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  1. Hmm, I'm starting to like you. I'd like to welcome you to the forum. Tell us, where are you from, what brought you to this place, and what's your favourite song in High School Musical? It's Stick to the Status Quo, right? I bet it is.
  2. Guys, this forum has a standard to uphold. When you start taking threads like this seriously, it brings the whole place down. Senoritaguy, ntsc-uk.com will be more your type of thing. Alternatively, going by your sig, dailymail.co.uk may interest you also. Besides, everyone knows High School Musical has raised the bar for all serious movie trilogies.
  3. Ban request. Mods? We need a clean up in aisle six.
  4. Great season. Shrooms episode was a bit lame, but interesting that they tried it. Rest of the season was lovely. I think 22 minutes is fine, btw. Keeps things moving very fast and ensures all the dialogue and scenes are tight.
  5. Just watched this whole season. Was excellent, and this thread already highlighted most of the great bits: Charlie Runkle, Lou Ashby, the dinner party scene, Hank (obviously), episode 11, "read your karl marx", etc etc. Ashby took a few episodes to 'kick in' for me, but he had a cool personality and his rock star life fit in pretty well with the tone of this series.
  6. It's a good point, though. The dramas that are inherently to do with the show premise (politics/writing-for-a-big-show) are often more riveting than tangential actiony stuff. Sorkin just writes them better. It's not just the action stuff either, also stuff like the pregnancy, and romantic stuff between Matt and the blonde one (and between Danny and the brunette). The only reason the Matt+blonde relationship was interesting to me was because it usually became a discussion about religion about 5 seconds into any conversation they had. If they hadn't had that, those scenes would have been a bore. The army stuff was tangential, yeah, but remained interesting for me because it was cool seeing how the network was willing to get involved, how the news media were handling it, the opinions of the army dude, the rant to the reporters, the network exec trying to talk him into an apology. The core plot may not have been about tv comedy, but the storylines were about politics and the media, which is what this show was really all about, from the very first scene. The pregnancy didn't really have much relevance or intellectual weight to be all that interesting, but I guess it was a last ditch attempt to pull in ratings, and a milestone for two of the main characters, so it's forgivable that it was given so much airtime. Incidentally, one criticism I read on TWOP was that this show focused a lot on Christianity, when you'd think that Islam would be the religion that was more in the news and would play a bigger part in things. I sort of agree with that, especially in light of the Jyllands Posten cartoons and South Park, but I've no doubt that if this show went on for a second season, there would certainly have been stuff to do with Islam/Scientology/etc. It would have been fantastic, too, and you know it. But now we'll never get to see it.
  7. Inglourious Basterds WAT. Three things are certain: 1. It's gonna be great 2. Loads of people will hate it and make a big deal about hating it 3. I will love it
  8. It was showing in the UGC at Nottingham but the times didn't fit into my schedule that day. I really liked the trailer, shame the film isn't such a hit. I'll still watch it though. Not a screener with black and white scenes and 'property of' message, though.
  9. Doubt it'll be as good as the last one. Hope there's some other person in it I've heard of though, that line-up is poor.
  10. I made a toasted sandwich today, with ham, cheese, tomato and lettuce. It was horrible. I blame the guy who made that lovely BLT and gave me a taste for it but I lacked the bacon so used ham and cheese as a substitute.
  11. We had some tandoori boneless chicken and little lamb kebab things left over from last night, reheated them and chopped em up a bit, stuck em in a sandwich with mayonaise, garlic and herb dressing, ketchup, lettuce, and tomatos, and ate it. It was so, so good. I used to be a massive fan of the fish finger sandwich (mayo, ketchup, tomatoes, white bread) but lately I've started using those massive battered cod things you get. They take much longer as you have to make em in the oven rather than the grill, but they're great. I tried Southern Fried chicken in a similar sandwich but the SF chicken was too strong, what do people recommend to offset the taste? I brought some Thousand Island dressing and didn't much like it, and some Branston sweet onion sauce but it was really thick (I was looking for something like the subway version). Any good sauce recommendations? I love the subway ones but haven't been able to find Southwest sauce in tescos.
  12. Chase

    Sushi kit

    Dude, get to your nearest japanese supermarket. They'll have everything for half the price as normal shops do.
  13. Home Alone Jingle All The Way Love Actually To be honest, three movies is too much. Two max, but ideally you just want one movie and some tv episodes.
