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  1. I need to get the next volume in his collected works series.
  2. Chase


    Vol 1 of the official companion book is on sale for £2 in Pulp in Nottingham. It's mostly just scripts, though. Why the hell would anyone buy a script book.
  3. What's 'hand trapping with guns'? I loved Equilibrium. Cool storyline and nicely done. I liked the poem in it as well.
  4. Page Six isn't exactly known for it's journalistic integrity and commitment to truth, natch.
  5. Haven't seen it since I was like, 8. Will watch again because of this thread
  6. Saw it. 6/10. Letdown. Main character was rubbish, didn't care much for the story and the dialogue had no flair at all. I watched all the way through without fast forwarding though, which counts for something. Edit: ah, I see. Based on a book. Alan Ball, when will you learn? Your writing is BETTER than books. Six Feet Under wasn't based on a book. American Beauty wasn't based on a book. He needs to start writing original screenplays instead of adapting books like that vampire tv show and this. It's tantamount to Charles Dickens writing another book, but instead of making his own original story as usual, he does an adaptation of Jurassic Park 3. Sure it might be interesting, but it's quite clear why Towelhead is gonna get a limited release.
  7. 2 McD's double cheeseburgers.
  8. You can't deny this list: 1. The West Wing 2. Freaks and Geeks 3. Band of Brothers 4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 5. Six Feet Under
  9. Thanks for the heads-up. His live shows are always a treat to watch. He was in Notts or Derby with his UK tour a while back but I missed it, will definately arrange to see him live in london some time.
  10. Eh? It's normally cheaper to get two small burgers than one large one anyway. But aside from that, smaller burgers are less messy and more tasty. The worst burgers I've ever had are those massive gourmet burgers with a slab of steak in the middle and some ciabatta bread that breaks apart in your fingers. A McDonalds double cheeseburger has never fallen apart on me and usually leave my fingers end up cleaner than when I started.
  11. Chase

    Sushi kit

    God I love homemade sushi. It tastes like regular sushi, only there's more of it and it's FREE. I've also noticed as time is progressing, I'm using more and more wasabi. The perfect amount is to use as much as possible without it making your eyes water.
  12. Agreed, and add Frost/Nixon to that list. Kinda like last year when There Will Be Blood, Juno, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, and No Country For Old Men all came out within days of each other.
  13. Watching it a second time, I think I can say it was better the first time. If Batman Returns was a shop it would be All Saints, if The Dark Knight was a shop it would be Debenhams. All the Morgan Freeman/Michael Caine/Bruce Wayne/Batman scenes get a big snore. Heath is amazing, Harvey Dent (to an extent) and I suppose Gary Oldman make this film good. That scene with Batman on a boat with the russian ballet squat, WAT. How did that make it onto the final draft?! Incidentally, I went to blockbuster about a week ago and I told the assistant I wanted a superhero film. He asked me if I wanted to watch batman forever. I said nah, I'll just watch it once.
  14. Retail DVD? I thought this movie hadn't even been released in cinemas yet.
  15. McDonalds are doing a little chicken burger for a quid. I've always thought that 2 small burgers are better than one large one, so I'll definately go for it.
  16. Win! I'll check out that O'Briens place now, think I've seen one around.
  17. I knew the Ari one, didn't know that Werner was based on Werner Hertzog. Never made the link between the two in my head.
  18. Is the pirate bay copy any good, does it have any black and white sequences or messages showing up on screen?
  19. How the hell did you see this? Been waiting for this for about three years now...
  20. Didn't like this. 5/10 and that's being generous. The god woman can fuck off, the black guy can fuck off, the rednecks can fuck off. Too many twats in this film.
  21. Wait a minute, that's NOT Harvey Weinstein in the show??????? I've been thinking it was him all along. Have there been any other fake people directly based on real people in the show?
  22. Thousand island dressing tastes nothing like ketchup and mayonaise!
  23. Tartare sauce was nice. I probably used too much though cos it overpowered the sandwich. I might go with half-tartar, half-mayonaise and half-ketchup next time.
  24. I think this show excels in storylines, actually. So many tv shows have to create drama by sticking someone in danger, which is completely boring now. This show can create it by sticking Vince's career in danger - and it's far more plausible that it could happen, which makes it seem more exciting. I find all the stuff to do with finding a new script and stuff to be pretty engrossing, eg the stuff with the Ramones biopic. The Scorsese thing just reminded me of the Scarlett Johanssen ending so didn't have much of a 'wow' factor. Oh and make note, the same people who complain the show is too cheery and nothing bad ever happens, are the exact same people who will be first to complain when it gets all dark in season 7 when Vince gets addicted to drugs and Ari loses his job.
  25. I brought some of your tar-tar sauce today. I heard it was supposed to be a bit 'posh', but I got it from Tesco for 23p, a 'discount brand' version. That means 'even lesser than tesco value'. Look, the guardian cost me £1.60, I had to save money elsewhere! Anyway, I'll try it out today or tomorrow with some fishfingers.
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