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  1. Studio 60 is in a class of it's own because not only was it cancelled before it's time, it was savaged by the critics, the fans, and the public. And that sucks because it was one of the best shows ever. Things like Firefly, and Freaks and Geeks, good though they are, still aren't as depressing because at least Firefly got the movie made, and it's adored by everyone, and at least everyone who's ever been part of Freaks and Geeks has gone onto big success, and all still work together, which is cute, but jesus...what does Studio 60 have? It has no fanbase. It has no critical acclaim, even now. It never made it to terrestrial TV in the UK. DVD boxset...what boxset? I don't think I've even seen it in HMV. Studio 60 was raped and killed, because of a collaboration of circumstance, technology, history, expectations, and the internet.
  2. Just saw it. It was great, but only time will tell if it can live up to the standard of the first one. Doubtful. But definately worth watching. I actually loved the ending, from the climax on to the end credits, was great. The first half hour was funny too. But it's not as amazing and rewatchable as the first one.
  3. I've only been to one, and it was great. Better than a museum, I thought! Any good ones you guys have been to lately? More along the lines of british ones but you can talk about the lourve or whatever if you like. I haven't even been to the Tate or National yet, hopefully will go in the summer.
  4. Update: Script DELIVERS. The reviews are gushing. Gonna be on everyone's top five films of the year lists. I called it before anyone else, kids. Out in the US this Friday I believe. God I fucking love liberal entertainment Don't read any reviews or previews of it as they give away big story spoilers and that
  5. Somebody Told Me, Mr Brightside, All These Things That I Have Done are so great, though. I still listen to all three regularly on my ipod.
  6. How do they get them so cheap, just have a deal with the publishers to bulk buy them at a massive discount?
  7. I liked the movie Fear and Loathing, and the dialogue had some great speeches and language, but I dunno, I didn't love it so much I wanna read the book. The Rum Diary was about 6/10. I was probably being a bit over the top when I said it sucked, but I just hoped it'd be amazing (and the opening was really good). It never really clicked into gear for me. That one about the Campaign Trail sounds more like my thing, incidentally, so I'll buy that. They have it in HMV for pretty cheap I think.
  8. The Rum Diary SUCKED. The only good bit was that opening set-up about the history of the bar.
  9. I remember Aint it cool news going pretty mental during the hype build up. The fact it was a disaster movie written by a Buffy writer and produced by the Lost guy probably would have ensured that much even without the viral stuff, though.
  10. I'm downloading the Portishead, MGMT and Vampire Weekend albums cos of this thread, win.
  11. I joined a local library recently. For some reason all the books there are MASSIVE. Like, they only seem to have books available which are 900 page long historical hardbacks.
  12. Philip K Dick did loads of short stories, they've been publiched in a 5 volume anthology series. I've read the second one, Second Variety, and it's alright. There's a separate book (not part of that anthology series) called 'Minority Report' which features that one and about 12 other of his best short stories, it's really good.
  13. The movie Memento was based off a short story by the director Christopher Nolans brother. The short story is available online, I think it's called Memento Mori. Anyway, it's pretty good, not really like Memento at all except for the thing about the condition.
  14. ...I haven't. I pretty much only read non-fiction due to frustrations with novels. I've tried reading a whole bunch of novels in the past year that were lying around the house (a bunch of popular modern novels by asian writers or on asian themes that my sister seems to buy), or by writers that I thought I would like (Chuck Palahniuk, Bret Easton Ellis, Hunter S Thompson), but none have taken my fancy the way that political or social commentary books have. I'm just not adventurous enough with novels. Who cares though, I have all the time in the world. May as well read stuff I enjoy than crawling through stuff I think I 'ought to' read.
  15. Chase

    The Subways

    What if they'd already purchased and paid for tickets, though? I'd imagine it wouldn't mention the filming on alltickets or whatever. So they'd have to let em in cos they had tix, otherwise they could sue for breach of contract.
  16. I do, now. I got Charlie Brooker's Dawn of the Dumb from HMV for £2 the other day, whilst Waterstones/WH Smiths have it for a tenner. I got The Game and the sequel to it for £3 each. Zavvi and another one in notts (called Plop or something) do em really cheap too. It tends to be books aimed at 18-28 year old males though, generally, though Zavvi seem to do loads of biographies. The smaller cheap bookstores don't have the sort of thing I'm looking for, they're mainly aimed at older people, women, or kids. So yeah...fuck paying £10 for a paperback. Anyway, Dawn of the Dumb is pretty hilarious.
  17. That key is well cool. Nice of them to do that, rewarding the most hardcore fans. The pics of the new update look fun. I think I'm being swallowed up by the GTA marketing machine again. It's just that screenshots of GTA make you imagine how fun the game is, in addition to just admiring the graphics. And driving around with a gang of bikers sounds amazing fun. Shame that everytime you hit something on a bike you go flying off. Haven't they invented seatbelts for bikes yet?
  18. Chase

    The Subways

    There was someone on this forum who went to that gig that was filmed for Rocknrolla. Everyone had to sign forms saying they would allow their faces on screen. I'm intrigued as to what happened to those who refused to sign. Anyway, looks like I'm not going now due to scheduling difficulties. Even though since Rllmuk hates them so passionately, they probably would have been fantastic.
  19. Chase

    The Subways

    What is the Rllmuk verdict? Their gig in Rocknrolla was great! Also, Mark Kermode is a fan. Worth going to see?
  20. The comment about Samantha Ronson was quite funny. Simon Amstell pretty much carrys the entire show himself, the guests/other presenters are useless. Mel C looked like she was about to cry within hte first 5 minutes.
  21. His book has been on sale in HMV for £3 for ages now. I may buy it.
  22. I loved the british When Louis Met episodes. He chose subjects that I had little interest in before watching (Jimmy Saville? Anne Widdecombe?), but he made them really fascinating.
  23. There sure is a lot of stupid comments in this thread. Lets recap on the worst so far: This thread is an abomination. The man is a legend. The bit where that guy was trying to find out if he was jewish was pretty terrifying. So was that insane wrestling shit.
  24. I even got that guy to stick it up on the 'US TV airtimes' thread
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