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  1. I loved this. Watched it again yesterday. My favourite bits are "Trust your instincts" and "How are things with 'Cheesy on the Outside'?". When did Nathan Fillions arms get so massive? They're like tree trunks!
  2. Just Enough Education To Perform is a fantastic album. I would love to go to their greatest hits gig, but it's £30. They have about 20 good songs.
  3. This film was fucking BRILLIANT. I cried throughout, and I left the cinema in tatters. Everyone else in the cinema seemed to feel the same way. I don't normally watch movies like this, but I'm glad I did. It blew me away, it reminded me most of Shawshank Redemption. And it was just as well made and powerful as that one was, too. The After I watched it, I read up some of the Los Angeles Times news articles on the case, I'd recommend you guys do the same. There's pictures of all the real people too. Someone posted some good blog links on an IMDb thread. Loved the Oh, and the standard IMDb thread had to be made, apologies: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0824747/board/flat/124846670
  4. 1. Yes, kinda. 2. Maybe. There Will Be Blood is more experimental and interestingly, cinematically, than NCFOM, which is a standard (but brilliant) thriller. TWBB is really something special, give it a go because you'll know from the first 30 minutes or so whether you still wanna stick with it. If you don't like the opening stuff, leave it!
  5. Changling. Amazing storyline, moving as HELL. I was crying throughout that shizz.
  6. The first post made me go . I chuck cheese the second it starts to smell even slightly strong. I always eat mild cheddar. Maybe I'm a cheese lightweight.
  7. I just finished Dawn of the Dumb by Charlie Brooker. It was pretty good. When you read the articles back to back, though, the anger does start to appear artificial.
  8. They've got some cool stuff hanging inside many of the buildings, too. Trent is a great uni, visually. Everywhere you look there's either lovely artwork or lovely fashion students. Shame about all the asian guys everywhere . Of which I am one.
  9. Someone just posted this in another thread: Lovely. It's by Turner and perhaps called Yacht Approaching (based on the image title). Any more pics of great art you like? The bigger the better, really. I'm an absolute art noob, and I see myself being one for years to come, so I'm keen to see what I like (which at the moment, is pretty much anything and everything).
  10. I went to one in Sheffield last week. It was weird, it was half gallery, half museum, and 3/4 giftshop. It was next to the Indoor winter peace garden thing if anyone knows it.
  11. Oh yeah - that blonde woman who they hired was a real porn star. I have a movie of her on my computer, it's a Naughty America one where the woman bangs the bosses son. She's great in that and was good in this too.
  12. It was pretty good. I love all Kevin Smith movies. This one could have done with some more great dialogue, though, like his previous movies. It was more story focused and tight than his films generally are, to it's detriment. There were some bits that weren't funny and should have been left out, like the black guys wife. She was rubbish. I wish that Randall had been in it more. Also, Earl from My Name is Earl (sorry I'm forgetting everyones real names for some reason). Smith is excellent at writing emotional scenes and arguements. 7.5/10 Oh yeah, liked the line about the Girls Gone Wild guy, it was very 'south park'. I guess he gave them permission to keep that line in in exchange for the plug.
  13. I love the bit where Danny (the NYT reporter) grills the president during the first meeting with the press without CJ: Josh (explaining): He signed the bill. Then he took a few questions from the press. Now, before I go on, it should be pointed out that according to every poll conducted in the universe, the issue that concerns Americans more than any other is education. Now, The President has just signed off on $700,000,000 in new money for education and announced a plan of aggressive education initiative. What do you suppose the first question from the press was? CUT TO: Danny: Mr. President, do you agree with Secretary O’Leary that Congressman Wooden is a racist, and if not, do you plan on asking for her resignation? Bartlet: Let me say that I have great confidence in Deborah O’Leary. She’s done a terrific job at HUD, helping thousands of people make the very difficult transition from joblessness and homelessness to more fulfilling and productive lives. Danny: I’m sorry, Mr. President. You didn’t answer the question. Bartlet: I was hoping you weren’t going to notice that, Danny. Danny: I did, sir. Bartlet: Then I will tell you that I agree the Republican Party does not have a comprehensive program for combating poverty in this country. That being said, there are countless Republicans who are working very hard to change their party’s legacy on some of these issues. And I hope to be working with them to do just that. Danny: I’m sure that was an answer to some question, Mr. President. It just wasn’t the answer to mine.
  14. It is pretty disappointing how every Waterstones/WH Smiths you go in has their most prominent shelves filled with books written by people like Jordan and Lorraine Kelly.
