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  1. loved tonights episode, some crackers. Been watching the first three series on virgin on demand.
  2. Show ended last night on american TV..... bloody thing left hanging with about 6 cliffhangers. Its going to be a long wait for season 2 to begin, I dont know how me and the fiance are going to cope without it. I know we are sad but we love it.
  3. new layout, same gear. Well new wii as well of course. consoles all hooked up via component care of a fancy splitter thing and a cheap lik sang one as well
  4. soralan

    Viva Piñata

    maybe have a blast later at this again, only got the 50 hours acheivment left to get, very addictive game. Just a few pinata left to attract as well.
  5. soralan

    Viva Piñata

    why are you looking something? loving this so far, at level 46ish now and still going, attracted a chewnicorn to the garden and it should be a resident soon. the to get them doing the dirty.
  6. Maybe I just played it too much, but it seemed a little short, but still good fun.
  7. Got myself a copy today (assholes in game tried to say it wasnt even out..., gamestation was sold out) in my local forbidden planet. Played the first mission and im quite liking it so far.
  8. I havnt even got to play it for all sorts of reasons, mostly because NTL and some dns shit. But now I got that sorted I have not had the time.. maybe in an hours time ill get a few hours in.
  9. My download is talking forever!! As for what to do ive no idea! the official site said it is woth playing the tutorial though as you also get some powers or something for doing so
  10. downloading now, just home from work so time to chill and do a few other things before i hopefully give this a blast.
  11. I picked this up ages ago and only just got around to playing it, must admit im quite enjoying it. Good fun so it is.
  12. ah well its just like the old days!! How about people that are going to be on the 360 get a list of gamertags going? copy and paste the list to your own post to keep it up to date? Ill start tag - soralan iv
  13. blueburst was epsiode iv, so basically everything upto gc and a laod of new stuff. http://psobb.com/
  14. pretty6 sweet news this. Just warned the girlfriend about it... she will probably go in a huff with me soon enough.
  15. well im for the 360 version myself, mainly because my ps2 isnt online and the pc isnt cut out for it. But it is a tad close to the wii for my liking. gears of war can wait though.
  16. sacry scores.... 50k plus scores
  17. Hopefully get some time in on it tomorrow, soralan iv
  18. Current setup, had the tv for a few montsh now, love it too bits.
  19. feel free to add me too soralan iv
  20. had a blast at it there now, its great isnt it. Lui ping is giving me a challenge, just having to play it safe and look for his weakness. Or something. Its great fun.
  21. soralan


    the whole album is great, im hooked!¬
  22. There music is addictive, they were on jo wiley as well today. Did a cover of blurs song 2... i enjoyed it.
  23. soralan


    Ive had a few listens, but nothing has really stood out yet like on artist or identity crisis. I want to give it a chance but yeah....
  24. i think they split up a few years back, they were awsome, so good live too. i was listenign to said song this morning, cant remember the proper name either. HMV had three of there albums together about a year back for £8 or something, i jumped on that bargain.
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