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  1. Look. Don't even joke about things like that.
  2. If you find Joss Whedon's script of Alien Resurrection, you'll find it's nothing at all like the movie it became. Probably. I'm just guessing here.
  3. Is this show going to be as massive as Firefly, Angel, and Buffy? Joss Whedon IS the greatest writer of all time, beating both Sorkin and Shakespeare for the top nod. His last show was straight-up the best sci-fi space show ever made. Serenity was also the best thing ever. Buffy and Angel speak for themselves because a decade on, they still haven't been beaten, whilst pretenders like True Blood will come and go. I know it's silly to say more than one thing is the best thing ever, but Buffy and Angel literally are the best thing ever. EVERYTHING this man writes is fucking gold. I mean, jesus, look at that extended skit he did during the writers strike, it was phenomenal. Now, we all know that Dollhouse looks and sounds a bit shit, and has been scheduled for the friday night death slot on FOX, but we also know that this is Joss Whedon we're talking about. I want Rllmuk to prepare for the new Best Show Ever, because I think you've all forgotten how amazing this guy is after the slew of crap sci-fi shows on tv for the past couple of years. I mean, Jesus Christ people, the last episode of a Joss Whedon show was fucking 'Objects in Space', which was only the best thing I've ever seen in my LIFE. OBJECTS IN SPACE, PEOPLE. Remember, existentialism? Sartre? "Am I a lion?" "That ain't a Shepherd" THAT is how good this guy is, or did you all forget?
  4. Very astute. I knew that the 3/10 scores might ruffle some feathers, but then I left them in because I still stand by them. Actually, Happiness was perhaps a 4/10 due to a couple of nice scenes. Badlands was just not my thing. I love Martin Sheen more than anyone, and I love the face and voice and hair of that woman he was acting with, and I loved the True Romance thing and everything, but damn, the actual movie I found a bore. The dialogue was all slow and realistic. True Romance is so very different - unrealistic but entertaining as hell. I'd mention that neither Happiness and Badlands are bad films, per se, just that they're not my kind of film, hence the score. I should probably put in that disclaimer more often. I guess I judge these films on entertainment, not on cinematic value and depth or anything like that. Smitty, what up?
  5. In the past couple of days I watched Badlands (3/10) Happiness (2/10) The Girl In The Cafe (8/10) TGITC is really good. It's like Notting Hill mixed with The West Wing. Highly recommended for anyone into Richard Curtis romcoms or political stuff. Gets the balance just right, right length, and is all round excellent. It got the Emmy for Best Writing and Best TV Movie too, so it's not just me who thinks it is AWESOME.
  6. THE GAME. lol. This book is excellent! I don't think Narcissus likes it, though. I think he said it was a guide to raping women. Wasn't there a thread about The Game somewhere on here, anyone got a link? As search is down.
  7. I absolutely love this film. I might increase my rating to a 9/10. I don't think I'll ever understand why so many people on here hated it. That lion scene in the youtube vid was friggin awesome. The way the arm comes off is camp, whereas the rest of the film is pretty serious in it's deaths, so that's probably why it was removed. But still, it's a massively entertaining scene from a massively entertaining - and well made - film. What is wrong with you people?!
  8. Chase

    Game City 3

    Oh yeah, that guy was mental for spending a hundred quid getting to this. lul. And Gatecrasher is positively the cleanest classiest big club in Nottingham.
  9. Chase

    Game City 3

    I forgot all about it until I had to walk through market square on friday afternoon to get my girlfriend a birthday present. There was some rock band playing a song on the stage first, and afterwards there was some dance group doing a routine to Thriller. Everyone was walking around looking like a zombie or the Joker. Incidentally all of the staff at Harvey Nicholls in Leeds also seem fond of the joker look what with all the shit on their face. Anyway, I got her a photo frame from Muji and some soap from Lush. To conclude, I give GameCentral a rating of 8/10.
  10. Those Gradius and Computer levels are really impressive. And the invention of physics-based-tetris is a revolution!
  11. I hope there's a page to listen to all of them somewhere, like with that Russell Brand podcast page. I prefer the Kermode podcast to the Brand one actually.
  12. He can't quit. He's awesome. He'll be back, for sure.
  13. It's lame how there's only been about 15 episodes of Screenwipe in total. We need that many each year. I wanna see a Screenwipe episode about Brandgate.
  14. The guy has been a Guardian journalist for ages now, and has written millions of non-TV articles, he's hardly going to be new to the whole thing. It's gonna be great. Game of the Year confirmed.
  15. Oh right it's Monday today. I've been thinking it's Thursday for some reason, fail.
  16. Nice thread title. Might wanna mention this on the music board too.
  17. Didn't you hear him? It is MIND-BOGGLING. Incomprehensible. A logistical impossibility! I wouldn't be averse to making a Facebook group announcing a boycott, yelling about how GAME have spit on all gamers - specifically ones looking to buy a PS3 - by doing this. But to be honest, I don't think this is 'sexy' enough to built a legitimate far-reaching boycott on. We can easily make up stuff though.
  18. Schama's show is pretty good. Bit slow though for someone used to a more modern documentary style (it's the first Schama show I've seen).
  19. All HBO shows are slow. It's that extra twenty minutes of airtime they get over network shows. They usually fill it by having conversations and scenes that aren't that crucial to the plot. Usually, you only notice it on the bad shows because the good ones have good enough characters and storylines to make it enjoyable. Though one of the cool things about HBO is that they do seem to give editors and directors a fair bit of leeway when it comes to episode lengths. On network tv, they have to make their episode length fit in exactly to the second. I remember Band of Brothers or something having massive variations in episode lengths.
  20. Unaired episode of Lucky Louie? Niiice, hope I haven't seen it. I enjoyed his wife and black neighbour. And the bit where his daughter danced to that song was CLASSIC.
  21. Murray says that this is being broadcast every night. Until when? Including the weekends? It's a pretty cool gimmick, I like it. Makes me think it'll be presented as a mock-reality show rather than a straight up drama set in a reality show (don't tell me which one it is, please). Either way, looking forward to it.
  22. The managers would ask all the people buying them to bring receipts. If someone came back with no money and no console, they would simply get sacked and perhaps sued for stealing company money. Why are you so confused?!
  23. Gervais has made a big deal about how he's rejected loads of movie offers (eg dodgy British comedies, probably, and bit parts in american films), so I don't get why he decided to make this. It might be good (not seen it yet), but it's a bit bland and not upto his standard. He should have written and directed and starred in his own movie. Worked for JD out of Scrubs (why has he not made anything since, anyhow?). I think I heard Gervais is directing the next one, which bodes well, but he really needs to write that shit. He's got too much talent to waste it on a basic romcom. Gervais could EASILY own Hollywood if he wanted to. The average half hour episode of one of his shows is better than most good movies. But starring in a romcom he didn't write and which looks kinda lame isn't really the best way of going about things. Oh and it seemed apparent to me that he only went in Night of the Museum to return the favour to Ben Stiller for starring in the pilot of Extras.
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