for ego. Affronts to proper engineering nerds.
  19. Unfortunately the car buying public is convinced that large expensive wheels with skinny uncomfortable tyres are cool. Don't get me started on the amount of plastic fake vents and diffusers.
  20. People acting shocked that F1 stewarding is amateurish and inconsistent. (insert always has been meme here)
  21. Apologies if I was too blunt in my previous post, lockdown exhaustion etc. Much of the enjoyment I get from F1, I think, lies in the possibility of disruption and change. One weekend, a driver might seppuku their reputation by spinning repeatedly, an engine may blow up, the engineers come up with something interesting that gives an edge, a new driver arrives and immediately beats their team mate by half a second a lap, and so on. F1 can be a lot like other low-scoring sports in that respect - where single events can have large consequences - the exemplar of this being the effect of a goal in a game of football vs the effect of a basket in basketball, the high stakes of any action hold the tension at a high level and can have dramatic consequences. Drivers like Alonso taking jolly holidays and then being able to come back, despite not really impressing in their last F1 races, is a wasted opportunity for introducing an unknown to the mixture, and has more to do with their reputation in the small incestral world of the F1 paddock, their brand manager, and money, than anything interesting. It further exposes the myth that F1 is a sport with any kind of clear meritocracy that isn't entirely skewed by really dull men coming to opaque agreements and money being pumped in for the sake of an oligarch's son's ego. This year we have old drivers returning, new ones in bad teams, little technical change, and less of a disrupted calendar (I think this was fantastic for F1 in 2020). So meh. So there you have my slightly expanded rant.
  22. With Alonslols back and much of the rest of the grid taken up by other overrated farts I can see this season being really shit. Plus the last race of 2020 was so awfully boring I'm wondering if it'll be worth bothering at all if we're allowed out to do other things on weekends.
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