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  1. Psn:goatboyelmo just seen someone has left the clan. Seeing if we can squeeze in my mate? If not no problem.
  2. Yeah, other than you and Chuchuchris i never saw anyone want to battle once in pokemon X/Y.
  3. Hate to say i told you so. #Squadwipes #Bagpipes
  4. Anyone on ps4 want to do VoG Hard?
  5. Anyone else getting hit with Buffalo?
  6. Anyone wanna plough through some G rank 1 quests? Need to farm seregios for the set but need to unlock it first. Will post my room ID when I make one.
  7. Dalamadur farm hr7 and up if you want in guys. 63 1618 7025 5541
  8. once again is there anyone interested in jumping on this Crota raid?
  9. Anyone up for doing a VOG raid? need to blast through it for a few shards to upgrade my gear. any takers?
  10. Hi guys really sorry but i cant make it tonight only just remembered i'm at a set in finsbury park as the matches kick off. will be there next week.
  11. Anyone up for a hard raid at around 11ish? need to raise my warlock to 29 first.
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