  15. There Will Be Blood No Country For Old Men Juno (I think that was 2007, but I saw it about 10 minutes ago for the first time, so it counts)
  16. Mark Wahlberg was awesome in The Departed. May be a violent racist back in the day, but not a bad actor.
  17. Johnny Depp is a great actor because he's really versatile and doesn't just play the same role in every film. Everything about him changes from film to film, from Fear and Loathing (barely recognisable) to Sleepy Hollow to POTC etc etc. His look, face, voice, mannerisms, all change, but still feel natural and real. He's very convincing in a role.
  18. FUCKING DREADFUL. I'm no snob when it comes to comedy - I honestly watch everything and anything, from the bottom of the barrel Little Man and White Girls to more highbrow stuff like Curb and Flight of the Conchords and everything in between. But jesus christ, Saturday Night Live is utter shit for 90% of sketches, and the other 10% are pretty bad too. Studio 60 attracts the sort of fans who are opinionated about TV, and it attracts people who write on message boards, who are only too eager to be negative. So when the Los Angeles Times goes and writes three articles about how people on the internet don't like studio 60, it's meaningless. By judging what people thought of studio 60 based on the Rllmuk thread it's no indication of what the world at large thinks.
  19. What is fighting talk? Sounds like a political debate show?
  20. Season 6 fucking rules. One of the things I hate about Buffy discussions on the internet is that instead of it being a celebration of the show, it's a chance for people to complain about season 6. The same thing happens with The West Wing and season 5. And Studio 60 with season 1. At least those goddamn Wire fans know how to fucking embrace their show.
  21. Sorkin did a discussion with journalists near the end of the shows life. He pretty much rips them apart. I heard a audio recording of this speech, and he sounds exactly like Josh Lyman with the way he speaks. Parts in italics are the questions from the press: [Why hasn’t the show caught on with viewers?] I’m not greatly sophisticated when it comes to ratings or crunching the numbers. But I can tell you this - our audience is 10 percent bigger than you think it is. The reason why is, we’re the No. 1 timeshifted show on television. If you don’t know what that means, that means that more people TiVo us and watch us later in the week than any other show on TV, and when you add the number of people who are recording the show and then watching it later in the week, our audience grows by over 10 percent, 10.9 percent. So we’re getting screwed by our own petard. It is a high-end audience, they all own TiVos, but Nielsen doesn’t count those people because there’s an assumption that you’re fast-forwarding through commercials, so they’re of no use to advertisers. Not everything is for everybody. And when I compare the size of the ‘Studio 60’ audience to the size of the ‘Sports Night’ audience, I’m delighted. Would we like to have more people watching it? Of course we would. But we’re really happy with the audience that is watching it. It’s the most upscale audience on TV. We have the highest concentration of households earning more than $100,000 a year. Would we like more people to come to the show? You bet. But there isn’t a lot we can do creatively. Let me say this: I think it’s a mistake to do things creatively in order to attract that audience. ************************************************** [What about the high expectations for the show?] I’m very proud that there were and still are high expectations for this show. It’s certainly better than the alternative. It’s not an advantage though.The lion’s share of the press about the show certainly out of the gate was simply about the show’s ratings and it was very difficult to get anyone past that. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, when the pieces are all about the ratings. When the people are reading, ‘Gee, this show is tanking,’ they’re less likely to tune in than if the pieces said ‘Gee, there’s this show that everybody’s really excited about.’ But that’s not your problem, it’s ours. Hopefully the next step will be that the ratings will tick up and you’ll start writing about that, or even better, about the content of the show. *********************************************** [What about the backlash, and the idea of comedy writers not liking the show, etc.] “I’m sorry, I’m taking a moment to think whether I should answer that question honestly or diplomatically.” Reporters: “Honestly.” OK then, if I’m going to answer honestly you’ve got to promise me that you’re really going to hear me on this and you’re not going to run with anything. Listen, we get a lot of negative press on this show, you get a lot of negative press when you’re doing anything. We got it on ‘West Wing,’ we got it on ‘Sports Night,’ I’ve gotten it on the plays that I’ve done, on the movies that I’ve done and public comments that I’ve made. It’s the cost of doing business. It’s not fun, but you get used to it. The Dec. 25 piece in the LA Times, I’m assuming you’re referring to that, was different, simply because. First of all, let me tell you, it was the third piece that the Los Angeles Times had done in four months about how people on the Internet don’t like ‘Studio 60.’ There was a piece by Maria Elena Fernandez about how people on the Internet don’t like ‘Studio 60.’ Then Scott Collins followed that up with a piece about how people on the Internet don’t like ‘Studio 60.’ This was followed up by the piece that you’re referring to, which blew the lid off the story about how people on the Internet don’t like ‘Studio 60.’ As if there aren’t people on the Internet who do like ‘Studio 60,’ and as if there are people on the Internet who don’t like other shows. But that wasn’t the most aggravating part of the story. The most aggravating part of the story was - the comedy writers she’s referring to - first of all, her headline was ‘Writers don’t like “Studio 60.”’ She was smart to ignore the fact that one week earlier, the show had been nominated for two Writers Guild awards, as that would have undercut her thesis. Secondly, the comedy writers she interviewed are unemployed. The sketch comedy troupe that she’s referring to which is I think called Employee of the Month - because I read this, I read the headline and I thought, ‘Does Colbert not like the show? Does Billy Crystal not like the show? Tina Fey? Seth Myers? Real comedy writers - do they not like the show?' No, she wasn’t talking about those people. I would encourage you to go to the Web site for Employee of the Month, the improvisational comedy troupe that was complaining about the show, you will discover that they are unemployed and disgruntled. Folks, it is not at all difficult to go on the internet and find opinions of disgruntled people, I don’t need to tell you that. So, that LA Times piece was a piece of nonsense. There have been negative pieces written about the show, which, like I said, it’s not fun to read, but I get it. I get when people write that there’s a smugness to the show, that there’s an arrogance to the show, I get when people write that the characters on the show take doing a television show too seriously. Again it’s not fun to read, I don’t necessarily agree, but it’s a well-considered piece of journalism. This was nonsense and the LA Times should be ashamed of itself. And frankly, an arts section in a town like Los Angeles running a piece like that - that was just godawful. I do believe that we’ve seen an enormous rise in amateurism. One of the things I find troubling about the Internet, as great a resource tool as it is, and as nice as it is that we can all communicate with each other, and that everybody has a voice - the thing is, everybody’s voice oughtn’t be equal. You people are credentialed journalists in here. There’s a certain understanding that you had to be good to have gotten that job. You had to have done something. If I start the Sorkin blog and if that opinion by your newspaper is raised to the level...when the New York Times quotes a blogger, saying ‘Pastyboy2000 says this,’ suddenly you give it the imprimatur of the New York Times - that’s, first of all, lazy on the part of the New York Times, second of all, incredibly misleading.” ***************************************** [but the closes thing we have to consensus on the show, whether people like it or hate it, is on the quality of the sketches - that they’re not good.] I’m not going to tell you all you’re wrong. That’s one of those places where, if enough people tell you one thing, it’s got to be a little bit true. But I’ll tell you what my intention was, and hopefully I’ll get better at executing my intention. We never show you a full sketch. We show you a tiny shard of it, in rehearsal, when a writer is pitching it out. Even in the performance, we kind of slice across it for a second, and all I was trying to show was to give it the feel of a sketch-comedy show. [as on ‘Sports Night’ they would have a few seconds of the sports show or on ‘West Wing’ they would talk about the Council of Economic Advisers, that kind of thing]. I think that if you saw a random 10 seconds of the ‘SNL’ sketch Wayne’s World, I think if you saw a random 10 seconds of the Coneheads, or any ‘SNL’ sketch that you like, you wouldn’t necessarily say, that’s hilariously funny. You probably wouldn’t get it. So I do think about that now, when I’m writing that stuff, which is to say, I want to make it clear that you’re not supposed to be finding this funny, you’re supposed to be finding it a rehearsal. I think that’s what’s unusual about ‘Studio 60’ is that the people who don’t like it are extremely vocal about it. There have got to be people who don’t like Grey’s Anatomy, they just don’t write letters about it. They don’t devote entire Web sites to it. Just to back to that LA Times piece for a second, for a group of people who don’t like the show, they certainly watch it obsessively and can quote every line from every episode.
  22. It's bullshit, he can't have a script ready, he's been doing Dollhouse for the last forever. I doubt he was doing it secretly all this time. When he was writing the script for Wonder Woman, Goners, Serenity we heard all about it from the start and throughout the writing process. Thread Closed.
  23. I want a third just because I love the main two characters so much. They're fantastic. Although Kal Penn seems to have aged a decade in the 2 days between the first and second film. I'm interested to know what kind of race angle the final one will take, I have a funny feeling they might film bits in India and China and do some reverse cultural imperialism stuff. The second one was totally justified by the poem (which was written by a friend of the screenwriters when they were younger and they'd always loved it, and managed to write it into the script), it was as good as the speech about 'dicks, pussies and assholes' in Team America I thought. I loved that backstory scene set in university too, haha. Poem (spoiler, don't watch if you haven't seen it): http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=DRVwn6AY4pI&...feature=related
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