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  1. I wanna see Changeling up for some awards in addition to the big titles (Wrestler, Button, Slumdog etc), seems a shame for such a great film to be overlooked.
  2. Indeed. Alas, this show would have been more entertaining if that moron on the first page hadn't given away the happy ending.
  3. It was a good show. Getting Hector Bloomingdales to do it was a bizarre move by that managing director though. It's like employing David Lynch onto the production team of BBC News 24 to help it get better ratings.
  4. If it is a mockumentary, it's going to be amazing. Can't wait!
  5. There's a video somewhere of him drunkenly rapping at a hollywood party.
  6. US shows do have a lot of money to play with because there's a massive domestic audience, and there's a worldwide market for these shows (especially Canada, Australia and Europe). And DVD boxsets, merchandising etc. That money means that they attract the big names behind the scenes, they can afford to get ambitious, and the budgets allow for proper crews and sets and scores and lighting and editing and effects and guest stars n stuff. Meanwhile, the rest of the world gets by on cheapy cheap sitcoms, reality tv and gameshows. Course, there's the occational gem.
  7. What what I've heard from japanese people, the answer is an definite no. The shows aren't of the same calibre of serious US drama, and largely don't try to be either. I'm sure it's only a matter of time though. If you think back to the seventies, most US drama used to be stuff like Knight Rider, Airwolf, Charlies Angels, The A Team, Dynasty, etc, where they weren't trying to be intelligent, thought provoking shows...things only started getting quality in the late eighties/early nineties with stuff like Hill Street Blues, Law and Order, Twin Peaks, etc. And then the nineties exploded for quality american tv. I can vouch for Indian dramas myself. Those are generally melodramatic soap operas about large families all living in one big house. Avoid. Although they did have a drama like Lost on indian tv, about 2 years before Lost premiered. Plane crash on a desert island, monster on island, etc. Don't think it lasted very long.
  8. http://protocolsnow.wordpress.com/2007/08/...na-impressions/ - Yama Onna Kabe Onna (Mountain Woman, Wall Woman) - this is a drama about a store assistant who thinks her breasts are too small - Shibatora: A mix of under age prostitution, psychic powers, and slapstick, all in one show. - Yasuko to Kenji. Where they put japanese gangsters in wacky situations. - 24 Hour Police Drama. You can probably guess what this is. - Gokusen. The premise is a bunch of wannabe gangster kids get schooled by a true gangsta. However, she simply solves every problem by beating up a bunch of kids. And, she still got no love for police and she got love for the Yakuza lifestyle. There's also Cat Street. Ice World. My Boss The Hero. Whilst american and british tv features lots of hospital, lawyer and police shows, the japanese have lots of dramas about architects: -At Home Dad (Wife works writing in an architect magazine) -Kekkon Dekinai Otoko (Main character was an architect) -Hotaru no Hikaru (All main characters working as architects) Generally, japanese dramas are mostly sitcoms, uniformly low budget and generally a bit mental. God bless Japan.
  9. Read the first two parts of Farhenheit 451 so far. Once the writer got bored with describing shit (took him about 20 pages), and the characters actually started talking about the plot, it got dayum good. Got me thinking a lot about modern life, and all the distractions that keep us from thinking. When I go to sleep, I always stick my ipod in and put on a podcast. I did this for about a year, and then when I didn't have my ipod for a while, I had to go to sleep 'normally', without a voice talking to me in my head. I found that I actually had a chance to think about stuff in bed, and that constantly being occupied with entertainment - particularly the ipod - had really taken something away. It was pretty cool to see a book written 50 years ago predict this kind of thing happening. BTW, I predicted that the reason for the books being burnt was that there was a right-wing dictatorship that had taken power or something like that. The way it's explained in the book (I won't ruin it by summarising in my own words) is waaay cooler. This Bradbury guy is some kind of prophet.
