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  1. Update, kids: this starts tonight. Is everyone prepared for The Fourth Show By Joss Whedon?
  2. Spleen, Monk has next to no on-going plot. You can watch the latest episode and not have to catch up on anything.
  3. Cheers One to add is Dollhouse, Friday at 9PM I believe (starts on the 13th)
  4. Graham you numpty, at least watch the season 5 episodes now that you've seen all the other seasons including the last two. There are some great episodes in there. Especially The Supremes - but to get the full greatness of that, it's best to watch earlier in the season two in order to see the build up. Oh and what the hell, Season Five has all the episodes with Bingo Bob, too. I love him. Will Bailey has a great storyline throughout season five. Slow News Day is great. No Exit is also excellent.
  5. Oh come on, isn't that Han episode in the first 4 of Season 5? That's a stellar episode.
  6. About 7 and a half months ago, Goose and DNAbstract recommended to me this 1995 film called The Last Supper starring (a relatively unknown) Cameron Diaz, Ron Perlman, Bill Paxton, Annabeth Gish, and George Costanza. And I just got round to watching it. It'll spoil it to give away the plot too much. The plot is downright bizarre - not in a self-conciously wacky bizarre way, but more of a 'unique' way. In keeping with a current theme, I'll honestly describe it as 'The West Wing meets Scream'. There's a few West Wing alums starring in it, too. Anyway, it was good! Felt very low budget, and probably was. It didn't take itself too seriously, so there's not much not to like (there was a bit of filler in the middle, and the stuff with the sheriff could have been removed), but the meat of the film was good. One thing that could have been improved was that the liberals didn't engage in enough powerful discussion, they usually ended up just laughing at the right-wingers. True to life, yeah, but I'd prefer more serious debates. Remember that dinner table scene in American History X? Something as weighty and powerful as that. Still, good film - worth a download. There's definately not enough of these political horror movies...
  7. The good thing about all the media attention focused on the parellels between Santos and Obama is that hopefully it'll help shed the last two seasons in a brighter light. They're criticised too often for being part of the inferior Sorkin-less half of the show, but I think that ignores just how great those last two seasons are. It's not Sorkin but it was probably still the best show on TV that year. Top three, definately.
  8. Good episode, especially the bit where they were trying to get to a certain speed in their cars. It's like one of those speed tests in Gran Turismo, but in real life.
  9. Angel Season Five was brilliant. It's bizarre a show could have been cancelled based on that season, with that calibre of episode. Same with Firefly season one. How the FUCK did it get cancelled. It's that stupid Must Fail Friday timeslot.
  10. I liked the Departed, I mean, what a cast. That whole ensemble was quality across the board. Not seen the one it's based on, though. Oh and enough with the Will Smith dissing. He rules. I hope Uncle Phil and Carlton have bit parts in the new Oldboy.
  11. I too loved the Jasmine storyline. It was funny and weird. I liked the mini-arc ending of Season 2, as well. Especially the bit with Lorne's head. There's really no section or season of Buffy or Angel that I disliked. Only parts that I either liked or loved. Sense and Sensitivity and Benediction were great episodes, too. As well as every season opener episode from all five seasons (especially City Of and Conviction). Whedon's talent is the size of a mountain, people, a mountain.
  12. I read some alternate scripts of The Truman Show back in the day. One of them had the whole thing set in New York, where all the buildings were just shells like in Universal Studios backlots. There was a subplot featuring a hot fox at his workplace who the show makers kept trying to make Truman bang. In the finished movie, a character like her has a scene set in the highschool where she's trying to seduce him by putting her leg in his lap. There's a massive subplot about him fucking a prostitute who wears the jumper of the woman he's in love with (that one from Californication). The ending was extended, and featured Truman walking through the door in the sky (where the movie ended normally), into the 'background set'. Then a chase ensued as he tried to escape, he struggled his way upto the roof, and looked out at the real world for the first time ever. "Yep, it's all real", says Cristof. Then all of Truman's fake family and friends come out and they chat a little bit. The End. Oh yeah, there was some parts in it where they referred to Truman masturbating. The actual movie was surprisingly 'dainty' I thought, what with all the cheesy 50s style hellos and the mozart score.