  14. Josh Groban was great. He's so dreamy.
  15. I don't understand how ANYONE CAN SAY THAT SIGNS WAS DULL. I mean jesus fucking christ. Do you know what normal movies are like? You know, the sorts of films that adults see, 'drama' films and romance movies and that? I watched Far from Heaven a couple nights back. I should have loved it because it was a liberal wet dream but you know what? It was so slow and dull that I just could not be bothered. Most movies are like that. Slow and leisurely and rewarding if you can withstand it but dull if you can't. Signs is like an MTV music video compared to those films. And that scene with Shyamalan, in the car, is fucking excellent. "I've trapped one of them in the pantry" ZOOMS OFF. That shit fucking rocks. The last 45 minutes of Signs is the tensest shit ever because you have no idea what the hell is gonna happen.
  16. Gary Cole is brilliant in the West Wing (he has a great role and plays it well, although unfortunately he's in the seasons that everyone hates).
  17. The people who complain about this movie are the ones who hated Signs because of the water thing. It's okay, there's two types of people in this world, those who can enjoy themselves, and those who hate M Night Shyamalan films.
  18. Nope. I tried some Medium cheddar this week. It was lovely. I might even go and try the next strongest (mature?). Cool.
  19. I feel sorry for everyone in this thread. I enjoy the movie because it's a good film, not because it's 'so bad its good' or anything like that. It has a great storyline, pacing, great third act with the old lady, Wahlberg is great, amazing opening sequence, amazing setpieces, great music, etc etc. It's the Rocky 4 of Shyamalan films: a bit silly, but nevertheless, utterly awesome.
  20. Ah right, read it on another thread and didn't check the date. The latest news is that Time Magazine reviewed the pilot, and said it was good overall. Something about how they'd continue watching more for Joss's showrunning/writing than for Eliza Dushkus role/acting.
  21. Whedon on Dollhouse: "The show was ruined by Flim Flinear. Okay, that's another lie, and you're probably close to giving up on this blog, so here we go. Yes, we've had to make adjustments. Yes, it's been hard and I've been depressing to be around for awhile. Basically, the Network and I had different ideas about what the tone of the show would be. They bought something somewhat different than what I was selling them, which is not that uncommon in this business. Their desires were not surprising: up the stakes, make the episodes more stand-alone, stop talking about relationships and cut to the chase. Oh, and add a chase. That you can cut to. Nothing I hadn't heard before on my other shows (apparently my learning curve has no bendy part) but frustrating as hell given our circumstances - a pilot shot, scripts written, everybody marching together/gainfully employed... and then a shutdown. Glad I was for the breathing room, but it's hardly auspicious. So back into the writer cave I went, wondering why I put up with this when I can make literally dozens of dollars making internet movies. Why I do put up with this is divided into three parts. One: They're not wrong. Oh, we don't see eye-to-eye on everything, but wanting the first episodes to be exciting and accessible is not exactly Satanic. Being Satan is, but that's in their free time and hey, there's no judging in the Dollhouse. This kind of back and forth has happened on every show I've done, so if you liked those, chances are that was a part of why. And the need to focus on the essentials of what makes this universe tick - and which wire to cut to make it stop - really does bring up our game. So we as a staff have gone from blinking like unhoused moles to delving in with the same relish we had when we started. The show is really coming together now, in a way that I believe excites us and satisfies the Network. Of course, I have no idea if anybody else will like it, but I have the same faith in the staff, the crew and the remarkable cast that I always did. More, in fact. And what's more crucial: Two: Nothing essential has changed about the universe. The ideas and relationships that intrigued me from the start are all there (though some have shifted, more on that), and the progression of the first thirteen eps has me massively excited. The episode we're shooting now I wrote as fast as anything I have before, not because I had to (although, funny side-note: I had to) but because I couldn't stop the words from coming. Because I can feel the show talking to me; delighting, scaring and occasionally even offending me. It's alive. Alive! Which is a far cry from how I felt a month ago. It's been hilarious trying to keep up with what's in, what's out, who's met whom and when - we've shot all of the first seven episodes out of airing order - but it's come together in a pretty thrilling way. My huge gratitude to our cast for their precision and patience. Which also includes... Three: Eliza. Watching her on the monitors at two o'clock this morning I was reminded forcibly how much I wished I were in bed – but also how strong, radiant and unmistakable her presence is. She's someone who could coast on talent and never ever does. I love to watch her work. In fact, I think I got myself into this mess for that very reason, and though I have this fall occasionally sworn never to eat lunch with an actor I like again, I’m pretty pleased and crazy proud. So here's me, slogging away on a show like days of old and not hating life. Again, you guys will be the judge, jury and execu... lawyer, but we do have something to show you. Something, I'm chuffed to say, still pretty damn strange." In other news, Jane Espenson, the second best writer ever, is now on board as a writer of this show.
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