  10. Someone who saw an early preview of the two hour pilot said it was very good. The premise is interesting but I don't wanna spoil things too much for myself or you guys. I will mention there's a Baz Lurhmann's Romeo + Juliet vibe going on, which gets me pretty excited.
  11. Well, I generally hate most novels because they devote too much time to boring, pointless description, and next to no time on storyline. When there is storyline, every scene is stretched out, a lot of it is just pointless, and there's no tightness to the dialogue. That's normal novels. Now multiply the level of description by a thousand. Multiply the level of pointless overlong conversation by a thousand. Then remove any semblance of a storyline. That's Glamorama.
  12. Glamorama is the worst book ever. It's worse than the Koran. That said, I would like to see a film version of it. Based on the Glamorama segment in Rules of Attraction, mostly, but I think there might be a good film in there if you took out the pages and pages of bullshit.
  13. Chase


    Right, I figure it's time to make some noodles, as I will die if I continue eating pot noodles and takeaway noodles. I've got a packet of Sharwoods medium egg noodles. What else do I need? Ideally I wanna make something that tastes either like a pot noodle (though I doubt I'll be able to get that same taste without using loads of butter), or chicken chow mein from the takeaway. But I'm open to anything (I like the stuff in wagamama etc). Are there any particular sauces you guys recommend (available from tesco etc)? Any simple recipes (as in, five steps or less) to make them? I'm not looking to go all out, just wanna learn the basics of making noodles. Thanks
  14. The Happening, at the Cornerhouse in Nottingham. Saw it with my girlfriend, I thought it was brilliant, the rest of the audience loved it and people actually clapped at the end. Later on I found out that the rest of the planet thought it was one of the worst movies of all time, which made the cinema experience all the more sweeter. There's not many people who liked the film, but by some chance of fate, all those who did happened to see it at the same time and in the same place, and it made for a pretty great collective experience. Also, the bit in the middle with the massive jump moment was brilliant cos the entire cinema actually screamed and went 'aaaah!!' (including me).
  15. He doesn't use stooges, which makes this line: ...immensely retarded. Apologise, right now, to the forum and to Derren himself.
  16. I've just started rewatching this. The song at the end of The Cold Open (episode two), is awesome, why the hell did everyone hate it when they saw it? Saturday Night Live dreams it could ever do something like that.
  17. Because it's unacceptable in polite society for an adult to eat breaded fingers of fish?
  18. Squall Leonhart is the sexiest character in history. He's officially dreamy.
  19. How come restaurants don't serve fish fingers? You can only get them on the kids menu
  20. wut Haven't you people seen The Green Mile and The Shawshank Fucking Redemption?
  21. The book Minority Report, which has about 10 other short stories in it too, was the first I read of Philip K Dick, and absolutely loved it. A great starting point I reckon. The collected works are a bit harder to get into as it has everything he's written, rather than just the very best ones.
  22. If you go upstairs in the Victoria Centre, and walk in the opposite direction to the main city centre, and it's the second to last shop before you reach the exit (the one that leads out to the Victoria Bus Centre). The lady at the till is lovely and smiley. They mostly have rockband tshirts and stuff, with a section for books, music, etc. One of their items is this cool 'voodoo doll' where you iron on a picture of someones face on the dolls face, and it's great. Gonna iron my face on it and give it to my girlfriend as a gift. With some pins. I'm gonna read Fahrenheit 451 first. Apparently there's a movie being made of it, someone mentioned it in the Equilibrium thread in TV/Movies.
  23. Reality based sci-fi, like The Truman Show, Vanilla Sky, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind etc, where the heavy sci-fi ideas are present but presented in an everyday way, are the direction that cutting edge sci-fi went as of late. The same way that action movies evolved into comic book movies around the same time.
  24. I've heard good things about both of these books, and Pulp in Nottingham were selling all their books for £2. Also had the entire Lord of the Rings books in one book for the same price. Any fans of these books here? First time I've read any Stephen King or Rad Bradbury.
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