  13. The fact that it was a Richard Curtis TV movie shown on BBC One obviously didn't do it any favours, but this might: It was a HBO co-production. Yes, the home of The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Entourage, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, was responsible for this. In fact I think that should be mentioned in the thread title. Incidentally, whilst reading a review of it online, I came across this quote, which must surely never be forgotten:
  14. Oh, I saw Russell T Davies on BBC Breakfast once. He seemed super nice, but I think that was only because he was gay and they all are. [/stereotype] I haven't even seen every episode of Angel, y'know. I saw most of seasons 2-4 on Sky One, which missed out an episode here and there for the daytime showing, and with loads cut out usually. I haven't seen the episode 'Darla' at all, which is supposed to be good. Oh man, I wanna watch Angel. I saw it all out of order too, the first episode I saw of the show was Spin The Bottle, which was an insane episode to see first. I remember thinking 'wtf' and 'this is awesome' throughout.
  15. What about email and facebook correspondence? There's plenty of heartfelt stuff going around now, maybe even more than back in the day because it's free and easy. Though I guess, being free and easy, has made the correspondence itself a considerable bit rubbisher. Anyway, The Game is really good, one of the best books I've read in aaages. I can't put the thing down - I just wish I hadn't read the back cover first, because it spoils you about all the stuff that happens later on in the book. As a self-help book it's awesome and as a piece of entertainment it's awesome.
  16. I remember loving this when it came out. Doesn't it have a really awesome opening scene? I vaguely remember a shaking hand on top of a building or something. It's a great film. I think it'll be interesting to see what Spielberg does with it. It won't diminish the original, and would probably serve to get the original more views, which is a good thing. Sequels can diminish the original, but I don't think remakes do.
  17. Saw it in the cinema when it came out. Good film, good cast. Could have done with some more jokes.
  18. 'Fucking awful'? Hardly. It won various Emmy's etc so I'm clearly not the only one who thought it was great. It was enjoyable. The stuff I liked most was the main characters embarrassment at having the young girlfriend, and the way his peers reacted to it. Whilst the plot may not have been realistic, that awkwardness definately was.
  19. Oh wait, was that Love and Monsters episode from Season 3 too? Not sure. Anyway, all the Doctor Who fans hated that, which I found amusing because it was FUCKING AWESOME. It was admittedly inspired by Storyteller (as a Buffy fan I feel obliged to mention that), but it stood up on its own as an amazing episode. I wanna see it again. All Doctor Who has to do to make it the best series ever is employ Russell Brand as the new doctor and boom, it's done.
  20. Stephen Moffat wrote the episode with the moving statues, 'Blink'. It was the only Doctor Who episode I watched from season 3 and it was easily the best episode I've seen of the show. You can't deny the dripping awesomeness of that script. Narcissus, what is your opinion on Whedon and his shows?
  21. Casanova wasn't exactly Serenity, now, was it, really, I mean, come on, lets face it, not quite there, really, was it, I mean, really. There's good writers, there's great writers, and then there's the Greats. The Dickens, Shakespeares, Tarantinos, Shyamalans, Sorkins and Whedons. Russell T Davies does not belong on that list and never ever will. Back on topic: lets make some guesses as to what this show will have: 1. Fight scenes 2. An ensemble of heroes including the conflicted main action hero, older mentor, young comedy sidekick with special talent 3. A corporation being the main villains 4. Endless cavalcade of witty jokes and camaradie between the leads 5. Pop culture references 6. Lesser villains who are not part of the main corporation 7. Amazing quotable dialogue throughout 8. Some scary bits with dramatic music 9. Unrequited love 10. More redemption than you can shake a stick at
  22. Give them enough rope, and they'll hang themselves...
  23. Told ya. I'm keeping away from reading too much about it or watching the trailers etc. I want to go in frrresh, I suggest you do the same. All you need to know is that it's Joss Whedon creating another TV show, baby. It starts Friday 13th November. Oh and yeah, Firefly wasn't big in the mainstream, but it was pretty massive in the geek kingdom. Firefly was to sci-fi fans what Star Trek was to nerds.
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